Friday, June 20, 2008

Review - Frederic Fekkai Coiff Defense UV/ Thermal Protectant

A heat-activated leave-in conditioner. - $25.00

CitySlicker Says:

I am a girl who over-processes her doo on the daily. I wash, condition, and then it begins, and I dry, iron and go. I know this is bad for the doo, but I can’t help but desire a smooth, sleek, shiny doesn’t come from nature for me! I have to dry the doo with tools that I am sure promote split ends, then ironing. I swear I could run my shirt sleeve through and it would come out pressed, so I can’t imagine what my poor hair goes through. I do my best to take care of if though, and luckily I had the opportunity to give this a test drive. I am in love after a week of usage.
This spray has a nice large nozzle that delivers ample spritzes. I use only about 4-5 - I don’t need more. It’s got a light floral scent that is pretty and once I am done drying, can’t be smelled unless I bring it to my nose, and even then it's light. It’s actually a nice light perfume for the doo. It doesn’t cause any reactions with my skin either - if my skin isn’t liking a product, I tend to break out around my hairline and that isn't the case, so this is a seal of approval for me. I love how this is coined “the foundation for your hair.” I am so in love with this! Since I use foundation on my face, why shouldn’t I provide my hair a daily foundation to protect and renew the doo?? Well, I am leaving this in my regimen. It’s amazing. When I am done drying, I can see that my hair is lying flatter, not because it’s weighed down in the least, it’s light, airy and shiny. This is great to use alone and go, but for me that only happens when the doo goes into a ponytail. So on the daily, I dry then iron. Amazing, my ends look held together and I might be able to go longer in between cuts. I am a 6 week regular girl but going 7 would be great. I also have color treated hair. I use Technician Color line also... The scents are harmonious together also... I think I will be revisiting this product in the warmer months when I am outside more often and can report on the effects with the sun... I am sure if this can stand up to my iron then the sun won’t be a problem! GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!!

deedlejuse says:

I totally agree with City Slicker, this stuff is wonderful. I must confess I do not always bother blow-drying my long (chemically processed) blond hair. So I used it both ways; after styling with heat, and leaving brushed to air dry on its own. I noticed a wonderful difference both ways. I loved the smell, I loved the look, and I loved the lack of buildup. Honestly, I just loved this product. The ends of my hair sort of just stayed in unified harmony for the entire day, and this is not a normal happening. I think that the most dramatic result would have to have been when I used the blow dryer, but when I didn’t I still noticed it looking healthier and shinier. Very good stuff, I recommend it highly.

Movie Maven says:

Here's a third "hear, hear" for the protectant spray! The smell was beautifully light and wasn't battling any of the other scents normally on my bod. I didn't initially notice any extreme results myself, since my hair tends to be fairly tame on its own, but I got an unsolicited compliment from a friend after the first use of this stuff: "your hair looks so shiny and healthy!" Since my hair hasn't been cut in, oh, eight weeks, I was astonished that it would garner that kind of attention! That compliment alone was enough to sell me on it. Like Deedlejuse, I'm a little lax in the daily blow-drying department, but I've been using it even when I've gone au naturale and the shine, for me, is the real benefit. Two pigtails up!

Hillary says:

This is one of those products that when you see what it does for your hair you feel like your hair has looked sub-standard for a long time. In other words, it's so good, it gave me a complex! The way my hair looks with this spray is one thing, but the smell...heavenly! It's not an overpowering smell like it's going to duke it out with your shampoo, it's just gorgeous and subtle. I love the fact that I can mist my hair with this spray and comb right through it with no snags. It really does improve the look of my hair, which is vaguely dry and processed, leaving it silky and shiny. I don't dare ever run out! But I suggest you run out and buy some.

Barbara says:

All "color-assisted" redheads (polite way of saying you owe everything to your hairdresser!) know the truth- red fades the fastest. Blow drying your hair is like committing pre-meditated murder on your hair color. I’ve had to settle for air drying but what to do about my bangs? The curly, frizzy bang look only worked for Mamie Eisenhower. And my bangs had to be battled nearly every morning.
Fekkai Coiff Defense UV/ Thermal Protectant has taken the worry out of the morning blow dry bang attack. I’ve noticed minimal to no change in color compared to the rest of my non-blow dried hair. And best of all, it seems to have tamed a cowlick at the hairline and made my bangs behave. Perfect!

Joyce says:

I second everything said in the other posts. After the fourth day of using and loving it, I decided to test it by drying my hair without this product. Oy! What a difference, and not the one I wanted to see. My hair is thin and fine, so using a product that gives it so much bounce, fullness, and style when it’s not even touted as doing that really impresses me.

Amanda S Says:

I just want to say that I agree with everyone here. After using this on my hair (which has been depressing me lately with it's limp and fuzzy attitude) it has been so soft and fuller, with way less stringy-ness and no greasy heavy feel. I really adore this stuff, I can't think of a better leave in product all-around, it's also easy to apply and doesn't make your hands sticky which is an added bonus!.

Sheba says:

This is a very different product in my hair care arsenal. I thought I might like to see if it does help protect the hair from the heat and drying elements. It does!! My hair ended up incredibly soft and shiney after using this with electric rollers and a curling iron at different times. My hair felt even better than when I started as though it might have received some real hair therapy. It feels like it has more texture to it -- but not with a heavy or greasey feel. I did not expect such great results --I thought it would just give me some added protection -- but it does a lot more. It is meant to be used when using your heating elements on your hair as the heat activates it. To be quite honest I also tried it when I let my hair air dry and I got some pretty good results even then. $25 is the suggested price but you will find it for less and might find a sale. Their website has suggested stores but you can locate it in others if you check around. I just happened across several of their products on Ebay @ approximately half price. Fekkai has a very good reputation and you will see why.

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