Sunday, December 28, 2008

Review- L'Oreal Wear Infinite Eye Shadow Quad

Wear Infinite Quads provide 4 shades that easily blend together, creating the perfect eye look. Each luxuriously designed compact contains crease-proof, fade-resistant, ultra-blendable color with a soft, silky feel.

In case anyone missed me, a few weeks ago the roof and ceiling of my apartment fell in. Yes, it fell in on a day that it was raining, and subsequently, it rained in my kitchen, living room and bathroom. Oh, and when they came to fix it, a nice man's foot came through my hallway ceiling and my roommate could see his sad little leg dangling perilously through the hole. So that was how my November panned out. The reason I'm telling you this is because I have spent the past few weeks in a state of home disarray. No lights in certain rooms, water all over the place, things covered in plastic. Putting on make-up with no mirror and when you have a mirror, improper lighting, can be a nightmare. I had to pare down to the basics. I pulled out this eyeshadow and thought, L'Oreal doesn't seem to ever mess up. All their products are good. So I used this eyeshadow for a week, and no other shadow at all, (I have the color quad 'earthscapes') and of course, it made all the difference. You've gotta love L'Oreal. It went on easily, stayed where it was supposed to, and didn't give me any problems. It also looked great.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Review- Nars Blush

Translucent, natural shades, each with a subtle pink for natural blush undertone, created to highlight the complexion.

I'm not too good with blush honestly, I tend to not be able to get it blended for the life of me and I look like a rag doll. Although the color I have of this Nars blush (Dolce Vita) isn't really right for me (it's too dark) I messed around with it for a while and found that it was super easy to smooth on and didn't clump or streak all over my cheeks. I'm going to get my proper color and use it because it's one of the few that I am not terrified to leave the house with on my face. If you love using blush, this is well worth it because it is so smooth and nice. It's almost like a cream (but lacks the potential for shiny behavior).

Friday, December 26, 2008

Review- Goody Styling Therapy Reduce Dandruff Brush

If you struggle with dry, flaky scalp or dandruff, this brush is the answer to your fight against flakes. The reduce+dandruff brush discreetly kills 88% of the fungus that causes dandruff. Made from copper, a natural fungicide, ball-tipped bristles are nestled in a flexible cushion pad and gently massage your scalp and hair while reducing excessive oil and dandruff.

Scalp flakes. Ew right? Gross. But a brush that can cure you of this ill? I thought, oh please. I love Hillary so I said, sure, I'll give it a shot, why not? It's a paddle brush and those are my favorite. I gave it a whirl.
But here's something you may not know. I suffer from the horrible auto-immune disaster known as Psoriasis, and although it's about 90% controlled by my diet (I use no medications for it), it still rears its head and embarrasses the heck out of me. I know this brush is for dandruff, but psoriasis can cause the same icky consequences. I really didn't think this brush would do anything at all. But seriously everyone, IT DID. There are noticeably way less scalp issues going on here and if you have flakes, get this brush immediately. It's a good medication free way to help your scalp. Plus, it's an awesome brush, super soft, non damaging and cool looking on top of all that.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas! Happy Hannukah! Happy Kwanzaa! Or any other Holiday You celebrate!

Dear Reader,
If you celebrate Christmas, let all of us here @ Beautifile wish you the merriest of days today! Joy to the World & Peace on Earth! Also, Happy Hannukah & Happy Kwanzaa (tomorrow). We are greatful to you for reading our blog and we hope you continue to enjoy what we present to you!
All the best,
Hillary, Amanda, Movie Maven, Joyce, Cityslicker, Maria, Deedlejuse and Sheba

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Review- Aveda Dry Remedy Conditioner

It uses Aveda's patent-pending Deep-Moisture complex that penetrates hair to deliver lasting, intense moisture, powered by buriti oil, pomegranate and palm-derived conditioners. The Conditioner has a relaxing floral aroma blend with certified organic palmarosa, ylang ylang and rose geranium, plus a hint of vanilla.

I love Aveda and am always writing up glowing reviews of their products here on Beautifile, but I have to admit, I really am feeling pretty so-so about this supposedly super powered conditioner. I didn't notice any difference, even after 5 washes, in the strength or softness of my hair and the damage was pretty much the same. That said, I have two bottles of shampoo and condition from Aveda of another type that I am trying out now, and I feel differently about those (you'll be seeing those reviews in a week or so), but this one? It sort of fell flat.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Review - Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara

The number 1 mascara. Conditions as it thickens. All-day wear. No clumps, globs or smudges. Lash building brush. Contact lens safe. Hypoallergenic. Lash-coupling waterproof formula glides on smooth to build great-looking smudge-proof lashes. Lash-building brush makes it easy to get a full lash look.

I have worn many, many mascaras in my day. I am young (24), but I would say I have probably tried at least that number worth of mascaras. I'm just curious, you know? So when I received Great Lash Waterproof Mascara by Maybelline I sort of laughed, in all honestly most of the mascaras I have purchased retail for at least $20. My favorite being closer to $30..... Of course times are hard, and spending that much on mascara seems ridiculous now.
I'll be honest this mascara does not really compare to those insanely expensive companies, but for a very inexpensive mascara it rocks! You will need to use a curler as well because it does not include any kind of curling agent, but it stays put, even when it gets wet. Your lashes are really thicker, and with extended use it seems that they actually look thicker without anything on. While it isn't my first pick for mascara, it is without a doubt a tried and true standard that does it's job and will work in a pinch!

Sheba says: This is a go-to mascara. I am a mascara person -- love mascara. For the price you cannot beat almost any Maybelline Mascara - they know what they are doing in most of their eye products. This is a great day mascara but then when you go out at night you just need to add another coat or two. I always use my eyelash brush to separate lashes and to pull out any little clumps that appear. The clumps appear in some of the most expensive mascaras also. The brush is a true necessity to me. You can build this mascara up as little or as much as you want. I love that I can get two of three of these for the price of some of the very expensive ones that either work the same or not as well as this little gem. I find it easy to remove and I do not find smudges, etc. when wearing this. A wink (with great eyelashes) to Maybelline!

Review - Smooth 'n Shine Straighten Polish

  • Silk & Exotic Oils Protect & Shine.
  • It is all about Silk.
  • Silk n Sleek Straightening Polish with silk amino acids and essential oils.

  • My dear friends, I'm just going to cut to the chase here, this stuff is $3.99 (click on the header of this post to see for yourself). Yes, hello, $3.99. In a bad economy, and in a world with bad damaged fuzzed out horrible hair, let's discuss this $3.99 stuff called Smooth 'n Shine Straightening Polish. Sure, the name is a little cheesy and whatever, but it works. If you want something cheap (and a bottle that seems like it will last until 2020) then buy THIS. If you hadn't noticed, I've spent the last month or so trying a bunch of straightening and smoothing serums and creams, and this stuff definitely works to get your hair shiny and smooth. A few times I used it and wasn't entirely pleased, but this may have been my own fault, putting too little in, not running it through my hair well enough, that sort of thing. But overall, I'm pleased, and for the price, no one can complain.

    Review- Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick

    Active power of a lip balm provides deep moisturization for voluptuous lips drenched in color. 56 sumptuous shades across every shade family to complement all skin tones Non-feathering and non-bleeding; SPF 15 protection – Under $10

    This lipstick glides on, stays on pretty darn good, really doesn’t bleed or feather, is totally creamy, and scented like watermelon (yum). I got Royal Red. Not only have I received compliments from my gal pals when I wear it, but I think Maybelline should rename it Love Potion Red. I know guys are drawn to red-tinted lips, but really! And during a season when mistletoe abounds!!!

    Sunday, December 21, 2008

    20% off all PureGloss @ Jane Iredale

    20% off all PureGloss on
    Mary Louise Parker bought this shade!

    Use promo code INSTYLE09 from December 19th to January 31st to receive 20% off all PureGloss (with the exception of In the Pink.)

