Thursday, December 29, 2011

Review - L'Occitane Desert Rose Hugs & Kisses

L'Occitane En Provence is one of those companies I just really like. They are employing 12,000 women in Burkina Faso (not that I know where that is) and use the highest quality Shea Butter in all their products. I seriously love this brand. Their hand cream is something I have been using for years, it isn't oily or greasy and sucks right in so there isn't any residue like with some other hand creams I have used. The scent on this one is very light, almost not there at all which I like, and I'm not a big rose person but I can honestly say I like it. Its nice and clean, like you just washed your hands. The lip balm in this set isn't my favorite, its super moisturizing and very emollient but I just can't dig a lip balm that smells like flowers....... personal preference is all! If you like rose, and like a super natural clean smelling rose you will love it, I would just rather whipped cream or vanilla personally! As for the price point, $19? ehhhh it's a lot, but it goes to a great cause and keeps those lady's in business! I'll throw down 20 bucks for some awesome hand cream and lip balm (both a little goes a long way) that will keep me hydrated and happy for this bitter winter weather, plus it makes a GREAT little gift idea.Text Color

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Review- Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

I can see why Maybelline's Great Lash Mascara remains an all-around classic. For an affordable price, my eyelashes can still look fuller and longer without too much fuss or hassle on my part from using this 40-year reliable formula and clean brush to separate the lashes. Although my eyelashes lean on the frail side, I think this is a sturdy and dependable mascara for someone who already has nice thick lashes and who would not require much curling or lengthening in the process. I have friends who fit this profile perfectly and a solid, straightforward mascara as Great Lash would be all they needed. While this mascara did run on me slightly, I'm happy to know that it is also made in a clear shade so no running worries to contend with! Overall, this mascara covers all the basics in an easy and reliable way holding up to the test of time, yet if you have more specific or targeted mascara needs, then Great Lash may hit some notes yet not all and still provide decent results. For the eyelash blessed, Great Lash does enhance what is already there! Yet, if you're like me and need more help with your eyelashes, Great Lash still works, but I did find I needed to lengthen and curl my lashes to fully maximize results, yet in the end they still looked classically nice.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review- Atopalm Moisturizing Hand Treatment

"Atopalm Moisturizing Hand Treatment is an advanced anti-aging treatment cream designed to diminish visible signs of aging while protecting against environmental damage. Because the hands are regularly exposed to the sun, harsh weather, chemicals, and more, they are often the first area of the body to give way to visible signs of aging. Moisturizing Hand Treatment works to combat common aging signs, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness, leaving the hands looking younger and more beautiful."

First of all, notice that this is called a hand "treatment", not a cream because although it moisturizes it treats at the same time.  If this stuff had a decent SPF rating it would literally be everything I've ever wanted in a hand cream!  But some people are sensitive to sunscreens and Atopalm products are meant for us sensitive types.  The thing that really amazes me about this product (besides how well it moisturizes) is how little an amount one needs to moisturize both hands.  We're talking minuscule amounts compared to my other hand creams.  I don't think I've ever gotten better value from a hand cream because at $18 a tube it's a bit pricey, but it will last you a while.  It's so moisturizing that my hands still feel soft after washing them, yet it soaks in nicely and you won't have any trouble turning doorknobs (that always happens to me with hand cream- put it on, stuck in the house.  Also there's a bonus for us techies, it doesn't affect the use of my touchpad on my computer or my phone.  This is going to be the savior of my hands this winter and I'll bet you a tube that it will last me until Spring!  I'm calling this one a "must buy" for hand cream aficionados and techies alike.  Oh, and the cherry on top?  Free shipping from the Atopalm store (see link above).

Monday, November 21, 2011

Cat-Eye Tutorial


Guys, I tried this and it worked HELLA GOOD. Definitely use 1/2" tape, not any wider, and if you have deeper-set eyes than Jane, which I think I must, try keeping your eyes sort of half-closed and looking down your nose at the mirror, but seriously, TRY IT. Here's how it turned out on me...I even already had the liner Jane recommends using:

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Review- Senna Form-A-Brow Kit

This is the original complete brow stencil kit that remains a best seller over the years. Its classic brow stencil shapes work for virtually all brows and define the face beautifully, based on the professional 3-point brow shaping technique taught in the finest beauty schools. In this one compact, you’ll have the best of Eugenia’s expertise and brow artistry in your home to use daily.

There's no doubt that nice eyebrows can truly shape and frame your face. Sometimes finding the right brow specialist or even the right shape can cause more heartache and headache than help. The cool part about this Senna Form-A-Brow kit is that it allows you to find the right stencil that closely matches your natural shape. For me that was pretty easy to recognize. The kit also comes with 3 powder colors, and a grooming and coloring brush. Even though I leaned on the clumsy side when trying to hold the stencil and fill in my brows simultaneously, the result comes out much nicer than I had expected each time. It does take a little skill to maneuver this kit, but with practice, this is the closest I've ever been to when it comes to nice at-home brows! I tried the "Neutral" shade, which is a trio of light, medium and dark browns and they blended very naturally and looked evenly on. For anyone who's brow-obsessed, this Senna Kit could easily fill in as the perfect tool to create, maintain and manage difficult brows that need some proper shaping and direction. For me, it took a little practice to master the stencil kit, but once I did, my eyebrows were much better off for it!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Review - Nutra Nail Flexshield Hardener

Nutra Nail® Flex-Shield Hardener
Hard and flexible invisible shield protects nails instantly
Helps stop breaking, tearing & peeling
Absorbs everyday nail trauma to protect longer

I used this product along with the Green Tea & Acai Berry growth formula. I have very brittle nails that chip and break easily. I used it just as a clear polish and its also suitable as a top coat.

My nails are much less brittle after using this now for three months. They used to grow out quickly but break easily. Since I have been using these two products together, I am having less breakage and more growth.

Nutra Nail is one of those brands that have been out forever and you can always count on them to provide new innovative products at affordable prices.

Review - Nutra Nail Growth Treatment With Green Tea & Acai Berry

Nutra Nail® Growth Treatmentwith Green Tea & Acai Berry Antioxidants
Helps stop brittle nails breaking, peeling and chipping
Helps fortify keratin
Results in just 5 days
Instantly replenishes dehydrated, weak nails
Also contains Green Tea & Acai Berry antioxidants
Just massage in this water based formula

I love Nutra Nail products. Whenever I want to grow my nails out, I go to my local pharmacy and purchase one of their growth products. The Green Tea and Acai Berry is a new one that I have never tried before.

I cut my nails down super short and I used this twice per day. I saw new nail growth in literally 2-3 days. It made me nails nice and long in about 3 weeks and they were super healthy! Its a very inexpensive alternative to acrylic nails.

