Monday, June 16, 2008

Review - Fragonard éclat eau de parfum

With scintillating top notes of fresh bergamot, zesty lemon and freesia, ECLAT has a glowing heart of frangipane and gardenia all on a sensual yet sweet base of marshmallow.

100 ml refillable spray $ 34.00
200 ml refillable spray $ 50.00

This is the second of a set of perfumes I have been using. This fragrance includes more of those 'notes' that I look for in a scent. Anything citrusy will usually catch my nose pretty quickly. It is a very nice and light scent and I actually love the little bit of marshmallow I caught in it. It just surrounds you with its lovely combination without overpowering you. It does survive throughout the day but it will need to be revived if you want to wear it the same evening. It can go from day to evening very easily and you can give yourself an extra dab for the evening if you feel like it. It has captured my nose for sure. I enjoy the combination of all the ingredients -- it is so captivating. The price seems to be in line with most good perfumes. You can use just a dab or two and be set for the day so this will last for you.

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