Saturday, December 6, 2008

Review - Kiss My Face Olive/Aloe Natural Moisturizer

We've blended Olive Oil, used for centuries to care for the skin, and Aloe Vera, long acclaimed as "the healing plant" for its soothing properties, with a rich assortment of herbs & flowers renowned for their benefits to the skin $4.99

If you are in the market for a no nonsense moisturizer, meaning something that isn't a double duty, this is perfect. It's got a nice emollients that stay with my skin and is very comfortable on. I experience no greasy feeling and it absorbs quickly. My skin looks nourished and plump after use.. This doesn't have an SPF in it to I am loading on the Coola afterwards. I think this is gentle and can be used by people with all kinds of skin types. I think that for me it's a great backup from the heavier moisturizers I am using in the winter months. Really nice product!

Amanda S. Says: ohhhh Kiss my Face, how do I love thee? I have been a huge fan of this company for years and years and years. You all may already know this, but I'll repeat it for the unintroduced: I am a big animal lover, and flock to products that are cruelty free and environmentally friendly. Ever since I took the plunge to start using cruelty free products, the name Kiss my Face has been in the forefront of this movement, not only because of their ethic, but also because their products are consistently fantastic and of very high quality. Yearly for birthdays and holidays I buy friends their products.

This moisturizer is no joke either, I confess, it was great getting an extra bottle but I already had this stuff on my desk at work! It's smooth, fast absorbing, lasts forever. I have super dry sensitive skin too, and I have never had a problem with any of their products. (All of which you should try!)

Joyce says: I love the lightness of this moisturizer and the fact it works, even in winter. I brought it with me when I house-sat for over a week for my friend. It turned bitter cold while I was there, so you know I slathered this product on so often, I used it up . . . after every shower, every time I came in from feeding the outside critters (twice a day), and after the twice-a-day indoor animal feedings (1 big dog, 7 cats). It was the first time I house-sat and didn’t have dry hands (washed often because of tasks) or dry body. Awesome!

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