Why use false nails when you can grow out your own? Its so simple to use and it works fast. Not to mention, its very affordable and you can find it at almost any pharmacy or beauty supply.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Review - Maybelline Lasting Drama by Eyestudio

Maybelline Lasting Drama by EYESTUDIO. A gel eyeliner in black that last 24-hours in four shades. It's an oil-free formula with highly concentrated pigments in a clear gel base.

I've been smitten with this product for a couple of days now. If you've read any of my posts, you'll know that I enjoy experimenting with product, but takes me awhile to get the technique down! The directions say to apply the gel in small strokes. I also watched the video to see how to use the eye liner and build your eye story with their eye shadow colors. The video helped be get it and showed me how to play around with different looks.

The gel goes on smooth and really helped bring out my eyes. For me, it's a bold look, but in a good way. I was also happy that it lasted from day to night and lived up to it's 24-hour claim. My reco is to play around with the brush and nail your application technique and don't forget to blend to get the look that you want.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Review - Whish Shave Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel

A lovely and quickly absorbent moisturizer that is exceptionally versatile to boot. Not only can it be used to soothe your skin after a day in the sun, or replenish it after shaving, waxing or laser, it also slows hair growth. All this and it’s made with natural and organic ingredients. Imagine that.

I never heard of Whish products before. They seem to have some interesting ideas. This particular moisturizer claims to inhibit hair growth while replenishing the skin after shaving or hair removal.

So I like the way this smells and I like the way it absorbs. The overall product is excellence. But I used the entire bottle and I didnt see any difference as far as hair growth. However, I do love the fact that the company itself was made for people with sensitive skin. I have extremely sensitive skin and I fear everything I use will make me have a reaction.

The story of how Whish came to be is adorable! The prices are a little on the high side but you are paying for quality ingredients. Ingredients that wont be harsh on your skin. So the money is an investment and its well worth it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Review- Urban Cowgirl Mineral Concealer/Foundation

Creamy application with sweep of the finger tip or applicator sponge … goes on lightly. $14.99

I don't know about you, but with each change of the season, my skin seems to act up like some wild teenager on a mission. With allergies in full swing, I'm also finding new bags under my eyes each morning and random breakouts from switching to heavier creams and moisturizers. Thank goodness for Urban Cowgirl's Mineral Concealer/Foundation, it truly works to hide those extra baggage under the eyes and a quick spot treatment over smaller breakouts too. I'm so impressed that something this lightweight and smooth can so brilliantly conceal and balance out even the most stubborn of spots. Apparently this Urban Cowgirl concealer can double up as a light foundation as well and still provide full and complete coverage. Normally I would wear foundation during the day to cover up some of these dark spots sprouting up, but I soon realized with a loose dusting of powder and this surprisingly strong and effective concealer, I didn't need to add any more products on top. If you have a few dark spots, or circles too, and need some real, true coverage (without resorting to wearing heavy foundation), this concealer completely does the trick.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Review - Charmed Life Triple Moisture Cream

From Bath & Body Works, Charmed Life is a triple moisture cream fortified with milk proteins, rice bran and acai berry extract. It provides 24-hour moisture for dry skin and its non-greasy formula deeply conditions, leaving skin moisturized and fragrant.

I've been a fan of Bath & Body Works for most of my life and am always excited to try their products. This was the first product that I've tried in years and was more than surprised. Charmed Life is a blend of guava, pear and vanilla musk and I truly loved it! It's just the right amount of fragrance that leaves you smelling good, but not too good. Trust me, you won't get a fragrance headache here. I've been using it for a week to see how well it moisturizes my skin and I am pleased with the results. I suffer from dry skin and after 5 consecutive days of using it in the morning after my shower, my skins feels softer and at the end of my day, my body still feels hydrated. I could easily keep this in my stash of goods, especially during this winter because it not only works, but it has a scent that you wouldn't get tired of using.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Review - Rusk W8less Hairspray

Strong internal hold for any hair type.  Rusk W8less Strong Hold Shaping and Control Hairspray is a versatile design tool that provides texture, natural shine and long-lasting, touchable support.  It contains Thermaplex™, a unique combination of ingredients that activates with the heat of a blow-dryer to provide shine, control and condition from the inside out.

First of all: just forget the name of this hairspray. It's really, really stupid. Are you trying to be cool, Rusk? W8less? Did you run out of space on the can? Are you trying to sound XTREME? It's not working. What IS working (see what I did there?) is this hairspray!! It is great. I recently got BANGS (you guys, I love having bangs) and I need to use a little bit of spray to keep them under control. "Just use a little aerosol spray," said my stylist. "It won't hurt the polar bears that bad, will it?" So I spritz a little of this stuff on the fringe and all over to keep it smooth. It smells inoffensive (which I think is as good as you can hope for with hairspray), and works great, and comes in a big can that looks cool instead of tacky like AquaNet. (Although let's be real, that AquaNet can is kind of awesome.) Try this! It's great! Just pretend it's called "Weightless" (which it is) instead of "w8less."

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Review - Whish Three Whishes Body Butter

For amazingly moisturized skin, we’ve created a truly indulgent body cream with a unique triple antioxidant based formula. This fully loaded lotion both softens and soothes the skin while also helping to replenish and firm. Such sweet softness.

First off, this body butter comes in the most lovely packaging. The box is sturdy and cute, and the pump-action body butter dispenser is much classier than the tubs you normally see with this sort of thick creamy lotion. The other nice thing about it is that it's not super-greasy - just soft and smooth. I don't need a lot of lotion due to my oily skin, so often lotions leave residue, but not this one. It's a bit pricey for an everyday lotion, but it would make a killer gift since the packaging is so pretty. It comes in four scents, as you can see above, and I tested it in Lavender, which smelled exactly as you'd think it would.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Review- Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

  • Salon Manicure Made Simple!
  • All 5 Steps of a Salon Manicure in 1 Bottle.
  • Base Coat, Strengthener, Growth Treatment, Color, Top Coat.
  • 9 out of 10 Salon Professionals Preferred Our Formula to the Leading Salon Brand.
  • With Patented Vita-Care Technology for advanced wear, more shine, and nourishing care.
  • 42 Salon-Inspired Shades.
  • Toluene, DBP, and Formaldehyde free.
I love Sally Hansen polishes. They come in amazing colors, wear beautifully, and are free of those toxic chemicals that pop-up in many other nail polish brands. I tried Complete Salon Manicure in two shades; Fairy Teal, the quintessential teal hue, and Frutti Petutie, a summery pinky coral. The colors were beautiful and vibrant, but sadly this really isn't the "complete manicure" its cracked up to be. I tried using it as directed, just applying two coats and letting it dry, but my manicure lost is luster by the next day and was pretty much chipped off within two days. Also, the teal shade left a slight blue-green stain on my nails, so that may be something to watch out for with the darker colors.