    25% off @ Suresh Beauty

    Make-up pro, Suresh Seneviratne created looks for the fashion industry—runway, fashion editorials and advertising campaigns— before launching his own beauty collection.

    Use promo code INSTYLE09 from December 19th to January 31st to receive 25% off all purchases.

    25% off @ Paula Dorf Cosmetics

    25% off all purchases on
    Celeb fans of this makeup artist include Jennifer Love Hewitt, Renee Zellweger and Debra Messing.

    Use promo code INSTYLE09 from December 19th to January 31st to receive 25% off all purchases.

    Review- Cutler Straightening Cream

    A straightening cream formulated to gently relax, smooth, and straighten hair without weighing it down, controlling flyaways and adding shine.

    I did a not so scientific experience here with the Cutler Straightening Cream. I started to wonder, you know, my hair looks pretty awesome after I straighten it even without a heap of products, so how will I really know how awesome something is if it is being applied on something with an original touch of it's own 'awesome-ness'? So here's what I did. I used the straightening cream as I assumed I should, putting it in my hair when it was wet before heat styling. The outcome: pretty good, smooth hair, nice and shiny, smelled great. Then I did the big test, I put it in my damp hair and just left it... that's right. I combed it through and walked away from the mirror until my hair was bone dry. You know what? It really did help. Normally when I air dry my hair, it has an essence of fuzz and weird kinky spots in the back that look dull, but everything had a nice laid out smoothness to it that I could really appreciate. Ok, I'm not going to win a Nobel Prize for this experiment but if you try this stuff you'll feel more awesome than usual, I promise.

    Review- Biosilk Thermal Shield

    The advanced formula utilizes silk and other protecting ingredients to help shield hair from thermal damage from the hottest flat and curling irons, while giving long lasting styling results with ultimate shine.

    I really beat the you-know-what out of my hair. Although I've tried to cut back on heat styling (I'm addicted to the flat iron in a serious way) I still cave in on humid days and fry my hair with everything I can to beat it into submission. I've tried a lot of these protective products, a few I've reviewed on here after trying a few times, but I decided to really test this one out on the long term. I used the Thermal Shield through over 15 hair torturing experiences to see what, if anything, I had to show for it that differed in any way from the usual products. I have to say, other than a nice smell and an ease in applying, the Biosilk Thermal Shield really did seem to make a difference. I'd noticed recently that especially in the winter months of blasting indoor heating, my hair would get a little dried out even when I didn't use any heat styling things. After using this product religiously for 15 washes (and tortures I guess you'd call them), even after dying my hair and THEN immediately ironing it, it really did make a difference. My hair was notably shinier and smoother. It wasn't a miracle, but let's face it, nothing is. But for the price (under $13) it was well worth it. It battled my usual Infusium leave in conditioner and it won hands down.

    Thursday, December 18, 2008

    Review - Mineral Essence - ME Sheer Lip Colour

    "Indulge your lips in the luxury and richness they’ve been thirsting for with Mineral Essence Sheer Lip Colour. The silky smooth Sheer lip colour contains aroma-therapeutic properties to uplift your mood and rejuvenate your spirit as you wear it throughout the day. Enriched with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, ME Lip Color nurtures lips and offers long-lasting color in a smudge-proof, cake-proof formula for beautiful luscious results every time." $16.00

    I have been wearing Rum Runner which is a shade that seems to go with most any complexion. It just goes on so nice and silky and stays on for longer than most lipsticks do. I have mentioned before that I am extremely rough on any lip products. However, this one seems to have some real staying power. I am also a mixer. When I mix this shade -- I want this one on my lips first as it feels so nice and silky soft. Then I might add a frost or a white, etc. This is going to last me a long time. I apply it less frequently as it does stay on. Yet, I have been using it for several weeks and there is barely a dent in it. You get your money's worth. Take a peek at the shades that are available and you will find several you will want to try. It is difficult to select just one.

    Review- Mineral Essence Creme Lip Colour

    "The silky smooth Creme lip colour contains aroma-therapeutic properties to uplift your mood and rejuvenate your spirit as you wear it throughout the day. Enriched with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, ME Lip Colour nurtures lips and offers long-lasting color in a smudge-proof, cake-proof formula for beautiful, luscious results every time." $16

    Though this lipstick went on like silk, the Caramel shade I received was so not for me; I couldn’t keep it on to see how it performed. I thought of one friend who has platinum hair, blue eyes, and ivory skin. She put it on, commented on the silky texture, and it was gorgeous on her. We went to dinner. Even after she ate and drank, it was still on as though she’d just applied it. Find your right shade. This one’s a keeper.

    Tuesday, December 16, 2008

    Review - Aromaleigh Cosmetics

    In 2004, I began my foray into mineral makeup. Having seen enough late night infomercials on them, I had to see what all the fuss was about. So began a long, long, journey of sampling, loving, hating, trading, reviewing, etc. about a gajillion lines of mineral makeup. I think new mineral makeup companies were popping up every day and I probably sampled most of them -- but one company has stood the test of time and has always proven to be my favorite and probably one of the best if not THE best company for all things mineral, girlie, pretty, classic, fun, etc - and that is Aromaleigh. To browse around the website is to end up wanting everything that Kristen (founder and creator) puts out there. This review comes on the heels of my trying her latest line of "eye plush" eyeshadows. They are whispers of beautiful eye colors that are understated and gorgeous on the eyes - not chunky glittery or in your face - just lovely colors. Silk Stockings is my new love. The blushes are so pretty - from the gorgeous Verve - a perfect peachy-pink-red, to my latest find - Dolly (from the "You're A Doll" collection - oh man this color is gorgeous). There are shimmers and glimmers and highlighters (oh my!), flaw diffusers, eyeliners, concealers, aromatics, you name it - Aromaleigh has it ALL - from uber hip collections like "Rocks" to classic collections, Aromaleigh has something for everyone in every age bracket. Oh, and their lip balms and glosses are to DIE for. The mineral makeup itself is very popular - Glissade for dryer skins, Voile for more normal to oily skins - and there's a color match for everyone in there, trust me. Top all of this incredible line off with a forum full of helpful consierges who although have heard every question before, are always helpful and kind to the newbies, to the incredible "face of the day" looks that feature amazing combos of all Aromaleigh colors. I have forgone any mineral company I've tried before and now will only use Aromaleigh. It's THAT good. You can sample to your heart's content at very minimal cost if you don't want to take the full-size plunge. But be warned - you'll want the full size! Great company...give it a swirl......

    Review - Smashbox O-Gloss

    Get a shiny pink pout all your own! The first intuitive lip gloss, this innovative silky formula goes on clear and then reacts with your personal skin chemistry to instantly transform into your own custom shade of pink. O-GLOSS is packed with our exclusive microcirculating Goji Berry-C Complex™ and ginkgo biloba, pomegranate seed antioxidants, revitalizing marine botanicals and moisturizing avocado oil for lustrous shine. Also try our best-selling, award-winning O-GLOW that turns cheeks the shade you blush naturally!

    I'm going to be honest, I didn't know until just a few minutes ago how cool and different this lip gloss actually is. I got a sample, and it doesn't tell you anything about the product. I should have looked it up, but I didn't. Actually I feel like I was tricked! My mouth was actually pink when I thought it was just shiny! That could have been a disaster with the wrong outfit.... But in all seriousness it does change shades. This morning its a dusty-rosey type shade, the last time I'm pretty sure it was a bit paler, so it's kinda like mood lip gloss. You all remember those rings you got when you were younger, or the green lipsticks that change into the most unattractive colors... This is not that bad obviously, but I'm gonna have to say I probably wouldn't repurchase. The gloss just isn't that nice. It is very sticky and thick, and doesn't stay on for very long. In fact you have to reapply every few minutes. Usually I love things from Smashbox, but I'm just not quite in love. I might have to pick up some of the blush though, just to see what color I blush naturally!

