Sunday, December 7, 2008

Review - Juice Organics Nourishing Cleanser

"Soaps are drying. For perfectly clean, moist and nourished skin, use our soap-free formula that blends certified organic antioxidant-rich white grape and apple juices with soothing aloe vera, nutrient-rich plant oils and vitamin antioxidants." $9.99

This is a light cream cleanser that is very easy to work with, the pump makes for simple am & pm use. I have found that the best way for me to use is with a cleansing glove I have. I use one pump and apply to the glove, this way I get the extra benefit of some light exfoliation and it helps me take off my eye makeup too. This is very gentle but does remove my makeup and it doesn't really bother my eyes unless I pop a dollop in one! It rinses quickly and leaves no residue behind. When I am done my face is soft and smooth - this isn't as squeaky clean feeling. The only gripe I have is that my skin can feel a tiny bit dried out and I think this is due to the weather more than the product. I think that for the price of $9.99 you get more than you pay for.. I think this is worth a look especially since it's organic, you really can't go wrong there!


Helly said...

Thanks Cityslicker. I've been looking for a creamy (non soap) based cleanser but couldn't find a cost effective one without all those bad ingredients (parabens, petroleum, PEG, dyes, etc). I ran right to Ulta and bought Juice Organics Nourishing Cleanser and LOVE IT!!! WOW, the ingredients are amazing and it removes all my make-up and deep cleanses. My daughter has such sensitive skin and she is loving Juice Organics. Now, my husband is shaving with it. Really a gentle, yet effective and organic and smells great cleanser from Juice Organics.

Hillary said...

Thanks Helly!
Keep checking back with us as we will soon be running a contest to win one of 10 Juice Organics Vitamin Serums!