The second time I used the polish, I stuck to my usual routine of base coat, two coats of color, then top coat, and when applied that way it wore beautifully all week, with no stains left when I removed it. My favorite thing is the super wide brush, it really allows you to paint most of your nail with just one stroke. So even though it didn't work well as an all-in-one manicure, I still love the easy to apply and quick drying formula, and will happily continue to use it.Sultana says: This is by far, the best nail polished I have ever had! I have the following colors:

Lagoon - which is the deepest teal color I have ever seen and I am absolutely in love with it!
Silver Lining - A very pale shimmery silvery-blue.
Ring My Shell - I gorgeous opalescent pink

Let me just say, all these colors are spectacular. However, if I had to pick a favorite it would be Lagoon. Its just so intense and pretty. I've gotten a lot of compliments wearing this color. Ring my Shell is my 2nd, the color is light but its still complimentary in its own way. My least favorite is Silver Lining. As pretty as the color was, it took too many coats to be noticeable. Then it took forever to dry because of all the layers.
This nail polish will last you a week chip free, at least. I type all day and its impossible for me to keep a manicure. With this product, I don't have to change my nail color every other day. Thanks Sally, really!

Deedlejuse Says: I have this nail polish in Beachy Keen, a lovely nude with a lot of brown to it. I do really like the color, just on my feet more than my hands. I don't know what exactly it is with me but the whole "beach nude" thing isn't rockin' my boat this year, i prefer the more pinkie or bare looks for my fingers, but my feet are a totally different story. The nail polish itself is wonderful. I'm not sure what happened to Malikah's batch, but the color i have is AMAZING. I literally could have left it at one coat and would have been happy! I did two coats (on my feet) and it has lasted beautifully for the last two weeks, and if I was super lazy I could probably leave it for a couple more weeks by the looks of things. The best part, as Sultana mentioned, is the brush. It is a fabulously wide and thin brush that all companies should rip off! (Just kidding of course, Sally get yourself a patent!) it took me all of maybe ten minutes to do the whole thing, with dry time included. I definitely suggest you go out and get a bunch of shades of Complete Salon Manicure! I love it!

Trish says: I definitely love the color - having tried it in a gorgeous, silver Pedal to the Metal 330 shade! The enamel is thick enough to look full and complete and shiny with minimal effort on my end. However, my one and only small complaint is that I strangely didn't really like the wide thick brush. Much of it is because I can be very clumsy when handling such a brush and soon found that I can make more of a mess than necessary! So all in all, I love the thick enamel and shiny silver shade - but handling the thick wide brush with a thick coat of paint took extra effort on my end. However, I'm super pleased with the color and feel that it turned out to be exactly what I wanted and very worth the effort and practice. I do highly recommend the silver shade - Pedal to the Metal #330!! Simply love it!

Movie Maven says: The color I tried was EEL SKIN. Sounds kind of gross, but is not at all gross and is KIND OF AMAZING. It's a stylish medium grey with just enough blue to agree with my cool skin tone. I agree with a couple of the girls above - the brush is kick-ass and makes the manicure super-easy. I will say that the "complete" moniker is probably an exaggeration, as mine was chipping after only a couple of days, but with a topcoat, I'm betting it would have held up a bit better. Honestly, though, the brush is so dope I'd use it just for that.

Melissa says: I tried Commander in Chic and Back to the Fuchsia and loved both of the colors. Like most of the ladies, I liked the thicker brush because it made it easier to apply and I also felt like I had greater control of the strokes. Two coats did the trick and although I was tempted to put on a top coat, I did without and
my manicure lasted almost a week and I was happy with the results.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Review - Honeycat On The Prowl Shower Gel

Before you go out on the prowl,lather up with this delicious peach, brandy, and brown sugar shower gel. This stuff is loaded with, Mango butter, Shea butter, vitamin E, oh all sorts of skin goodies!...Come on girls, get your prowl on.

Honeycat is NOT JOKING when they say this shower gel is "peach brandy." It smells like a delicious specialty Manhattan creme brulee or something. Personally, I don't like "warm" scents (things like vanilla, brown sugar, fall spices) on my person; I prefer "crisp" scents like citrus, so this wasn't my favorite for that reason. But if this flavor combination sounds good to you, jump in and lather up! It's a great shower gel that comes in a cute bottle!

Review - Car Lashes

Dress up your headlights with a touch of fashion and a twinkle of crystal! Flexible design bends around headlights. Attaches easily with
3M automotive trim tape. Will not damage paint.

I first heard about Car Lashes from my sister who was driving to PA and saw someone with it on their car. As soon as she told me about it I just knew I had to have them!

The black car lashes are so popular that they were on back order. So instead, I got the pink car lashes and the pink crystal liner. The pink lashes represent breast cancer awareness so I was just as happy.

The application process is very simple. The lashes come with a littl alcohol swab that you use to wipe the surface of your headlights clean with. Then you line the lashes up and slowly peel back the sticky tape. The crystal liner is just as easy, they go over the lashes. I was done in less than 15 minutes. I even had some extra crystals hanging over, so I cut them off and put them on the front of my car as little accents.

I love my car lashes because everywhere I go, they put a smile on peoples faces. People stop to take pictures or just to look. I love that my car can be just as beautiful as me! My car lashes make me happy amd make others happy! Why shouldn't our cars be as beautiful as us?

Another thing I love about them is that their customer service team is super friendly and they are a little company started by a Husband and Wife.

Oh, and don't worry, car lashes work with just about every make and model of vehicles. When you order, they will ask you to specify this information. So, what are you waiting for? Go order yours now!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review- EnvyDerm Lash Growth & Conditioning Serum

- Effective: Grow long lush lashes by as much as 72% in 6 weeks.
- Safe: no chemicals, no Prostaglandin.
- Convenient: no prescription needed. Easy to use.
- Last 6 months.
- Suitable for Eyebrows.

I'm a huge fan of lash serums, especially if they actually work and EnvyDerm's Growth Serum did not disappoint at all, ranking favorably high on my list! I haven't hit the 6-week mark yet, but within the first couple of weeks I noticed that my eyelashes were as promised - thicker, stronger and noticeably longer too. The real knockout factor for me though is how beautifully this growth serum really conditions my lashes through each use. I've tried other similar growth products in the past, and usually you will notice stronger lashes or longer lashes, but somehow they looked a little hardened in the process. With EnvyDerm, my eyelashes not only looked much fuller and longer, but also significantly softer and prettier too! Everything about this lash conditioner/growth serum looks and feels very natural and the results over-exceeded my expectations. The formula is very gentle and can be used on the lower lash line as well as the eyebrows! Definitely can't go too wrong there. For me, long and beautiful eyelashes always seemed a little out of reach, but with EnvyDerm's nighttime serum, it's definitely making that wish a closer reality!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Review- RUBY Kisses 24 Hour Eye Define

Super lush liner glides on then sets for 24 hour wear.

