Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Review - MBeze Sweet Sanura Body Mist

- Sanura – a female Egyptian name meaning “kitten” -
Kittens beware! Men will be intoxicated in your presence when you wear this scent! Sweet orange essential oil blended with Egyptian musk gives this scent its very exotic appeal. Give yourself a refreshing spritz anytime throughout the day with this non-drying, lightly scented body mist. Made with natural and organic ingredients. Not tested on animals.

I have never heard of MBeze (pronounced Embeez) before. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this is a eco-friendly company with a lot of variety of product. Sweet Sanura is a very exotic scent. So exotic, that you need to be prepared for people asking what you are wearing constantly! The scent itself is odd, but not odd in a bad way. In the beginning when I first sprayed it on, I didn't think I liked the smell. After a few minutes, the smell changed. It got a little sweeter and I loved it! Sanura is a great name to describe this scent. It will make you want to Purrrrr like a kitten!
A big plus for me about this company is that they make a variety of scents and for each scent they have the matching oil, deodorant and perfume. The price for the mist is $12 which is a little on the high side, but you can use this as an air refresher as well as for linens. So its multi-functional. Also, the company is super green and they don't test on animals. Check out how green they are here

I really like this company and I am curious to try their other scents. In addition, they offer trial sizes that you can purchase from their site so you can test the scents out! Super cute idea!

Melissa says: I received Cruizee which is a mix of cucumber, jasmine and mint tea. It's just as refreshing as drinking a cold glass of water with cucumber in it and the mellow feel of jasmine. The scent is refreshing and I can smell all of the ingredients. It's light, and a good pick me up too! In the Summer, I kept in the in the fridge and sprayed away! I used it a couple times a week and can't wait to check out all of the scents. I agree that it can be used as a refresh for linens and clothes because it's a universal warm and inviting scent.

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