    Biosilk Treat Silk Filler

    BioSilk Treat’s silk-based treatments work to revitalize hair back to its original condition. Silk proteins penetrate and strengthen strands from the inside out.

    I didn’t find a price listed on the BioSilk Web page, but an Internet search showed a listing for $9.99. As far as I’m concerned, it’s worth every penny. This product has definitely improved my dried-out hair from monthly OTC hair coloring. The shine is there when I use this product. It says to mist it generously on towel-dried hair. I’m usually cautious about “generous” because of my thin, fine hair, but I have no hesitation using this product as recommended. It does not leave my hair flat. I don’t go overboard, but I don’t hold back when I spritz. I do one thing differently though, I spritz it on and then wrap the towel around my hair and let the towel absorb most of the moisture before I do anything else such as air or blow dry. I’ve been hearing how good my hair looks these days. And when new guy runs his fingers and hands through it, I can feel how silky it is.

    Sunday, December 14, 2008

    Review - Avene Innovation Eluage HAF Retinaldehyde Firming Gel

    "Visibly reduces the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles, Hypoallergenic, Non Comedogenic
    Properties: For maximum precision and efficacy against deep lines and wrinkles, Avene Dermatological Laboratories have developed Eulage Firming gel formulated with a patented combination of powerful ingredients: Retinaldehyce and H.A.F. (Exclusive Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid). Eulage Firming gel is clinically proven effective to reduce the visible signs of aging such as deep lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness. You will notice an instant smoothing effect upon use. In just days, the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles will be minimized, leaving your skin clear and radiant. Eulage Firming gel is non - oily and easy to use. It is peach tinted and slightly fragranced." $39.00

    This Avene Innovation Eluage HAF Retinaldehyde Firming Gel along with Avene Innovation Eluage Retinaldehyde Cream are one incredible team. They are like a pair of super products doing battle with the lines, wrinkles, looseness, etc of my skin. They seem to be winning!! They accomplish a lot more than some of the very expensive products I have purchased that did very little while these only cost a fraction of the others. There is definitely a smoothing of the skin and a firming of the little saggy sections while the appearance of lines and wrinkles is definitely diminished. Actually I tried each on their own and each did an excellent job so then I said let's see what they can do together. I am most satisfied with the improvements I see. They do mention a light fragrance and it is so light it did not bother me at all. I am very fussy about scents so close to my nose and these products did not cause any probelem. These are on my Holiday list and I have my fingers crossed that I might receive them. Once you try them -- they will be on your lists also.

    Saturday, December 13, 2008

    Review - L'Oreal Studio Line Smoothness Smoothing Cream Glossing Cream, Smoothing

    "Silky Shine Effect Calms Frizz Identity Crisis: You just want something quick and smooth to tame your rebellious hair without all the weight and greasiness of a traditional smoothing product. Behavior Change: Get with it! Start using a product that instantly gives you the control you crave. Studio Smoothness Smoothing Cream makes control easy, instantly calming even coarse and rebellious hair, while locking in glossy shine. Glycerin and a smoothing silicone combine for perfectly silky smoothness without weighing down your hair." $4.99

    L'Oreal and their Studio Line have some products that really do agree with my hair and at very reasonable costs. This L'Oreal Studio Line Smoothness Smoothing Cream Glossing Cream is just another example of a great product at an everyday price. Use only a tiny amount when applying to your damp hair. I usually let my hair dry on its own unless I am in a real rush. I go about styling, etc. after it is dry. When I apply this product my hair is under control with no frizzies and a very nice shine to it. Of course, it is smooth as the frizzies are gone. . . and I have been caught in some real humidity with this in my hair -- and it behaved!! You can't go wrong for the money. This will last quite a while as you really don't need that much to get the job done!!

    Review - Avene Innovation Eluage Retinaldehyde Cream

    "Visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles, H.A.F. + Retinaldehyde Cream, Hypoallergenic, Non Comedogenic. Properties: For maximum precision and efficacy against deep lines and wrinkles, Avene Dermatological Laboratories have developed Eluage Cream, formulated with a patented combination of powerful ingredients: Retinaldehyde: Through an exclusive and patented technology, provides a clinically proven effective form of vitamin A to minimize the visible signs of aging without irritation. H.A.F. (Exclusive Fragmented Hyaluronic Acid): Enhanced by the Retinaldehyde, to visibly reduce the signs of the skin aging such as lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness. With daily use, skin is firmed, the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles are diminished, leaving your skin smoothed, revitalized and radiant. Your face is visibly younger looking. The creamy and rich texture of Eulage Cream will bring an immediate comfort to the skin. Eluage cream is peach tinted and slightly fragranced." $36.00

    I am loving this Avene Innovation Eluage Retinaldehyde Cream as it really performs!! It costs much less than some of the other products I have found to work about the same as this one. Guess which one I will be purchasing -- you cannot go wrong for the price. I have some pretty deep lines the usual places -- the deepest is from the nose to the corner of the mouth. After using this for about 6 or 7 days I did notice that those lines do appear to be diminished!! My skin feels a bit tighter and I am pretty sure some of the looser skin around the jawline is firmer and less noticeable. I have had a few comments about looking especially nice -- perhaps a gentle way of saying -- you seem to have less wrinkles. Hey, I'll take the complements -- I do feel like I look better while using this and so I will be continuing with this regime. I believe your face will thank you when you use this -- mine is definitely feeling a lot better with the appearance of less lines and a reduction in the appearance of the larger lines!!

    Friday, December 12, 2008

    Review- Eyeslices Eye Treatment Pads

    eyeSlices® are innovative eye treatment pads that combine the natural essence of nature with bio-innovation to bring about an all-in-one solution to all common eye concerns. eyeSlices® is a global first in cryogel polymer technology. eyeSlices® dermal delivery eye masks reduce the appearance of red eyes, dark circles under eyes, tired eyes, wrinkles and puffy eyes within 5 minutes of use. eyeSlices® professional spa and in-home anti-aging eye skin treatments lock in moisture and are unique in that they provide an instant cooling sensation without a fridge and are re-usable!

    If you suffer from puffy eyes in the morning, eyeslices are your dream come true. You can use the slices anywhere from 5-20 minutes so I use them for 10. In that 10 minutes, all signs of inflammation are eliminated as is the reddness. I can't say how well they do away with dark circles as I beleive you'd have to use them over time to diminish dark circles. You might think "Why would I want to stray from my old stand-by of a gel mask and Preparation H?" Well I have a very good reason to give you- safety. Preparation H has not been approved for use around the eye. However eyeslices contain the active ingredient in Preparation H, but in a well tested format. When given the option between a product never meant to be around the eyes and something with the same active ingredient specifically designed to deliver the desired result, I think the choice is a no brainer! They feel really good on the eyes (especially refrigerated) and leave the skin nicely moisturized. It contains Pentavitin whose "composition is very similar to that of the natural carbohydrate fraction found in the stratum corneum of the human skin". I have thought of one group of people who should have eyeslices in there arsenal "just in case"- brides. This is a quick fix to puffy eyes and the results last all day. Think of it as a $20 insurance policy.

    There is a potential down side- the price. eyeslices are $20 for the initial kit with storage containers and $15 for refills. This isn't too bad if you intend to use them often (each eyeslice lasts up to 10 uses and they should be disposed of 2 weeks after opening) but how often you have puffy eyes totally determines whether these are a good "deal" or not. Don't get me wrong, I think they are really good and do what they are supposed to do exceptionally well, but the clock is ticking on my pair and I've only needed to use them twice in the last week and a half. See my point? If you have an important day coming up where you want to look your best, I suggest ordering a pair of eyeslices and keeping them around. It's just one more way you can ensure you look your best on special days.

