Sunday, June 1, 2008

Review - Nisim - Kerte Nutrient Enriched Styling Gel

Kerte Nutrient Enriched Styling Gel with organic ingredients that actually heal and protect hair, Kerte Nutrient Enriched Styling Gel keeps even the wildest tresses under control. It combats flaky scalp, hard hair and flat style. Includes Moisturizers and Sunscreen.

Our Price: $18.40

I have to say this styling gel works wonders on my hair. It does not have a greasey or heavy feel to it. It only takes a little dab and then you can style, curl or whatever you want to do. It does give your hair some body while it keeps the hair under control. It does control without that look of 'helmet head'. Your hair feels soft and silky to the touch yet it will stay in place. It claims to heal and who am I to say it doesn't? My hair and scalp feel great so I think it does what it claims. The price might be a little high but then check Ebay. You might run into me there.

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