Monday, June 2, 2008

Review - Plum Island Soap Co. Body Oil

made from high quality olive oil and scented with only pure essential oils which are imported from all over the world. These body oils are the perfect light moisturizer for all over especially after showering or bathing and also make wonderful massage oils.

My store, which is an all natural perfume oil store, has been on the search for really superior all natural body products. This search has taken us in many directions, but the one that surprised me most was this one. This company is so cool, their products are awesome, and they are located exactly 10 minutes away from my store on a little island on the North Shore of MA. Amazing that such goodness can be right under your nose!
I have been using their body oil for the last week, and the skin on my arms is difficult to recognize. Like seriously I don't think it has ever felt this wonderfully silky smooth ever! I was even in a rush this morning and I forgot to apply it, but they are still as smooth and silky as when I have it on. That is the healing power of olive oil I guess. You use it just as you would a body lotion, of course you might think that you are a lotion wearer and oil is not your style. I 100% understand, and until last week would have agreed with you. I think I might be a convert. It is pure oil, all natural oil by the way, so that means it is runny and you can't use too much. It all soaks in in seconds and leaves me feeling moisturized and happy.
I have the Anise scent and also the orange ginger. Of the two I prefer the Orange Ginger, but I think that all of them are delectable and I will probably go with the Ocean Mist next time. I really, really like this product, so there definitely will be a next time.

Amanda S. Says: I used Ylang Ylang in this body oil and all I can say is, HOW DO I LOVE THEE? LET ME COUNT THE WAYS! I am a body oil fanatic. Frankly speaking, I believe oil can be one of the best moisturizers, and who doesn't love having some around so you can ask for a back rub and back it up with a product like "see? I've got this stuff so why not just give me a back rub???". I have been terribly sick all week too, (feeling a little better today) and using this on my chest and back has made a big difference, helping me relax and such. The smell is fantastic, even the boys like the smell and don't feel it's too feminine or masculine. It goes on so smoothly and absorbs well too. And at a great price. I will definitely be buying this.

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