Sunday, December 7, 2008

Review - Zero Frizz Anti Frizz Quick Fix Glistening Mist

"Zero Frizz Anti Frizz Quick Fix Glistening Mist, For Frizzy Damaged Unruly Hair Zero Frizz Corrective Treatment System. Adds shine anytime." $6.99

I am a frizz freak.. I hate it with a passion! I hate when I have frizzes at the root most. I keep my hair straight and smooth. I am known to iron & blow dry it on a daily basis. I find that it's really difficult to find a product that stands the test of time. It's clear that when I use new products for a day or two the results are great - time is what really shows if it is something that agrees with me or not. I have been using Zero Frizz for over 2 weeks and I did have to play around with it to find my happy medium. It's got a light scent that isn't overwhelming and it spritzes out in a fine mist. I will recommend that less is more. I have overdone it and had to go to work with a slick doo.. I did a spot spray and there it stayed all day (not pretty). This washes out and doesn't leave any buildup behind. I do notice that it lightly helps tames the unruly frizz, adds shine and really makes my doo look healthy. I have pretty fine hair and really like this so don't shy away if you don't have a thick head of extensions. I recommend this and will continue to spritz my doo till there are no spritzes left!

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