    Thursday, December 11, 2008

    Review- Barielle Clearly Noticeable Nail Thickener

    "For Thin, Weak Nails
    A clear, quick-drying nail builder that instantly thickens nails up to 50% of their natural thickness in just one coat. Helps heal cracked, split, or peeling nails with vitamins and proteins. Formulated for use over bare or polished nails to thicken and encourage growth.
    Dibutyl-Phthalate, Toluene and Formaldehyde Free
    Against Animal Testing
    Made in the U.S.A." $16

    I didn't initially think it was possible for a paint on product to make nails noticeably thicker, but once again, my skeptics view was overturned. This product has made my nails considerably harder; even my softest nail won't budge. I've been using this over a nail fortifying base coat (although the instructions say you can use it alone) and it has really protected my nails. You can also use it over polish, but I have a knack for getting my polish in my topcoat (some of you know what I'm talking about), so I'm using this on bare nails only for now because this one is a keeper.

    Joyce says: I agree with Hillary about this product. I felt the difference the first time I used it. Barielle has been around for a long time with a good reputation. For those who don’t know the history, it started as a product used on horse hooves. Women, especially, took note of how their nails improved when they used it to condition hooves and make them strong. The rest, as is said, is history. If you want strong nails, the price of this compared to fake nails and fill-ins is something to consider.

    Review- Nars Eyeshadow

    "Longwearing, crease resistant color in sheer wearable formulas. All NARS eyeshadows can be applied sheer or layered for a more dramatic effect. These richly pigmented powders blend effortlessly and can also be used wet for precisely lining the eyes.
    Richly pigmented powders
    Effortless blending
    Multifunction: use as eyeshadow, eyeliner and on eyebrows" $22

    If I had to make only one statement about this product (and to make only one would be hard), it would be "Nars Eyeshadow stays on until you take it off". That may not sound like such an important statement, but when a shadow stays on for as long as you want it to, you've got something worth it's money. The color I've got is Fez. It is a slightly shimmery bronze/ chocolate brown (a dark bronze if you will). It looks more metallic in the pan than it comes out on the eye. It is the perfect color for shading creases (as the nice make-up artist at the Nars counter showed me). I wear it with yellow on the top of my lid and Fez on the bottom. The other day when I was wearing this combo, someone in my class said my make-up looked like it was done professionally. I truly believe the Nars shadow is to thank.

    Free Sample & Shipping- Bebefit Her Glossiness w/ $30 purchase

    • Free Her Glossiness in any shade with a $30 order. Add your choice of shade to your cart and use code: PUCKERUP
    • Free Shipping over $25, code DECEMBER ends 12/31
    • 2 free samples with every order
    • Save $10 on any order of $50 or more with promo code: BEAUTY10
    • Save $25 on any order of $100 or more with promo code: BEAUTY25

    Money off expires 12/15.

    Free Sample- Free Subscription to Marie Claire

    Free 1 year subscription to Marie Claire Magazine

    • Select up to 3 COMPLIMENTARY magazines of your choice from hundreds of top business and technology magazines.
    • No purchase necessary.
    • No credit card required.
    • No strings attached.
    • Simplified for you in one easy, single order process.
    • Quantities are limited, so act now!

    Review - Biosilk Silk Therapy

    Ideal for all hair types. Leave in replenishing & reconstructing treatment. Bonds & strengthens the hair inside & outside. Fills any voids on cuticle layer. Repairs split ends. Protects (Heat, UV, cold, pollution)

    If your a regular reader, or are just looking up these awesome Biosilk products you will notice that my review for the Biosilk Shampoo and Conditioner combo mentioned the fact that they are not my favorite without this Silk Therapy. I absolutely adore it, and I think that unless your willing to invest in all three together, don't bother with just the shampoo and conditioner. Well, no, I probably shouldn't say that, they really are nice by themselvs....but you have to try this stuff! You will go through the shampoo and contitioner much quicker than the Silk Therapy, so you'll only need to invest every couple of months. You only need a little drop, so the container will last you forever. I have had mine almost a month and it still hasn't gone under the neck of the bottle. The serum leaves your hair feeling amazing. Smooth as silk and very healthy. It isn't sticky and won't wear your hair down. You'll notice over time that it really does seem to repair hair folicals and split ends. I love this stuff, and will definitely be re-purchasing, if I ever need to!

    Wednesday, December 10, 2008

    Review - Biosilk Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner

    Vitamin B and humectants to moisturize and smooth frizz prone hair. Contains silk proteins to condition the hair shaft and leave hair shiny and healthy.

    In the humid months, I have a terrible time with frizzed out hair. It's been raining pretty steadily here in New York City for the past week, and my frizz has been especially bad, it looks like I have a halo of fuzz around my roots. Not pretty. I used this conditioner yesterday morning, amidst a torrential downpour in Brooklyn, and walked around outside for about 2 hours. To my surprise, I came home without a fluff or frizz in sight.
    I generally, to be honest, haven't got a lot of faith in anti-frizz products because most of them have let me down. But this one held up. It smells nice, comes in a cool looking bottle, and there's A LOT unlike some brands that come in teeny bottles and have large prices.

    CitySlicker Says:
    You don’t know how many times I have walked by these in my Salon. I don't know why I have never stopped and picked them up. I am sorry I didn’t, I have been using these just shy of a week and so far so good. I haven’t noticed any build up in my hair or them weighing it down. The scents are light and pretty, nothing overwhelming. The shampoo rinses with ease and the conditioner is nice and thick, I leave that one on about 5-10 minutes while showering. I think the biggest difference I have noticed since using these is my flyways. I have a short bob with bangs and always notice frizzies in my part. They have calmed down tremendously and that is a GREAT thing... I am very pleased with the performance so far and feel like my hair is stronger too. One other thing, I do color my hair and these don’t strip or feel harsh in any way so call your peeps that don’t rock your own color no worries on that front!

    Deedlejuse says:
    My review is a little bit less solid on this Shampoo/Conditioner combo, but only because I need to plug their Silk Therapy after product (which I will review later). There is no doubt about the anti-frizz aspects of this duo, and how wonderful it smells, and really just how lovely my hair looks after I use it and it dries. But... I don't like the feeling of my hair while wet after I use this combo. It just feels kind of dried out, of course that is only when I use it without the Silk Therapy, and completely goes away after it is dried. My hair is died blond, and so soaks up moisture like a sponge, so I think I just need the extra moisture of the Silk Therapy. This is a good solid product though, and I would definitely say you will be very happy with the results.

    Sheba says: I bought myself a huge bottle of the conditioner on clearance at a local Home Goods and am in love with it. First, I was attracted to the clearance price but the product has swayed me completely. It is as good as everyone has mentioned. My hair is thin and has no body -- yet, it usually has frizzies in the rain and/or humidity. This conditioner really left the hair feeling soft and silky -- yet with a feel of more body/texture. My hair was easy to work with and style after this conditioner and it actually remained frizzless out in the rain!!! I think I am going to have to spend a little more in the future as I will not be lucky enough to find this treasure on clearance that often. I will still look for it on clearance, however, I am prepared to dig a little deeper as it is worth it.

    Review - Naked Cosmetics Eyeshadow

    Naked Cosmetics are basically very high quality all natural cosmetics that are non-allergenic and apparently are nothing but oxidized mica. I don't know how exactly that is possible looking at all the colors, but obviously I am not a chemist, so I won't argue. I will just be happy that I have this awesome shadow! The color I tested is called SN-01, and it is a beautiful iridescent pink with purple undertones. I used it as a brightening all-over shadow, but it was especially useful in highlighting the eyebrow. When I applied it a little heavier by itself it looked nice and stayed for hours, but was a little pale for my complexion. My skin is very light, and I am blond so the shade was really pretty as a light dusting, I actually also tried it on some friends with darker skin tones and it looked beautiful. This tone would look awesome on any complexion. This shadow will stay in my daily-use make-up bag until it is gone! Love it!

