Sunday, June 1, 2008

Review - Nisim / Conditioner

Oil Free Conditioner - 8 oz./240 ml.This Is designed for those people who have fine, limp hair or a very oily scalp. This conditioner contains no oils or silicone that can weigh your hair down. Women try the oil free conditioner on your legs prior to shaving, for a silky smooth shave.
Our Price: $18.40

I cannot say enough about this conditioner. . . it works wonders with my hair. I did try it on my legs prior to shaving like they mention and it is great. So I get a conditioner and a shave cream all in one. It goes onto your hair nice and quickly. I leave it on for even longer than I usually do as I love the results. When I rinse it out my hair just feels so soft and silky but with some good texture and body to it. My scalp is not dry since using these products. I have not had dandruff -- but my scalp would feel dry. It doesn't any longer. The shaving cream use is an added bonus. Your hair and scalp will love this conditioner and will feel much healthier. Remember to flip through Ebay for some discounts on it.

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