I'm not really the type to wear black eyeliner, even more so if it's in pencil form ...but, I started to really like this RUBY Kisses 24 Hr Eye Define so much I'm slowly converting my everyday look around it! I tried it in Very Black, which is a switch from my normal brown liners, and I love how it glides on smoothly, giving a striking definition on my lower eyelids. It has a silky thin point, which makes it easy to navigate and I don't feel clumsy using this pencil. The pencil does stay on for hours, I even took a nap and found that it stayed in tact when I woke up! The only minor drawback is that it did smudge a little just after a few hours, but in a strange way it created a sexy smoky eye look for me unintentionally and I didn't mind the little running! Perhaps, if you want to purposefully create the smoky eyes, this is a great pencil to do it, otherwise, it's still a sexy look to wear whether or not that was the intended use. For me, it's a keeper and I'm not even the type to wear black eyeliners, but I like the smoothness and ease of use so much I'm willing to convert.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Review- Nurturing Force Tropical Tamanu Oil

"Nurturing Force® discovered Tamanu Oil about two years ago, in a quest for a quick, easy to use, fast penetrating serum; not just for the face, but the hair, scalp, hands and body also. With liquid travel restrictions and a limit on what we can fit in makeup kits and bags; our goal was to offer a multi-purpose product. We choose Tamanu Oil for its anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties; backed by a rich cultural history of its origin and use in Polynesia for the hair skin and body." $18

Everyone is all abuzz about Argan oil these days, and don't get me wrong, I think that Argan oil is great.  I used to use Argan oil until I was introduced to Tamanu oil by the kind people at Nurturing Force (which is a great family- owned and run company btw).  This oil does it all!  It tames fly-awyas and conditions hair but I love it for what it does for your skin.  It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-oxidant properties and if you suffer from dry skin and acne, this stuff can be a life-saver.  This serum moisturizes my skin and absorbs completely leaving no oil slick behind.  I usually augment it with another moisturizer, but if you are on the oily side, you could use this alone as your moisturizer.  I use about 3 drops warmed between my palms and patted onto my face and neck.  For hair, because mine is fine and straight, I literally use 1 drop rubbed between my palms and run over my dry hair and ends.  It smoothes even the fiercest of fly-aways.  A bottle of this oil serves so many functions so economically that I feel every woman (and man) should own a bottle!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Review- Atopalm Moisturizing Cleansing Wipes

"Atopalm Moisturizing Cleansing Wipes are the perfect way to end - or begin - each day. The wipes remove all traces of makeup, debris, excess oils, and impurities while supplying the skin with antioxidants and moisturizers. After use, the skin feels refreshed, pure, and hydrated, leaving it perfectly prepped for your next skin care step."  $12.99

You may never have heard of Atopalm, but if you have dry, sensitive skin, you should start knowing about it NOW!  This is the hero (or heroine) your skin has been waiting for.  Finally, skin technology has caught up with my wish to clean my face quickly and my skin's need for gentle non-irritating moisturizing.  This is literally the first cleansing cloth I've used in the past couple of years that hasn't stung my eye area to some degree.  Honestly I thought that was just the price one paid for using a cleansing wipe. The older I get, the more sensitive my skin gets for some reason.  I was excited to try these because Atopalm products were recommended by Dr. Leslie Baumann in her book "The Skin Type Solution", a must-read and my personal skin bible. 

I love everything about these Atopalm Cleansing Wipes- they clean well, there's no tight soap after feel, they don't taste bad and they don't sting my eye area.  Oh, did I mention that they remove ALL my make-up?  These definitely go on my list of favorite things.  They're pricier than drug store wipes, but not by that much and truthfully I'd pay double for them!  Dry, sensitive girls, your quick clean prayers have been answered!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Review - LashDip @ Courtney Akai Salon

Immediately after showering



I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to try LashDip at Courtney Akai's salon. I had been following Lashdip on Twitter for some time. I thought it was an exciting an innovative idea.

I suffer from what Courtney likes to call "Lash Analness". What is Lash Analness you ask? It's when you are obsessed with your lashes and they need to be perfect at all times! It is super important that the person doing your lashes understands your standards. Which is why you are given a little analysis when you go to your appointment. So its understood how you wear your lashes on a daily basis and what you expect.

My appointment was with Christian Zamora who is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. He took the time to explain the entire process to me. He also kept me entertained while applying the LashDip. He made the application process fly by. It only took about 45 minutes. I also got to briefly meet the Lash Goddess Courney Akai. You will walk into this salon feeling very welcome and walk out looking gorgeous.

Here is a brief overview of Lashdip.

The Claim: LashDip is waterproof, it sculpts your lashes, separates them and can last up to six weeks with proper care.

The Process: Lasts about 40 minutes to an hour depending on how dramatic you want your lashes to look. LashDip is applied with a small brush that lifts, separates and curls. For each layer applied, a little fan is used to dry and seal in the color.

The Price: $250 for upper and lower lashes which includes one LashRefresh touch up session and a take home after care kit.

The End Result: Beautiful, long lashes that make you feel like a star. When you wake up in the morning, you won't know what to do with yourself when you go to apply mascara and you realized you slept all night and your lashes are still flawless!

I am a single Mother of three and my life tends to be really hectic. Since I am always on the go, I am constantly looking for anything that will make my beauty routine easier. With LashDip, I am able to get up and go in the morning. Not to mention, it's waterproof and from the minute you step out of the shower you look like a model! I am so excited about LashDip and I personally believe that with time, it will keep evolving until its perfected.

If you usually wear mascara and want beautiful lashes without the fuss, then you should definitely book an appointment at Courtney Akai. If you don't think Lashdip is right for you, check out and I guarantee you will find a procedure that fits your needs. They also do hair extentions and makeup applications.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Review - Intraceuticals Clarity Gel Cleanser

A lightweight gel cleanser to thoroughly cleanse the skin and remove excess oil and impurities. The non greasy formula leaves skin conditioned and primed to receive optimum benefits from Intraceuticals Infusions® and nourishers. Also available: Clarity Gel Cleanser – Sensitive Use morning and night.

Not to be confused with the Intraceuticals Clarity Treatment Gel, this is a cleanser to be used along with Intraceuticals' other Clarity line products. The thing I first liked about this cleanser was the packaging - a clever pop-up design that means when you take this pump bottle with you on the road, you won't need to worry about spillage. It's a great cleanser, to be sure: it cleans without drying, and on my freaky combination skin, that is a huge plus. The main change I noticed was that my skin felt softer overall - not necessarily smoother, but definitely softer, possibly due to the gentle nature of the cleanser and the fact that it won't dry you out.

While increased softness might be enough for some ladies, I tend to have mild acne on my face, and while this cleanser cut down on oiliness in general, it wasn't enough to take care of my red face, unfortunately. The other downside, of course, is that the price point is not something I would personally pay for this product, regardless of the result. It's definitely an effective cleanser, but is it worth the chunk of change? For me, the answer is no.