    CitySlicker Says: The color I got is from the Sierra Nevada collection in SN-05.. It's a gorgeous deep golden brown.. When I see this I think this is what Kim Kardashian wears, she always has the most beautiful deep brown hues that sparkle in the light. My skin tone is pale and my eyes are hazel. I found that I would apply a light swipe on my lids or in the crease or layer for a more dramatic look, the color has a lot of sparkle but it's not teeny bopper, it's definitely a cut above. This goes on so light and airy that Naked Cosmetics is the perfect name. I have been wearing this off and on for a couple of weeks. I do think that it stays on throughout the day with a little wear. It is easy to layer at the end of the day too, so if I am going out I can pop some more on and it never looks Tammy Faye Bakerish, it looks fresh and new. I have also worn as a liner with a damp brush for a more defined look. I did notice with that by the end of the day the oil from my skin did not keep it in the sharp line. The color melted into my lid and the intensity diminished but it was still pretty. There are a plethora of colors to choose from so there is a color for everyone out there and I am betting that the lighter colors could be used on the lips with a clear gloss for a little bit of drama.

    Amanda S. Says: I didn't think that such a heavy and dark eye shadow would work with my super light colored eyes, but wow, this stuff is really easy to use and looked great. Instead of creasing and getting all weird and smudgy (I have major issues with eye shadows sort of flaking off on me or not blending very well, maybe I have weird eyelids???) but wow, it smoothed on super easy and didn't take over my entire eye area or smudge when I inevitably rubbed my eyes in weariness at work. I will definitely buy more of this because I have such eyeshadow nightmares that I need something awesome to use to cheer myself up.

    Joyce says: I tried Champagne (SN-02). Though this product definitely has a smooth texture and goes on easily so thin eye tissue isn’t pulled, I found it was just a bit too glittery for my comfort level . . . or, perhaps, it’s more a matter of preferring matte finishes on my skin. Skin tone does have to be heeded the longer we’re on the planet; and maybe it’s more about my wanting to be viewed a certain way. I tend to identify sparkly cosmetics as more appropriate for those in their 30s and younger. All that inner revelation aside, the texture and stay-on qualities say, “Go for it!”

    Tuesday, December 9, 2008

    Review - Cutler Fly-Away Stick

    Controls Frizz & Static. Creates Smoothness & Shine.

    Cutler Fly-Away Stick contains Tourmaline, the latest innovative ingredient to combat frizziness and static. A special blend of conditioning agents including shea butter, pistachio oil, coconut oil, castor oil and sunflower seed oil create smooth and shiny hair. Eucalyptus extract also protects the hair and brings back lost shine.

    Who in the winter doesn't have an issue with frizzy-staticy hair? Fly-aways and just generally weird looking hair is just something I deal with in the winter, so when I was given this Cutler Fly-Away Stick I was excited and hopeful. I was not dissapointed, this stick is awesome for a number of reasons. First off the product itself really works. It isn't as waxy as a wax, which is really nice for me because I don't like my hair feeling stiff. The stick is actually kind of like a firm oil once you warm it in your hand, which makes it totally useable. I prefer my hair to look natural, and not like I'm using a lot of product and this stick acheives that look. I love it! Now, on to other highlights of this product: first of all the stick thing is great, I don't like little pots of serum because for some reason I tend to over-use every time. Not so with this stick, you just rub your palm over it and you can get as much or as little product as you need. For problem areas you can also just rub the stick over your head. The serum doesn't make your hands sticky either, for some reason it just melts in and acts as a moisturizer. Last, but not least, the product itself smells exactly like Curve by Liz Claiborn (a sort of light floral) which I used to wear in high school. Yummy!

    Sunday, December 7, 2008

    Review - Juice Organics Nourishing Cleanser

    "Soaps are drying. For perfectly clean, moist and nourished skin, use our soap-free formula that blends certified organic antioxidant-rich white grape and apple juices with soothing aloe vera, nutrient-rich plant oils and vitamin antioxidants." $9.99

    This is a light cream cleanser that is very easy to work with, the pump makes for simple am & pm use. I have found that the best way for me to use is with a cleansing glove I have. I use one pump and apply to the glove, this way I get the extra benefit of some light exfoliation and it helps me take off my eye makeup too. This is very gentle but does remove my makeup and it doesn't really bother my eyes unless I pop a dollop in one! It rinses quickly and leaves no residue behind. When I am done my face is soft and smooth - this isn't as squeaky clean feeling. The only gripe I have is that my skin can feel a tiny bit dried out and I think this is due to the weather more than the product. I think that for the price of $9.99 you get more than you pay for.. I think this is worth a look especially since it's organic, you really can't go wrong there!

    Review - Zero Frizz Anti Frizz Quick Fix Glistening Mist

    "Zero Frizz Anti Frizz Quick Fix Glistening Mist, For Frizzy Damaged Unruly Hair Zero Frizz Corrective Treatment System. Adds shine anytime." $6.99

    I am a frizz freak.. I hate it with a passion! I hate when I have frizzes at the root most. I keep my hair straight and smooth. I am known to iron & blow dry it on a daily basis. I find that it's really difficult to find a product that stands the test of time. It's clear that when I use new products for a day or two the results are great - time is what really shows if it is something that agrees with me or not. I have been using Zero Frizz for over 2 weeks and I did have to play around with it to find my happy medium. It's got a light scent that isn't overwhelming and it spritzes out in a fine mist. I will recommend that less is more. I have overdone it and had to go to work with a slick doo.. I did a spot spray and there it stayed all day (not pretty). This washes out and doesn't leave any buildup behind. I do notice that it lightly helps tames the unruly frizz, adds shine and really makes my doo look healthy. I have pretty fine hair and really like this so don't shy away if you don't have a thick head of extensions. I recommend this and will continue to spritz my doo till there are no spritzes left!

    Saturday, December 6, 2008

    Review- Pevonia Youth-Renew Caviar Hand & Foot Cream

    - Easily absorbed
    - Potent concentration of actives
    - Repairing, rejuvenating
    - Visible anti-aging results

    I really like this hand cream. It's got a great consistancy and it melts into your skin in no time flat. I've used it on my feet as well, but I prefer a salve on my feet to a cream so this tube has found it's place in my purse. I actually had someone compliment me on my hands the other day and ask what hand cream I use. I told them that I use this one and they seemed impressed with the results. My only problem with this product is that it says it has UV protection, but nowhere on the packaging or the website does it say what level of SPF it is. If it's a 15 or higher I'm ordering a gallon!

    Review - Kevyn Aucoin The Liquid Fountain Pen

    Kevyn Aucoin The Liquid Fountain Pen is a full-to-medium coverage lip gloss pen that creates a mirror-like shine. It also imparts a soft sheen which gives the appearance of fuller lips. $27.00

    I have been a fan of Kevyn's for a long time and totally love this color, it's described as a sheer champagne shimmer. So in order for you to like this, you first have to like the really light pale colors. I do so I am in love with the color. I find that it gives just enough color to be there but not so much that it looks heavy. The shimmer is really pretty too, I think the best description is like a fairy's color, surreal and airy. I am not in love with the pen container; I feel like I get robbed out of product this way, sometimes I over click and get to much so I am wasting it, I wish it just had a wand applicator. It's not too sticky or tacky either but just enough for you to know when you need to apply more. For me this is the perfect winter color. I would rather play up my eyes and leave the lips nude and sheer. I know I complained about the container but I will re-buy based purely on the color and quality of the gloss itself..

