Sunday, June 1, 2008

Review - Nisim Hair and Scalp Extract

Hair and Scalp Extract - Original Formula 8 oz./240 ml.The Hair and Scalp Extract AKA Stimulating Extract is available in Original formula (water/alcohol based) or Gel formula.
Our Price: $73.60

Let me say I almost passed out when I saw the price on the web site. I got three of these bottles in the assortment that I purchased and the cost was minimal -- I never dreamed the cost was this high. However, I do have to say the stuff is a miracle worker. You only use drops of this and work it (not rub) in. You need to massage it in for about 1 minute and then go about your usual styling. The results are amazing. Your scalp and hair thank you for those drops. I am still on bottle one and I have been using this quite a while. My bottle is still more than 3/4 full. Perhaps the cost is not that high when you take into consideration the minimal amount you use and how long it will last. However, when I do need it again -- I will check Ebay first.

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