Monday, June 2, 2008

Review - LUCA Intense Solar Protection with Moisturizer

SPF-30The most advanced UVA/UVB protection. Hypo-allergenic. Daily Moisturizer. Water Resistent.Fragrance Free.Formulated for sensitive skin especially children. $30 / 3.5 oz. (free shipping)

I’m never entirely sure how to comment on the effectiveness of a sunscreen product especially when all I'm using it for now is when I go for walks, so I'll focus on its attributes. There are two things I love about this product: The texture of the cream and its scent. Whenever I buy a sunscreen product off the shelf, I usually don’t like how it feels or smells. This sunscreen has the delicate scent of nearing a swimming pool. By this I mean it gets me in the mood for fun in the sun. This pool scent (and I really do mean delicate) doesn’t last long and is quickly replaced by a clean, slightly floral scent. I’d definitely buy it.

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