    Review - L'Oreal Sublime Sublime Bronze

    A first from L'Oreal Laboratories, Sumblime Bronze ProPerfect Airbrush Self-Tanning Mist gives you professional airbrush tanning results at home $9.99
    I love me a bronze body and even though it's the winter I do have some Christmas things to attend that I don't want to look to ghostly. This is a nice at home product. It's got a light mist, so you don't have to be worried about it spraying out and being to robust to control. It's easy to use and pretty easy to clean up after. I find that applying in the shower it the easiest and best way to control any over sprays. I can do most of the body myself but I do need help with the back side so I volunteer the hubby to help. They do say not to rub but I do give myself a little light pat here and there when I spray too much. The color is natural and bronzy, no orange or serious fake look to the color, it lasts about 3-5 days depending on if you are exfoliating or shaving also. The one thing that isn't all that pleasant is the fragrance. It is chemically but I will put up with it for a bronze body without the sun any day! I also wanted to mention that for the money, this is a great product, I have tried others that are much more and this stands up!

    Review - Nars Lipstick

    A pure, creamy lipstick formula for bold color. $24.00

    I got this in Beautiful Liar and it's described as spiced coral color. I really couldn't say it better myself. I love Nars lippies, I find that they all wear really well, don't dry out the lippies and have great pigment. This is no expectation, it's a shimmery coral color that would suit me much better in the months that I do spray tans as it's a bit too summery for me right now. But all theSouth Beach babes could totally rock this in Dec or Jan. This color goes on smooth, stays smooth and wears till I eat. I do notice a little bit of feathering in the corners but no bleeding anywhere else. I have been a Nars fan for a long time and my favorite lippie of theirs is Sexual Healing! These are worth the $$ and once you try one you will surely go back and rebuy, great quality and always the hottest colors!

    Review - Pevonia DE-AGING BODY BALM

    Seductively rich and creamy, the De-Aging Balm awakens the senses with its delightful aroma and silky texture.

    This product is very rich and thick, perfect for the winter when most of us are parched beyond belief. The scent is a lovely light fruity scent. To me it has a light mango scent - sort of like a fruit salad. I am applying this right after showering to lock in the moisture.. It feels great and does absorb quickly. I am totally hooked on this. My skin is in much better shape since using this as I am moisturized and my skin isn't flaky or tight. This bottle is a little small for a body product weighing in at only 5 oz and once you try this you will want it in a 16oz tub. It is that yummy!

    Review - Kiss My Face Olive/Aloe Natural Moisturizer

    We've blended Olive Oil, used for centuries to care for the skin, and Aloe Vera, long acclaimed as "the healing plant" for its soothing properties, with a rich assortment of herbs & flowers renowned for their benefits to the skin $4.99

    If you are in the market for a no nonsense moisturizer, meaning something that isn't a double duty, this is perfect. It's got a nice emollients that stay with my skin and is very comfortable on. I experience no greasy feeling and it absorbs quickly. My skin looks nourished and plump after use.. This doesn't have an SPF in it to I am loading on the Coola afterwards. I think this is gentle and can be used by people with all kinds of skin types. I think that for me it's a great backup from the heavier moisturizers I am using in the winter months. Really nice product!

    Amanda S. Says: ohhhh Kiss my Face, how do I love thee? I have been a huge fan of this company for years and years and years. You all may already know this, but I'll repeat it for the unintroduced: I am a big animal lover, and flock to products that are cruelty free and environmentally friendly. Ever since I took the plunge to start using cruelty free products, the name Kiss my Face has been in the forefront of this movement, not only because of their ethic, but also because their products are consistently fantastic and of very high quality. Yearly for birthdays and holidays I buy friends their products.

    This moisturizer is no joke either, I confess, it was great getting an extra bottle but I already had this stuff on my desk at work! It's smooth, fast absorbing, lasts forever. I have super dry sensitive skin too, and I have never had a problem with any of their products. (All of which you should try!)

    Joyce says: I love the lightness of this moisturizer and the fact it works, even in winter. I brought it with me when I house-sat for over a week for my friend. It turned bitter cold while I was there, so you know I slathered this product on so often, I used it up . . . after every shower, every time I came in from feeding the outside critters (twice a day), and after the twice-a-day indoor animal feedings (1 big dog, 7 cats). It was the first time I house-sat and didn’t have dry hands (washed often because of tasks) or dry body. Awesome!

    Friday, December 5, 2008

    Review- Frais Hand Sanitizer

    Frais Hand Sanitizer adds luxury to the smart practice of regular hand sanitizing. The 66% high grade eco-friendly sugarcane alcohol kills 99.9% of germs on contact. Les Huit, an elegant mélange of eight natural Australian blended essential oils conjures uplifting thoughts and leaves hands pleasantly moisturized. Frais contains only natural non-toxic ingredients.

    The World Health Organization, CDC and the Mayo Clinic attest that our concentration of ethyl alcohol kills 99.9% of germs encountered in everyday life including influenza, the common cold, tuberculosis, bird flu, MRSA staph and many others.

    Frais Hand sanitizer is recyclable, eco-friendly, cruelty-free and vegan. 1.7 oz. $7

    This is a great example of paying a little more to get a higher quality product. This doesn't smell like any other hand sanitizer I've used. It is fragrant and citrus; if I could wear it as perfume I would. The bottles we got to try were really tiny 0.2 oz. and I initially thought they were made just as samples. But they are sold on the site for $3.50. I balked at first and then I tried the sanitizer. I squeezed out the usual amount I use when I use Purell. It turns out that is like 3 times the amount you need. You need only a pea sized amount to cover your hands front and back. I also have to say my reaction in the first second I had it on was not favorable. I thought "This stuff is going to stick my fingers together." I was totally wrong. It may feel sticky when it first comes out of the container, but it dries as if it was never there, leaving just the scent as a reminder. If you use a lot of hand sanitizer (I only use it when I ride the subway), I recommend investing in this product. It is just so much nicer to use than the average hand sanitizer and the smell olone is enough to make it worth your money. They also have a gift package available of 14 travel (o.2 oz.) sizes for $33.00 which would be great for a health conscious friend who is hard to buy for.

    Sheba says: I second the motion!! First, I adore Citrus -- but it has to work and it cannot dry my skin out. The scent is positively gorgeous -- I would definitely wear it if they made this scent as a cologne. We know it works from all the accolades from the World Health Organization, Mayo Clinic, etc. It leaves your hands feeling like you just put lotion on!!! All others have left my hands feeling clean but dry. Usually the alcohol does the job but dries the skin. I have been using a citrus scented hand sanitizer and I won't mention the name. I would have given it a decent review BEFORE trying this one. The other citrus is not a real citrus and it dries my hands. I thought they had to dry your hands out to work due to the alcohol. Now I have actually tossed the others. I keep one at my desk, the kitchen table and my bag. Those are going to be replaced with these. I do not mind paying a bit more for the quality I am getting. I will not pay more to get what I had been using. Believe me, your hands will love you for using Frais Hand Sanitizer. It is perfect for those times when you do not have access to soap and water. This is the best I have tried and I have tried many! Give your hands a real treat -- you can try the smaller version until you are converted. You will order the large size after your first use with it.

    CitySlicker Says: Can I third the motion? This is a great product. I have been sick for over a week. I have been going to work so this has been a perfect product for me. I have been using it on a daily basis. I have been using the smallest amount and found that since using almost 2 weeks my paws haven't experience any drying. When I use the other brands that are sold at the local drugstores, I have found that with prolonged use my hands start to dry and flake - almost like a chemical burn. My experience with this sanitizer has been wonderful. My hands are not dried out in the least and I feel like I am not passing my germs on to all the innocents that I encounter. You really need only the smallest amount so this little bottle is something that lasts.. I would re buy in a heartbeat.

