Sunday, December 21, 2008

Review- Cutler Straightening Cream

A straightening cream formulated to gently relax, smooth, and straighten hair without weighing it down, controlling flyaways and adding shine.

I did a not so scientific experience here with the Cutler Straightening Cream. I started to wonder, you know, my hair looks pretty awesome after I straighten it even without a heap of products, so how will I really know how awesome something is if it is being applied on something with an original touch of it's own 'awesome-ness'? So here's what I did. I used the straightening cream as I assumed I should, putting it in my hair when it was wet before heat styling. The outcome: pretty good, smooth hair, nice and shiny, smelled great. Then I did the big test, I put it in my damp hair and just left it... that's right. I combed it through and walked away from the mirror until my hair was bone dry. You know what? It really did help. Normally when I air dry my hair, it has an essence of fuzz and weird kinky spots in the back that look dull, but everything had a nice laid out smoothness to it that I could really appreciate. Ok, I'm not going to win a Nobel Prize for this experiment but if you try this stuff you'll feel more awesome than usual, I promise.

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