Monday, August 1, 2011

NYC City Mono Eyeshadow in 5th Avenue

The N.Y.C City Mono Eye Shadow is a range of single coloured eye shadows that provide a matte like finish on the eye lid resulting in a long lasting, smooth and vibrant colouring.

First of all: why can't I find anywhere in America to buy this online? I keep getting Lloyd's Pharmacy (or is it chemist) and In any event, this is another surprisingly great product from the inexpensive New York Color (NYC) line. The single version of the City Duet, the City Mono is one color-packed little shadow with a matte finish. Like its doubled-up sister shadow, the Mono provides great pigment and staying power for a low price - it's a great option for trying out a color you're not sure about. This chartreuse is called "5th Avenue" for some reason, probably is the color of money? And people who live on 5th Avenue are rich? Or maybe because all of the rest of us are green with envy that they live on 5th Avenue? In any event, the color is a bright key lime green (the picture above does it no justice) and would be great as a lid color with a deep green crease on a night out on the town. Well worth trying!

Trish says: Oh NYC Color, I do love you and root for you always...but this Mono Eyeshadow didn't quite do it for me...I tried the shade in a light/medium brown #906 and could barely see it on..I love all kinds of brown eye-shadows and am rarely let down by any of them, but maybe for my medium skin tone, this particular shade wasn't dark enough. From what I could see, it seemed light and silky with little glimmers of sparkle to it, but not much more pigment was there to detect. If you like brown eye-shadows, but need or want a richer and deeper pigment, this one may not show up as it happened for me. However, because of the softness, I'd possibly try a different shade next time!

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