    Maria says: I have to admit, I was thinking that this hand sanitizer wouldn't be any different from the various hand sanitizers out there - when they first came out at Bath and Body - I scooped a bunch up - but ended up being kind of underwhelmed as I felt my hands may have been sanitized but they were on the dry side. Frais does not do this. At all. And that's what makes it a must buy product. It's in my pocketbook and our IT guy at work has been, as Miranda Priestly would say, "an incubus of viral plague" in the office and he was at my computer trying to fix something the other day hacking all over my keyboard - so not only did I sanitize my hands with it, then I put some on a little tissue and wiped the keyboard down. Not only did my office smell like citrus, but I felt I was better armed at not catching whatever the heck that boy has. I love the ingredients - tangerine, ginger, lemon, grapefruit, etc. - The biggest plus for me is that there is absolutely NO dryness with the Frais. Your hands just feel clean and soft and there's not that weird chemical smell that I have found to be associated with most hand sanitizers. This is definately a repurchase. Love it.

    Deedlejuse says: I again agree with all the ladies above. This hand sanitizer smells like essential oils to me, with ginger being the predominant smell, but it is beautiful and natural, very unlike most hand sanitizers. I am also amazed by the small amount you need for this to actually work. The .2 oz container is really more like a multiple week supply. There was not noticeable drying of my hands from the alcohol in the product, probably because it is less than 50% alcohol if I understood the lable correctly. Go home and check any other hand sanitizer you have, none of them will boast the reliance on essential oils instead of alcohol. Very well done and well thought out product! I'm in love.

    Sheba says: Thanks, Maria. I was hesitant to admit that I use a drop of this on my phone at work after other people use it. One of our truck drivers is a cigar smoker who leaves an awful odor and I cannot even imagine the germs. I had been using those little alcohol wipes before discovering this. Now I am killing the germs, the odor, and enjoying the scent much more than rubbing alcohol. I was so glad to read that someone else uses it similarly. The tiny amount you need for your hands or phone or whatever -- is incredible. Other uses I have discovered are the keyboards to my work and home computers along with doorknobs. I read they are the top places for germs to find a home. So even without a coughing IT person -- I do need to sanitize my keyboards. Another use I have read about and found to work great is -- stainless steel appliances. It removes fingerprints, etc. while leaving them scented wonderfully if you use the Frais Hand Sanitzer. If you use another brand I cannot vouch for it as I won't be using other brands after using this. Frais Hand Sanitizer is so efficient for just a drop!!

    Movie Maven says:
    If you're a regular reader, you may have seen some of my other reviews of hand sanitizers - I don't like them, primarily because I don't actually believe they do anything terribly beneficial. If my hands are dirty, I wash them. Anyway: This predisposition aside, though, if I was in the market for a hand sanitizer, this one would be the one. As most everyone else said, the scent is lovely - citrusy and fresh, and not medicinal like some sanitizers you find. And it really does absorb SUPER fast and leaves your hands nice and dry, not sticky and gross (which is another beef I have with most hand sanitizers). So while I won't start using any hand sanitizer regularly, if I ever suddenly develop a case of germophobia, I will definitely start using Frais!

    Amanda S. Says: I confess to not being a regular hand sanitizer user, mostly because I have a steadfast rule to just wash my hands a fair amount during the day and let the healthy bacteria on my skin naturally destroy the bad stuff, instead of messing with the balance. HOWEVER (and it's a big however), sometimes I do stuff that absolutely required some sort of sterilization of my hands / the kids hands around me (niece in particular) such as - accidentally touching something really gross in a public bathroom, touching yucky pet 'by products' (how do you discuss a litter box without sounding disgusting?) and definitely after holding our pet turtle because they carry salmonella bacteria that will wreak much unwanted havoc on the human digestive tract.
    That said, this stuff is pretty special. It smells totally awesome, not medicine-like or like a doctor's office (which I don't like!). If you're going to use hand sanitizer, spring for the good stuff and use THIS definitely.

    Amanda S. Says: Hillary knows I do not use hand sanitizers unless it's a serious situation (like 10 small children blowing their loses on my sweater all at once, coughing into my face), so I took to the streets with this bottle and tried it out on friends, family and coworkers who normally use these types of products anyway. The overwhelming opinion was that it was wayyyyy less drying to the skin and didn't cause the usual tightness, and it smelled really beautiful and not chemical. None of them contracted any horrible viral issues after use either, so it worked its magic for them!

    Review - Healing Ointment by Aquaphor Ointment (1.75 oz.)

    Aquaphor Ointment Healing Ointment: Daily therapy for cracked, dry skin and minor burns.
    Description: This ointment helps to heal dry and irritated skin. Aquaphor is a favorite among dermatologists whenever severe dryness with chafing and cracking is present. Also works well on abrasions and mild burns.
    Recommended Use: Clean the affected area gently with a mild, non-irritating cleanser. Apply Aquaphor Healing Ointment liberally to the affected area
    $7.00 Usually ships in 1 to 2 weeks - Free Shipping!

    I learned about this ointment from a friend who was involved in a car accident with cuts and abrasions to her face. Her dermatologist recommended using this on the healing areas as a means of limiting scarring. She doubted its effectiveness in that respect but was really surprised that she was left with no noticeable scar on her face. That was all I needed to try it. Since then I have discovered that it is wonderful especially when your skin becomes excessively dry. I recommended it to a co-worker who had cracked and bleeding skin on her hands from the cold. She was thrilled with the results. It compared with vaseline in her instance but without the really greasy residue. I find that when you rub it in gently it absorbs quite easily and does not leave any residue. To be honest you can get it at this website for no shipping but you will find it at just about anywhere they sell medicated products. The cost might seem a little high but the results will prove worth it -- especially if you are experiencing extremely dry skin anywhere. Personally I found the cost to be pretty reasonable.

    Hillary says: Right now I would not want to be without Aquaphor. I only have a sample, but It is going to last me a while as a tiny bit of this salve goes a long way. Right now my skin is chapped and cracking from some acne medicine I used. It's only half as bad as it was last night since I used Aquaphor on it. The consistency is a lot like Vaseline, but it heals so much better. My skin yesterday was peeling and my makeup was stuck to all the dry skin. Today I'm practically back to normal. I highly recommend this salve.
    CitySlicker says: I agree with Hillary, I couldn't live without aquaphor either. This is one of my staples that I can't go without. This is probably my most cherished product. I use it on my lips, hands and sometimes under my eyes. It goes on and is one of the few products that stays on.. There is nothing else on the market for the price that moisturizes and heals like Aquaphor.. It's simply the best under $10 beauty find out there. I am like a baby with a pacifier, I can't sleep without lubing up my lips at night. I will wake up and look for it if I happen to fall asleep with out.. A little miracle worker! Love it!

    Sale- Hearst Magazine Holiday Sale- All Titles $5

    At the Hearst Magazine Sale you can get magazines like Cosmo, Marie Claire and Harpers for 1 year for just $5. Simply follow the link above. Better hurry, I don't know how long these deals will go for.

    Thursday, December 4, 2008

    Free Shipping @

    Everything ships for free @ Sephora. Use promo code SHOPNOW @ checkout. Valid through Mon. 12/8. Offer not valid w/ gift cards or E gift certificates.

    Tuesday, December 2, 2008

    Review- Thymes Essentials Face Polish

    Gently exfoliate with fine silica powder from sea algae to refine your skin’s texture as aloe vera and glycerin soothe and moisturize.
    -No Parabens
    -No Petrolatum
    -No Animal-Derived Ingredients

    This product is a face polish, not a face scrub, and is therefore lighter in consistency and less dense than a traditional scrub. It is also more gentle and can be used more frequently. This polish exfoliates with fine silica powder from sea algae, which is good because exfoliators with things like walnut shells can make small tears on the skin due to the shell's irregular shape. Not so with silica as it has an even surface. I find this polish to be the perfect skin pick-me-up without being overly stripping. It moisturizes with aloe and glycerin and leaves my skin glowing and not at all red or irritated. I will continue to use a microdermabrasion cream once a week, but for in between times, I'll be using this polish. It will be especially welcome in the coming dry winter months.

    Amanda S. Says: Like Hillary, I will be using this religiously with my recently flaked out skin. Thank you winter, for making me more flaky than usual. I love the softness of this product, some scrubs feel like you're rubbing gigantic boulders over your face and scrubbing away every necessary oil in your skin to keep it alive.

