Sunday, June 22, 2008

Review - DuWop Realipstick Katerine

DuWop's timeless lipsticks for any occasion. Available in four modern shades, these simple, yet sophisticated colors transform blah into beautiful.

So... When I bought this lipstick it was in different packaging, but I'm sure it is similar on the inside! I absolutely love it, the shade I got is the Katherine (I believe) but back then it had a different name. It is really a wonderful shade and a wonderful lipstick. Personally, I am not a lipstick wearer. I don't like my lips to be completely covered in color with no shine. Of course there are lipsticks that don't wear like that, but I find gloss much easier. This lipstick is one of those exceptions, it glides on smooth and easily, lasts forever, and is shiny enough that it really looks more like a gloss than a stuffy ol' lipstick. It is a little tingly when you put it on, which makes my lips look a little poutier and prettier. Honestly I really love this lipstick, and I think that if you are afraid of LIPSTICK because it is so much more formal you should definitely try DuWop. It is cool and trendy and actually really works!

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