Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Review - Treat Sweet Butter Sugared Rose Tinted Lip Balm

Super sheer baby pink lip balm sweetened with creamy vanilla & rose• Sweet Butter heals dry chapped lips and locks in moisture with sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, vitamin e and cocoa butter• Nourishes, protects and softens dry chapped lips. This product is a very sheer baby pink lip balm, flavored with roses and creamy vanilla. Not only will you love the healthy pink color, you can feel the mix of shea butter, honey and other essential oils

I must have dozens of lip balms and I only use a few of the best regularly. This is one of them. It goes on very smoothly and stays silky smooth all the time it is on. There is no waxiness or wax taste that many balms do have. Ithink the combination of shea butter and honey is an important part of the reason that it is so silky. It has the slightest tint but it is a very natural one. It simply looks like you have a 'shine' product on. The tint gives your lips a slightly more healthy appearance that you don't get with an untinted balm. It does work on the chapped lips and they are soon very smooth and soft. It will also prevent chapped lips when in use as it keeps the lips nice and hydrated. It seems that $10 is around the price for most of your decent lip balms. . . and you do get a pretty good sized little container. It should last a while. . . so you get your money's worth.

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