Trish says: Yep, totally agree with what Movie Maven mentioned above. This Intraceuticals Gel Cleanser works nicely to clean the skin, leaving it feeling soft, but I didn't notice too much of a difference in my overall skin's appearance. It doesn't do anything to harm the skin which is good to know if you have sensitive skin like me, but it didn't make it look any more different either. I think if used with the Intraceutical system all together it adds to the total benefit over time, but alone, it didn't change too much for me. Also, I noticed a scent that reminded me of swimming pool, strange - on the one hand, I felt like I was on vacation swimming in the hotel pool, yet on the other hand, not sure if that is a pleasant scent without the actual swimming pool. Overall, if used with their additional line of products, it's a good complement, but by itself, nothing too harmful nor striking to make it super memorable.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Review - Andre Walker Total Keratin Obsession Deep Conditioning Pack

Andre's newest product is an extraordinary, extreme moisture repair, hair mask that functions like a salon quality intense conditioning treatment! With intracellular proteins and fine raw ingredients, this two ounce foil pak helps knock out environmental surface and heat damage, dryness and breakage issues while restoring luster and nourishing the hair with keratin, moroccon argan oil, aloe, olive oil and other saturating, moisturizing and strengthening ingredients. Each pack is enough for two applications for medium length hair. Recommended use is weekly as a deep conditioning treatment. $45.00

I recently went from being almost completely blonde to brunette. My hair was so damaged that I needed to stop torturing it with chemicals. I made it a part of my routine to apply a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week to keep my hair hydrated. I was glad to get the opportunity to try this because I used to get Brazilian Keratin Treatments all the time. Frankly, they are the best thing in the world but they are expensive and require upkeep.

Although the directions say good for at least two applications, if you have finer hair you may even get away with three. After I used this, my hair was silky, soft and shiny. I felt like I did a mini BKT. This is really good for damaged hair that needs moisture. At $45 for a 3 pack, its a little steep but if you're used to getting BKT treatments like me, then its a small price to pay for almost the same results. I am interested in some other items on the website as well. I love the concept of "Making peace with your hair". I think all women at some point have definite issues with their hair. If you learn to take care of it, then you will love it all the time.

Hillary says:

My hair was loving this treatment!  My hair is generally soft, but I simply couldn't believe how soft it was using this product.  No9t only soft, but shiny and manageable too.  My hair is already pretty straight, but this conditioner (both times I used it) gave me "The Supreme Blow-out"- you know the kind of hair day you wish you could have every day?  That kind of hair.  Like Sultana says, I should have used it for 3 conditionings instead of 2 as my hair is fine, but I was just following the directions.  I highly recommend this for anyone with even the slightest bit of dryness.  Trust me, you'll love it.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Review- NYC Expert Last Nail Polish

I'm a huge fan of New York Color nail polishes! They really are a true drugstore beauty find, deal, and steal in my opinion! I tried the NYC Expert Last Nail Polish (in a prett soft pink #175 Lingering Lingere) and love the high glossy shine, color, enamel and long wear - all for about $1 -$2 a bottle, you can't beat that! This particular line provides up to 7 days of wear and so far I'm on day 5 with no chipping in sight and the color still looks soft and pretty on. It was so easy to apply, and the fast-drying and rich enamel went on without being drippy or messy. I can easily see this as my go-to polish especially when I want to try a new nail color, or feel like experimenting with different shades, or even when I'm feeling in the need for a drugstore pick-me-up, I think I'll be picking this one up for sure! It's a definite drugstore buy and a real beauty deal!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Review - Sally Hansen Vita A Lip Care

This vitamin powered lip treatment is customized to fit your lips' specific need for line-smoothing care.

I am sure most of you have determined I am a certified lunatic when reading my other posts about lip balm/lip products! I have very full lips, so its not an option to have them chapped, ever! I pride myself on taking good care of my lips. I moisturize every night without fail. Sally Hansen has a few of these lip care products. The one I used is the Vita A infused with Vitamin A for line smooting properties. I used this every night before bed for a week and I have to tell you, my lips feel awesome. It has a very faint pink tint and there really isnt much of a taste. It has a hint of sweetness.

I even used this on my two year old son who's lips get chapped all the time and he picks them until they bleed! His lips also were not as dry after using this for a few days.

Another win Sally! Keep em' coming!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Review - MBeze Sweet Sanura Body Mist

- Sanura – a female Egyptian name meaning “kitten” -
Kittens beware! Men will be intoxicated in your presence when you wear this scent! Sweet orange essential oil blended with Egyptian musk gives this scent its very exotic appeal. Give yourself a refreshing spritz anytime throughout the day with this non-drying, lightly scented body mist. Made with natural and organic ingredients. Not tested on animals.

I have never heard of MBeze (pronounced Embeez) before. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this is a eco-friendly company with a lot of variety of product. Sweet Sanura is a very exotic scent. So exotic, that you need to be prepared for people asking what you are wearing constantly! The scent itself is odd, but not odd in a bad way. In the beginning when I first sprayed it on, I didn't think I liked the smell. After a few minutes, the smell changed. It got a little sweeter and I loved it! Sanura is a great name to describe this scent. It will make you want to Purrrrr like a kitten!
A big plus for me about this company is that they make a variety of scents and for each scent they have the matching oil, deodorant and perfume. The price for the mist is $12 which is a little on the high side, but you can use this as an air refresher as well as for linens. So its multi-functional. Also, the company is super green and they don't test on animals. Check out how green they are here

I really like this company and I am curious to try their other scents. In addition, they offer trial sizes that you can purchase from their site so you can test the scents out! Super cute idea!

Melissa says: I received Cruizee which is a mix of cucumber, jasmine and mint tea. It's just as refreshing as drinking a cold glass of water with cucumber in it and the mellow feel of jasmine. The scent is refreshing and I can smell all of the ingredients. It's light, and a good pick me up too! In the Summer, I kept in the in the fridge and sprayed away! I used it a couple times a week and can't wait to check out all of the scents. I agree that it can be used as a refresh for linens and clothes because it's a universal warm and inviting scent.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review - Smashbox Limitless Long Wear Lip Gloss

Our new long-wearing lip gloss gives you nonstop gorgeous color and shine for up to 6 hours, while SPF 15 protects your pout. The luxurious formula with vitamins A, C & E and sea kale revitalizes and nourishes lips for a silky-smooth texture that’s never tacky or dry. Specially contoured velour wand gives you a precise and comfortable one-coat application.
The whole thing with lip gloss, to me, is that you reapply it. That's part of the deal, I think, with lip gloss, especially when it tastes sort of nice and you find yourself licking your lips more often than that 16-year-old who married the 51-year-old and is gross. (They're both gross.)

So the idea of a long-lasting gloss is interesting. Now, as per usual, this one doesn't quite stay on as long as it promises, but it certainly does last several hours, without being sticky or icky. I got it in 24/7, a nice medium raspberry color that could work well on any cool skin tone from pale to dark. It doesn't taste like Dr. Pepper or bubble gum or anything, but it has a bit of flavor to it, just enough to keep you from being like "ew." It's a bit on the pricey side for me at $21, but if you're looking in that price range anyway, they are delightful.

