Monday, June 2, 2008

Review: Nantucket Natural Oils Organic Spa Shea Butter & Olive Intensive Therapy Cream

More than 70% Certified Organic Ingredients. This buttery-rich, therapeutic emollient contains an extremely effective 20% level of Certified Organic African Shea Butter, proven to heal and transform super-dry and parched areas into supple and revitalized skin. Shea Butter is combined with Certified Organic olive & jojoba oils, plus grapeseed to provide silky moisturization. We've also infused age-defying extracts of organic white tea and fruit acids, plus organic lavender, calendula and oat to keep skin looking young, smooth and soothed. Workes wonders on hands, callused feet and anywhere skin needs an extra dose of hydration.

When I tried my Egyptian Jasmine-scented hand cream (and bath gel), the first whiff took me right back to Southern summers at twilight when fireflies ruled and honeysuckle vines dripped over fence-tops. I admit the scent ignited in me something akin to an olfactory orgasm. Every time I sniffed the scent on the back of my hand, I moaned aloud; and this went on for an hour. The products do what they’re supposed to; but in this case (for me), they do even more. I have an event coming up and intend to wear this scent so I feel absolutely delicious. I’ll just have to be careful not to moan—or maybe I should and see what happens. Now, if a man picks up my scent and moans…well, maybe I’ll get back to you on that.

Amanda S. Says:

I have the green tea scented version of this cream and I absolutely adore it. It smells so subtle but delicious and I love green tea scented ANYTHING. The cream is nice and thick, perfect for hands and elbows and rough spots, or after shaving/waxing. I love the natural nature of their products too which really leans me toward buying them as they seem, bottles and all, to be very DIY which is my thing.

CitySlicker Says:
I am amazed at the effects when using this cream. I got mine scented to resemble Marc Jacobs Daisy. It is absolutely to die for. It’s sweet, fruity and a delight to wear. This cream is whipped to its light texture. It is easy to apply but the moisturizing ability runs deep. It absorbs well leaving a non greasey feel. I can instantly pick up a pen. I brought it into work and the people in my office enjoy using it too. I ended up bringing it home because I started to get greedy and didn’t want to share. This cream seems to last on my hands till I wash off. You won’t believe how soft and smooth your skin can be!

Sheba says: I cannot go wrong with any of their products and this is no exception. I use the one scented like 'Fresh Laundry'. I love the way it smells -- just like the original and I love the way it feels. It works wonders wherever you use it. I have applied it to my elbows and they enjoy the moisture relief it brings them. Of course, my hands love it -- they feel amazing -- soft, smooth, and fragranced with one of my favorite scents. It is very reasonably priced for a product that works so well - and smells so good while doing the job!!

Movie Maven says: Yes, yes, yes. So thick, so rich, it seems like a different class of cream than your garden-variety drugstore lotions, a princess among peasants. The insane variety of scents opens up a whole world of olfactory pleasure. I chose a delicious grapefruit/rosemary combination - light, but with enough crisp punch to make you want to smell yourself. The shea butter really packs a lot of moisture in a small amount, so it'll last you a while!

Deedlejuse Says:
This cream is, I think, one of the absolute best that Nantucket Natural Oils sells. The difference in the cream is really noticeable, it is much thicker and creamier than a lot of the ones out there. Of course scenting it with your own favorite flavor is the best part, but I got an unscented sample and I have to say it is still wonderful that way, even though sometimes unscented creams can smell sort of rough. This one is almost like fresh olive oil, it is a really nice smell. If you have always wanted an unscented option for cream this is a wonderful choice!

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