Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Review- Thymes Essentials Face Polish

Gently exfoliate with fine silica powder from sea algae to refine your skin’s texture as aloe vera and glycerin soothe and moisturize.
-No Parabens
-No Petrolatum
-No Animal-Derived Ingredients

This product is a face polish, not a face scrub, and is therefore lighter in consistency and less dense than a traditional scrub. It is also more gentle and can be used more frequently. This polish exfoliates with fine silica powder from sea algae, which is good because exfoliators with things like walnut shells can make small tears on the skin due to the shell's irregular shape. Not so with silica as it has an even surface. I find this polish to be the perfect skin pick-me-up without being overly stripping. It moisturizes with aloe and glycerin and leaves my skin glowing and not at all red or irritated. I will continue to use a microdermabrasion cream once a week, but for in between times, I'll be using this polish. It will be especially welcome in the coming dry winter months.

Amanda S. Says: Like Hillary, I will be using this religiously with my recently flaked out skin. Thank you winter, for making me more flaky than usual. I love the softness of this product, some scrubs feel like you're rubbing gigantic boulders over your face and scrubbing away every necessary oil in your skin to keep it alive.

Joyce says: I really like the finer quality of this product; I never like feeling I’m using “gravel” on my skin. The scent is so fresh I wish I had a bath product and a body crème scented like this. You can feel how natural and nurturing it is, and I didn’t feel it stripped my skin of anything that needed to be left where it was. Good as it is for flaky skin, I can imagine how awesome it is for summer use, as well.

Deedlejuse Says: I feel bad, I want to agree with everyone else, I really do. But I really don't like this "Face Polish". It is much too abrasive for my normally super-easy skin. It feels like it is taking of layers and layers, and after I'm done "polishing" my face feels really tight and dry. I also am not a huge fan of the cucumber scent. I find it super abrasive and icky, I love the scent of the lotion though, I think it actually might be the cleanser not the scent they used to cover it up. Regardless, it is a great all natural product, and apparently it works wonders for "flaky" and "oily" skin, but if you have normal skin you might want to try something else.

Sheba says: I guess you can say my skin is a real combination -- some sections seem normal, others dry, while the usual section for oily is oily. From Deedlejuse's description it sounds like she might have sensitive skin. I have met her on one occasion and recall her incredible complexion. This sounds like it is just too powerful for her skin. However, on my face it is terrific! It is very gentle, but not too gentle to get the job done. Thymes Essentials Face Polish does not have that very grainy feel that you get with many other products. I have used some that felt like I was sandpapering my face. This accomplishes the 'Polish' in its name very easily. It leaves all sections of my skin feeling very clean, soft, smooth, and hydrated (without making the oily section feel oily). I notice that my face looks more radiant when I am done-- rather than red. I will definitely continue to use this regularly. The scent is very light and does not overpower you as some scented products do.

CitySlicker Say:
My skin can be sensitive when using an abrasive scrub so I cautiously tried this one. I found that it does have some scrubbing power but not to the point where my face is on fire from the friction. I use less than a quarter size amounts for my entire face and neck. The scent is a little strong for me but nothing that is so overpowering that I would discontinue usage. I tend to like less fragrance – that’s just me! When I am done my face is clean and fresh feeling. The only thing I do notice is that my face is a little tight so I have been following up with an emollient moisturizer to compensate. This does a good job of sloughing away the dead skin and is a pretty good deal for the price!

Maria says: I think I may have gotten far too spoiled from Caudilie's lovely, lovely, scrub. (love). I think the Thymes is a little too potent for my facial skin - don't get me wrong - my face feels totally clean, but on the sensitive side - I immediately have to apply a moisturizing toner to soothe. It def. gives your face a great sloughing. I am going to use it more for the backs of my arms which tend to get little bumpies on them during the winter - I have a feeling this product will do a great job of keeping that little annoyance at bay.

Movie Maven says:
Yes, this scrub is lighter than most, as the other reviewers have mentioned. Perhaps, in my case, too light, because I felt like it wasn't doing enough scrubbing for my combination/oily skin, leaving it clean, but weirdly dry in places. So apparently I have industrial-strength skin compared to some of my compatriots. It should be noted, though, that this product isn't billed as a scrub, as Hillary pointed out, but rather as a "polish;" for me, I'm going to have to stick with a true scrub to get the job done. I did, however, enjoy the scent, which smells fresh without being fruity or overly sweet.

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