Sultana says: I have this in Enduring which is a pretty shade of nude. Everyone needs to have a shade like this in my opinion. Its classic and timeless. I am going to agree that it doesn't last six hours. However, it lasts much longer than normal glosses do and without feeling too sticky.

I actually love the consistency of this gloss. I know $21 is kind of steep for a gloss. But think about the fact that you won't have to reapply it half as many times as regular glosses. That right there is worth the price. Plus the tube is pretty generously sized and will last a long time.

Trish says: I tried this in For Keeps, a really light pale pink shade. I agree with the above, it didn't last a long time for me, but the texture was rich and shiny for the duration. My only minor and small complaint is the applicator - it leaned on the spongy side and I found this harder to handle than other lip gloss applicators from Smashbox. Overall I think it's a quality gloss still, especially if there's a particular shade you absolutely adore, it's a go, but, otherwise for an average color or typical standard shade, it didn't seem to have any special features compared to other glosses. For this particular gloss, I think color and shade will be what makes it stand out the most from other glosses.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Review- Rimmel London Glam'Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara

It’s the new standard in dramatic volume and length!Introducing Day-2-Night, Rimmel’s unbeatable new mascara that creates 2 dramatically different lash looks, all with 1 amazing new system. The secret is the magic double cap!1.Choose The Top Cap for Length. Stretches lashes to new distances, exceptionally defined and ultra-lengthened.2.Choose the Bottom Cap for Volume.

Every now and then I'll try a new mascara that surprises me in a very pleasant way and so far this mascara is keeping me all-around satisfied and happy! The formula is nice and rich, super helpful if your lashes are on the weak side like mine and need that fortifying boost. I tried to figure out how they managed to stack two different brushes on top of each other, but gave up, if it works, it works! I'm definitely feeling the lengthening end, it's a skinny wand and manages to really lift and separates the lashes in a very soft and pretty way. At first, I would wonder how did my lashes grow so long so instantly, and look so healthy, but realized it was just the magic of the brush and the mascara. The length stayed true all day too without fail, including getting caught in a few rainstorms lately. I wanted to test and see if this mascara could hold up even in a heavy downpour, and it did! No running, no dark lines under the eyes, just perky pretty lashes that handled extreme weather conditions. On a sad note, the volumizing brush didn't work too well for me. I don't think my fragile lashes can hold that much thickness on their own, but the lengthening (and strengthening) power of the overall mascara makes up for any missteps I may have created with the volumizing brush. I love this Rimmel mascara so much and am definitely more open now to trying their other mascaras as well!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Review - Sally Hansen Crackle Nail Polish

Create a unique crackle effect on your nails.

I love that Sally Hansen is always coming out with new products that are always affordable. One of their newest innovations is called Crackle overcoat. What is crackle exactly? Well, its a layer that goes over your polish that creates a shattered or broken effect.
I have the Cherry Smash which is a bright red. I used it with a metallic gold polish beneath. The gold was beautifully peeking out from underneath the red. Everyone loved my nails and asked me what I was wearing.
I actually love this polish and plan on getting more colors. This is a good way to break up the monotony of regular nail polish colors.
One great thing about this that is a huge plus for me, is that it dries super fast! It dries to a matte finish, so make sure you put a top coat.

Melissa says: I tried Distressed Denim and had a lot of fun with it. I chose a pink base so after applying the Crackle overcoat, I got a nice 1980's feel. The key to using this is practice and patience. Since you have no idea where polish will crack, you just have to experiment. The only thing that was different was that the brush is very thin and the overcoat does not go on a smooth as a regular nail polish. Once you get used to it, you'll love it. I got a lot of compliments and it was a good refresher to my solid nail color. Next up is a neon base, because I'm still going for that 80s feel!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Review- Jao Limited Lip Balm

SPF 15 LipJao™, formulated for lip balm snobs, is made with 34% Shea Butter. Use this superior lip balm often to soften lucky lips. This long lasting petro-chemical free formula contains Lysine, Calendula and Chamomile Oil extracts. $6

I'm not a lip balm snob, but this sure is one remarkable lip balm! It contains 34% Shea Butter and it really does feel like you're rubbing pure silk over your lips without any of the messy greasiness or stickiness on the side. At first there was a slight licorice taste to me, which if you don't like licorice, please beware (because I really don't), but because I love this balm soo soo much, I quickly got over the taste and now fully embrace this incredible balm! It makes my lips feel super smooth for a long time and even though I don't really need to reapply the balm during the day, I just want to because I love the way it feels. I'm becoming strangely addicted. On the good side, it doesn't dry your lips out or leave them feeling chapped either, you just want to re-apply more of that silkiness on! This is definitely for lip balm snobs, addicts, and new initiates for myself. Once you get used to this unique balm, it's hard to imagine wanting anything else!

Melissa says: I agree with Trish, this product goes on like silk. It has such a nice feel on your lips and makes them feel so soft. It also lasts a long time and it does not leave your lips chapped (two of my biggest concerns with lip balms). I love the fact that can be used all over. I've already used it to tame some stray hairs and some dry spots too. The best part is that it does not contain petroleum, dyes or artificial fragrances.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Review- B. Shampoo Perfected

What’s not in it: Sulfates, Parabens, Sodium Chloride.
What’s in it:
Argan Oil- Adds shine and softens the hair. UV Absorber- Helps prevent color from fading. Pro-Vitamin B5- Conditions and adds volume. This shampoo is ideal for those who desire a soft, smooth and finished look. It’s perfect for the Brazilian Blow Out. $26.00

I don't want to say this is the best shampoo I've ever used, but... this is the best shampoo I've ever used. Celebrity stylist Brandon Martinez's B. Shampoo Perfected really is complete and high performing. No doubt the shampoo is on the pricey side, but the shine and health of your hair is so gorgeous, everyone deserves to have a least one guilty pleasure and this shampoo is it, in my humble opinion. Knowing it's hard to justify paying a lot for shampoo, rest assured it is made with Argan Oil and I found that I didn't need to wear any other hair-care product when using this shampoo. It is volumizing, silkening and my usually thin and frizzy, fly-away hair had such a very natural clean, full and healthy glow and bounce to it, I didn't want to add anything else to mess it up. As a true story, I went to get my hair cut recently and the salon shampoo didn't look as nice as B. Shampoo Perfected. It was the one and few times that the condition of my hair actually looked healthier walking in than out. So, if this is something up your alley, please do consider, as this shampoo is on my favorite hair product list.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Review - Honeycat Rub My Tummy Hand & Body Cream

What gal doesn't like to have her tummy rubbed? I know I sure do. Have I got a cream for you! This stuff is chock-full-of skin softening ingredients like, Shea Butter, Kukui Oil, Honey, and of course Butter Milk. No silly, it's not just for tummies, it's for anywhere youu want to feel soft, and smooth...Hey, you never know when youu're gonna get rubbed!

