Monday, June 2, 2008

Review - Lotta Body Texturizing Setting Lotion—Extra Body

For maximum body, use Lottabody Texturizing Setting Lotion, Extra Bodyformula to create a firm hold, that is easy to comb and results in a silkysmooth glossy set.

This is another 'ethnic' product that I happened to stumble upon. It is one of the best products I have found for my hair. It is a liquid that you need to comb or brush through your hair while damp (or I use it on dry also) and then go about your styling or setting or whatever. It leaves my hair so soft and manageable but with much added texture and body. My hair feels incredible when I use this. Other products that add the body will sometimes leave a sort of sticky residue or feel on your hair but not this one. It works its wonders while leaving your hair with that squeaky clean feel. I find its results to exceed those of a lot of the higher priced texturizing products I have used. I have been lucky enough to find this product in Walmart and Target at incredibly reasonable prices. My last purchase was on sale at Walmart and it had 50% more in it as a bonus at no extra cost. I just wish I had grabbed several at the time. This will remain a staple in my hair care.

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