Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Review - Marc Jacobs Violet Eau De Toilette Spray

Marc Jacobs Violet Perfume by Marc Jacobs, It has top notes of sparkling bergamot and peony; a heart of delicate violet, orchid, orris and creamy cashmere accord, and its drydown is of cedarwood, vanilla, musk and gingerbread.

This fragrance is very interesting. It doesn't smell like anything I have ever smelled before, even though all of the parts of it are familiar. I find the combination to be so warming and endearing, it is definitely a feel good perfume. It is interesting and alluring. Violet is a throw-back to my grandmother's house, so for me it is one fragrance that I dearly love. This fragrance makes me want to wear it, all the time. Well maybe just in the wintertime, but definitely a lot in the winter! I don't think that it is a particularly spicy fragrance, more of a warm one to me, but it would be spicy for light floral wearers. The fragrance lasts for a good long time, but just delicately, not over the top strong.

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