net wt. 6oz/170 gms

I can honestly say I've never heard of HoneyCat, but I am liking what I see so far! Honeycat offers "A fresh, sexy spin on bath and body products"; and they definitely deliver! I absolutely love the clever names of the products as well as the variety.
The product I got to try is called Rub my tummy hand and body cream. The brand boasts: What girl doesn't want their tummy rubbed?? I know I do!! I used this right after I showered all over my body. The scent is so sweet and the consistency is creamy. It costs about $12 but because its so rich and smooth, you don't need a lot.
I think this brand is going to go far because its trendy, yet classic. I can definitely see myself purchasing other products from them in the future.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review- NYC Skin Matching Foundation

It has a breakthrough tone-to-tone shade adjusting technology that adapts shades to skin's color and texture, blending seamlessly for a natural, flawless and radiant looking complexion. Its formula, enriched with moisturizers, essential minerals and vitamins A, C and E, nourishes and hydrates skin all day long. $3.99

When it comes to foundation, I admit, I can be super picky about quality, consistency and coverage. I'm willing to spend a little more on foundation even if the price is a little steep and outside my range. Luckily, however, you don't have to go that far as this foundation is very affordable and performs just as well as some of the more expensive ones I've used. I tried the foundation in #687- which is Light/Medium- and it matched my skin tone so perfectly and so well, I could barely tell where I had it on! The coverage is medium to nice, I still needed a light dusting of powder to achieve truly flawless looking skin, but the overall softness and natural appearance of smooth and sheer looking skin really does come through. I'm amazed that a foundation this affordable can look and feel this soft. On a side note, as the foundation is silky and somewhat liquid-y, do be careful not to dispense too much as I've learned to use a very light touch in handling this tube. Otherwise, I'd highly recommend this foundation to anyone who doesn't want to spend a fortune on makeup, yet still want a lovely and pretty foundation that outperforms some of the best of them!

Monday, August 1, 2011

NYC City Mono Eyeshadow in 5th Avenue

The N.Y.C City Mono Eye Shadow is a range of single coloured eye shadows that provide a matte like finish on the eye lid resulting in a long lasting, smooth and vibrant colouring.

First of all: why can't I find anywhere in America to buy this online? I keep getting Lloyd's Pharmacy (or is it chemist) and In any event, this is another surprisingly great product from the inexpensive New York Color (NYC) line. The single version of the City Duet, the City Mono is one color-packed little shadow with a matte finish. Like its doubled-up sister shadow, the Mono provides great pigment and staying power for a low price - it's a great option for trying out a color you're not sure about. This chartreuse is called "5th Avenue" for some reason, probably is the color of money? And people who live on 5th Avenue are rich? Or maybe because all of the rest of us are green with envy that they live on 5th Avenue? In any event, the color is a bright key lime green (the picture above does it no justice) and would be great as a lid color with a deep green crease on a night out on the town. Well worth trying!

Trish says: Oh NYC Color, I do love you and root for you always...but this Mono Eyeshadow didn't quite do it for me...I tried the shade in a light/medium brown #906 and could barely see it on..I love all kinds of brown eye-shadows and am rarely let down by any of them, but maybe for my medium skin tone, this particular shade wasn't dark enough. From what I could see, it seemed light and silky with little glimmers of sparkle to it, but not much more pigment was there to detect. If you like brown eye-shadows, but need or want a richer and deeper pigment, this one may not show up as it happened for me. However, because of the softness, I'd possibly try a different shade next time!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Review - Smashbox Limitless Lip Stain & Color Seal Balm

It’s a lip revelation! On one side of this innovative, two-in-one product: a feather-resistant stain that won’t budge for 8 hours. On the other: a very emollient balm that can be worn alone or over the stain for a lustrous touch. The vibrant tint of color is designed to mimic the look of photo gels on set in our studios. $23

I LOVE Smashbox! I am so glad they made a lip stain! In case you didn't know, lip stains are huge right now. I am all about trends and this is one trend I am loving. I have this in Sangria. A deep, rich burgundy color that makes your lips pop. This color is what I call classic. Everyone should have a shade like this for sexy nights out on the town.

Let me tell you, the staying power on this stuff is no joke. It stayed on practically all day. This is a product that set out to do something and delivered.

As you can see, one end of the product is the stain and the other is the matching balm. This is the first of all lip stains that I have seen with the balm being the same color. I absolutely love it.

Apply the color, let it dry and then apply the balm as necessary throughout the day. You will find that you don't need too many touch ups.

PS the Sangria is out of stock right now -Its THAT popular! And ladies, the price is a bit steep but with Smashbox you are paying for quality cosmetics that will last a long time. I would definitely spend money on this!

Trish says: There are some Smashbox products that go above and beyond and this Limitless Lip Stain & Color Seal does it for me. I tried it in "Nude," which is odd because if I want a lip stain why would I want it in Nude? Well, all I can say is that the Nude tint looked so soft and natural on and you're basically wearing something almost all day long without looking like you're trying! Pretty chic for the make-under, I'm gorgeous au naturel look. However, as I am not, I also used it under and over my everyday lipstick (because I do like color) and my lips looked so much better than ever. Whether or not it was the intended, this lipstain sure does work and is overall pleasing that now I'm totally hooked on another Smashbox product I'm sure I will buy again and again. Even if it's in the Nude!

Melissa says: I tried the lipstain in cinnamon and I think I found my color! It goes on easy and is truly a rich shade. It fits with my complexion and gives a nice, sophisticated look. I'm usually on the fence with lipstains, but I'm thrilled with this because it looks good and feels nice on too. I've been wearing it for a few hours, and my lips have maintained the color. I've also had a drink and a cupcake too so this is impressive! As I transition into deeper looks for Fall, this is something I will incorporate for certain.

Review - Sally Hansen Brush On In Shower Hair Remover

Sally Knows you want the easiest, fastest path to bare. Thanks to our patented Fresh Scent Technology, the leader in virtually odor-free hair removal has come up with another way to get bare. This brush-on, water resistant formula glides on and works while you shower. So simple, so Sally

I almost keeled over when I saw this! This is the first time I've seen a hair remover with a built in brush! Now, I use hair remover at least twice per week. Mostly on my eyebrows because they are tattooed and I don't keep any hair on them.

I will say, the brush serves no purpose for your eyebrows unless you dont care how sloppy you put it on. I just used my fingers for that area. But for my arms, underarms and legs, this stuff went on like a charm!!! I was so ecstatic that I didn't have the remover all over my hands.

This did the job it was supposed to, and more. Just be careful if you have sensitive skin. Do the suggested area test on the directions. I left this on a little too long and it burned a bit.

Review - Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat

Sally knows that having options is important. For the ultimate in mixing and matching, Crackle Overcoat comes in 8 different shades which can be paired with any nail color. From bold blue to mature metallics, you can create a unique mosaic design that’s modern and sophisticated.