    Joyce says: I really like the finer quality of this product; I never like feeling I’m using “gravel” on my skin. The scent is so fresh I wish I had a bath product and a body crème scented like this. You can feel how natural and nurturing it is, and I didn’t feel it stripped my skin of anything that needed to be left where it was. Good as it is for flaky skin, I can imagine how awesome it is for summer use, as well.

    Deedlejuse Says: I feel bad, I want to agree with everyone else, I really do. But I really don't like this "Face Polish". It is much too abrasive for my normally super-easy skin. It feels like it is taking of layers and layers, and after I'm done "polishing" my face feels really tight and dry. I also am not a huge fan of the cucumber scent. I find it super abrasive and icky, I love the scent of the lotion though, I think it actually might be the cleanser not the scent they used to cover it up. Regardless, it is a great all natural product, and apparently it works wonders for "flaky" and "oily" skin, but if you have normal skin you might want to try something else.

    Sheba says: I guess you can say my skin is a real combination -- some sections seem normal, others dry, while the usual section for oily is oily. From Deedlejuse's description it sounds like she might have sensitive skin. I have met her on one occasion and recall her incredible complexion. This sounds like it is just too powerful for her skin. However, on my face it is terrific! It is very gentle, but not too gentle to get the job done. Thymes Essentials Face Polish does not have that very grainy feel that you get with many other products. I have used some that felt like I was sandpapering my face. This accomplishes the 'Polish' in its name very easily. It leaves all sections of my skin feeling very clean, soft, smooth, and hydrated (without making the oily section feel oily). I notice that my face looks more radiant when I am done-- rather than red. I will definitely continue to use this regularly. The scent is very light and does not overpower you as some scented products do.

    CitySlicker Say:
    My skin can be sensitive when using an abrasive scrub so I cautiously tried this one. I found that it does have some scrubbing power but not to the point where my face is on fire from the friction. I use less than a quarter size amounts for my entire face and neck. The scent is a little strong for me but nothing that is so overpowering that I would discontinue usage. I tend to like less fragrance – that’s just me! When I am done my face is clean and fresh feeling. The only thing I do notice is that my face is a little tight so I have been following up with an emollient moisturizer to compensate. This does a good job of sloughing away the dead skin and is a pretty good deal for the price!

    Maria says: I think I may have gotten far too spoiled from Caudilie's lovely, lovely, scrub. (love). I think the Thymes is a little too potent for my facial skin - don't get me wrong - my face feels totally clean, but on the sensitive side - I immediately have to apply a moisturizing toner to soothe. It def. gives your face a great sloughing. I am going to use it more for the backs of my arms which tend to get little bumpies on them during the winter - I have a feeling this product will do a great job of keeping that little annoyance at bay.

    Movie Maven says:
    Yes, this scrub is lighter than most, as the other reviewers have mentioned. Perhaps, in my case, too light, because I felt like it wasn't doing enough scrubbing for my combination/oily skin, leaving it clean, but weirdly dry in places. So apparently I have industrial-strength skin compared to some of my compatriots. It should be noted, though, that this product isn't billed as a scrub, as Hillary pointed out, but rather as a "polish;" for me, I'm going to have to stick with a true scrub to get the job done. I did, however, enjoy the scent, which smells fresh without being fruity or overly sweet.

    Monday, December 1, 2008

    Review- Thymes Essentials Face Lotion SPF 20

    Protect your skin all day from UVA/UVB rays with Thymes absorbent SPF 20 formula to lessen the effects of photo-aging UV damage, without all the residue.

    Dermaxyl Complex significantly reduces the appearance of unwanted age lines.

    The logo on the Thymes Essentials products is "basic in a beautiful way". This face lotion is basic, but it covers all the bases to be an effective moisturizer. For starters, it has a comprehensive SPF with more than sufficient UVA and UVB protection. It has a refreshing cucumber scent and it absorbs completely, making it a perfect base for foundation. Many of it's ingredients are from natural sources. The lotion contains Retinyl Palmitate which is a mild retinol similar to that found in Retin-A. This product comes in a generous 4 oz. bottle, so it will last me a while. My only criticism is the pump. I find it a little hard to use. Although it does dispense the product, it's rounded shape makes it a little hard to pump.

    Amanda S. Says: this is a little hard to pump out of the container, but worth it, trust me. I love natural beauty products, but sometimes hate how they are either too heavy or way too light so it's almost like you never put it on and you never feel the benefits. This one has a great balance.

    Joyce says: Like the Face Polish, the scent of this lotion is fresh and pleasing to me. It’s smoothing and soothing. The only thing is my skin has been around a bit longer than my fellow bloggers’. It needs Grease in winter. I think if you’ve been on the planet less time than I have, you’ll absolutely love this lotion. And as I said on the polish post, this would be an awesome summer product. I’m basing my comments on the fact I have “combination” skin. Women of more mature years with oily skin may find this is perfect for them.

    Deedlejuse Says: I really have to agree with everyone up there! except, of course, (because I am excessively optimistic about all natural stuff) for the issue with the pump. Mine works just fine, two little pumps, and your good to go. My singular problem is that the cream is quite thick, and it takes me a while to get it to rub in all the way. Otherwise I adore it though. It has a nice refreshing scent, and I don't have to add an SPF on top of it! If you're in the market for a new moisturizer you absolutly can't go wrong with Thymes!

    Sheba says: I have that darn combination skin and it likes this Thymes Essentials Face Lotion very much. It does agree with each of the three different types of skin and my skin seems to drink it up pretty quickly, even the oily area. Luckily the pump on my lotion works very easily and is comfortable to use. It has a very nice, clean, crisp, cucumber scent that is very light. The SPF 20 is a bit higher than the usual 15 which is especially nice. I say the higher the SPF the better. It does mention that it reduces the appearance of lines. I have to say that I do notice what appears to be a softening of the lines. It does not make me appear to be a lot younger or as though I have just returned from a Botox treatment (I cannot afford them or just maybe!), but it does have a pleasing effect on those lines. Perhaps with longer time use I will notice more of an improvement. This is a very effective lotion that you will not go broke buying and it will last for quite a while.

    CitySlicker Says: I think this is a great basic moisturizer. It truly does the job. I apply after washing and it quickly absorbs into my skin and makes my face feel soft and hydrated. I do have to agree with Joyce that in the winter months my skin does need an extra boost for moisture. I do find that when wearing this the hydration doesn't last as long as I would like I do need something that offer more emollients in the months when the heat is on. This does work and does keep my skin clear and fresh looking it's just that I need a little more for my skin to look dewy all day long. It smells lovely and absorbs really quickly for me..

    Maria says: I agree with CitySlicker and Joyce on this as well. As a 40-something year old with dry skin - more dry in winter - I need a little more "oomph" in my moisturizer around this time. It starts off going on just fine (I could NOT get the pump to work - so I have to take off the top and put some in my hand - didn't love that - someone clue me in on what I'm doing wrong!) but then my skin starts to feel dry again not long after - it gave me no problems at all - nice soft fragrance too - it's just that I like to feel more soft and supple in the face area during this time. The winter really knocks my skin out of whack. My darling 15 year old got a hold of it and she loves it. We were at a party yesterday and one of her aunts ran her hand down her cheek and told her how soft and smooth it looked. She has normal skin - so I think I'll be sharing this great product with her!

    Movie Maven says:
    As the resident "combination/oily" (emphasis on the oily) gal in our little pack, I found this moisturizer to be a little bit much for my already-frequently-greasy skin (yes, even in winter...yet it's still this is possible is beyond me). Because it's so thick, it takes a bit of time to absorb, and once it does, I don't feel moisturized, just shiny-fied. It smells lovely, and I love me some all-natural products, but oily gals - this one's not for you.