Monday, August 29, 2011

Review - Sally Hansen Vita A Lip Care

This vitamin powered lip treatment is customized to fit your lips' specific need for line-smoothing care.

I am sure most of you have determined I am a certified lunatic when reading my other posts about lip balm/lip products! I have very full lips, so its not an option to have them chapped, ever! I pride myself on taking good care of my lips. I moisturize every night without fail. Sally Hansen has a few of these lip care products. The one I used is the Vita A infused with Vitamin A for line smooting properties. I used this every night before bed for a week and I have to tell you, my lips feel awesome. It has a very faint pink tint and there really isnt much of a taste. It has a hint of sweetness.

I even used this on my two year old son who's lips get chapped all the time and he picks them until they bleed! His lips also were not as dry after using this for a few days.

Another win Sally! Keep em' coming!

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