I can never express how much I love Sally Hansen products. It has to be in the top 5 of my fav drug store brands! So the newest nail polishes people are raving about, having this "crackle" effect. You basically pick a shade for the bottom and then put another shade of the crackle over it. Its designed so you can see the shade beneath peeking through.

I have the Cherry Smash color which is a really bright red. I used it with a flesh tone underneath. I love this not only because of the crackle effect, but also because it dries really fast. It comes in an array of shades so you can have one for every outfit!

Thanks for doing it again Sally!

NYC Smooch Proof 16Hr Lip Stain

NYC New York Color Smooch Proof 16HR Lip Stain stays put, providing a sheer to intense flush of color that sticks around longer than most guys in the City. This is no on-again, off-again relationship. Color stays faithful for up to 16 hours. Looking for happily ever after for a very happy price? Let your lips do the charming!

I suppose a true test of something called "smooch proof" is to smooch someone for a while to see if it really stays on. I don't have anyone handy to test this theory, but I can definitely tell you that it did not uphold the 16-hour promise even with zero smooches. I put it on before I left my house - and because it's a stain, my lips looked a bit dry, so I used a gloss over top as well - and by the time I was enjoying my customary 10am iced coffee, it needed a touch-up. More than a touch-up, really. It ended up making my lips look flaky and weird, like I'd eaten something berry-colored about 3 hours prior and then forgot to wash my face. No me gusta. NYC has some great products, but unfortunately this isn't one of them, for me at least.

Sultana says: I tried this in a color called Freesia. On the outside, it looks like a pinkish-purplish mix. However, when it goes on the lips its more of a berry color. Its very pretty. I am going to have to agree with my fellow blogger above that it doesn't last long. I did all my normal everyday activities with this on. including, chewing gum and drinking coffee. The color faded in less than an hour. I will say that the price is spectacular and there are a variety of shades. So if you have to apply an extra couple of times a day, you really dont lose that much. Make sure you apply on clean, dry lips for the best results!

Trish says: I'm the kind of person who tries to make any beauty product work- even if it's the wrong shade or a strange consistency- I'll mix it up with something else just to try to keep it usable. I don't know about this lipstain though. The color lasted okay for me, I wasn't expecting too much (from reading the reviews here) maybe an hour tops...I also mixed it with my favorite lipstick hoping it would combine the best of both worlds, but not lips felt tighter and drier and different for the duration and while there was some tint to it, I'm not sure if the end result justified the strange feeling. There may be some more creative ways to make this stain work, but as is, this is a tricky one for me.

Friday, July 29, 2011

NYC Show Time Volumizing Mascara

  • Dual Power Complex strengthens and thickens lashes 
  • Volumized lashes up to 8 times without clumping 
  • High Control Brush separates and builds instant volume for a fabulous and all-out-drama look 
  • Flake-proof and smudge-proof for an all-night-long glamorous look 
  • Ophthalmologist tested 
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes and lens wearers 
I feel like every New York Color (NYC) review goes about the same: "this product is way cheaper than it normally would be, and yet it's totally serviceable and fine." With that in mind, here's another one.

This mascara is a great everyday mascara. No clumping, a sturdy wand, and good coverage. I actually got it mixed up with a bunch of samples of different Sephora mascaras and used it thinking it was one of those, and when I realized it was the NYC, I was like "daaaaaaaang this is good." And it's like $4. Awesome.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Motives by Loren Ridinger Rich Formula Lipstick in Go Red

Get a gorgeous, sexy pout with Motives® by Loren Ridinger lip treatments, lipsticks, lip crayons, and shines. From our exfoliating Lip Pumice and Hydrating Lip Balm to our creamy Lip Crayons and Rich Formula Lipsticks you are sure to have beautiful, unforgettable lips.

Motives® is passionate about giving back. We are proud to be teaming with the American Heart Association to launch “Go Red” – a fabulous new lipstick that you can feel good about flaunting. 25% of “Go Red” proceeds for one full year will be donated to the American Heart Association Miami Chapter. Because doing good and looking good are always in fashion.

I'm not big on lip stuff. You wouldn't know it to look in my purse, which has a wide variety of glosses, balms, and color, but it just never became a thing I liked. I feel like I forget to reapply, and then I look more disheveled instead of less. However: this lipstick is so creamy and wonderful, with such high pigment, that I might be a convert. And the color? The color is amazing!

Okay, I just wanted to show off my new bangs

This is the Go Red color, which supports the American Heart Association Miami chapter as you read above. I love love love this color. It's a true, slightly cool red that's good for this pale-skinned brunette and would work well on others with blue or pink undertones (olive-skinned gals, I'm sure there's another color that would suit you). I put this on this morning and it stayed put and fresh-looking for hours (until I had to eat some brownies). At $14, it's not drugstore prices, but it's under what you'd pay at a department store and is really high quality. We'll see how deep my love of this runs when it comes time for me to replace it, but for now - I'm sold!

Sultana says: Anyone that has read my previous posts knows that I am all about lipstick/lipgloss/lip balm! I believe every woman, no matter what skin color; should have a signature red lipstick. This shade is just that for me. When I want a rich, silky, knock out red then I wear this lipstick. Let me elaborate on the price a bit. So its $14 but in this case you may not necessarily be paying for a name, but you are paying for quality and also a good cause. Ive found Motives cosmetics to be extremely good quality. You can just tell by the way the case is.

When you order from Motives thru, you get cash back thats good towards other purchases. No, you dont have to sell anything! You just have to create an account!

If there is one thing you try from Motives, let this lipstick be it. You will love the color and you will feel good about spending a little extra to give back to a great cause.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Review- Whish Sugar Scrub

Renew and polish your skin with Three Whishes Sugar Scrub. A unique combination of brown sugar, raspberry seeds, bamboo powder, and organic sugar cane extract combine to create a very pleasant experience. This combination is extremely effective in removing dead skin cells while polishing and refining the new skin that is left showing. Your skin will glow and feel renewed after just one use!

Being that I'm not rolling around in the sand at the beach all summer, nor am I doing anything extra to get that perfect sun-kissed tan, this Whish Sugar Scrub is definitely making up for my lack of a glow! After just one use, I noticed right away that my skin looked so much brighter and clearer, and now I remember what my dull looking skin looked like before the scrub. I tried this all organic and natural sugar scrub in Lavender and the scent was absolutely swoon worthy! There's no skimping here on scent, quality or effectiveness. The consistency is really nice thick and rich, and the sugar granules contained aren't too fine nor too coarse, just the right amount exfoliation needed to get gorgeous glowing skin and fast. The best part to me is that the scrub holds up really well, it's not slippery nor drippy, but deeply moisturizing and makes my skin much silkier by far. I figure since we can't beat this heat, well, might as well join it and show some skin that looks and feels just as bright and glistening in this very hot summery heat. This Whish Sugar Scrub is a real go in my opinion!