Friday, December 5, 2008

Review - Healing Ointment by Aquaphor Ointment (1.75 oz.)

Aquaphor Ointment Healing Ointment: Daily therapy for cracked, dry skin and minor burns.
Description: This ointment helps to heal dry and irritated skin. Aquaphor is a favorite among dermatologists whenever severe dryness with chafing and cracking is present. Also works well on abrasions and mild burns.
Recommended Use: Clean the affected area gently with a mild, non-irritating cleanser. Apply Aquaphor Healing Ointment liberally to the affected area
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I learned about this ointment from a friend who was involved in a car accident with cuts and abrasions to her face. Her dermatologist recommended using this on the healing areas as a means of limiting scarring. She doubted its effectiveness in that respect but was really surprised that she was left with no noticeable scar on her face. That was all I needed to try it. Since then I have discovered that it is wonderful especially when your skin becomes excessively dry. I recommended it to a co-worker who had cracked and bleeding skin on her hands from the cold. She was thrilled with the results. It compared with vaseline in her instance but without the really greasy residue. I find that when you rub it in gently it absorbs quite easily and does not leave any residue. To be honest you can get it at this website for no shipping but you will find it at just about anywhere they sell medicated products. The cost might seem a little high but the results will prove worth it -- especially if you are experiencing extremely dry skin anywhere. Personally I found the cost to be pretty reasonable.

Hillary says: Right now I would not want to be without Aquaphor. I only have a sample, but It is going to last me a while as a tiny bit of this salve goes a long way. Right now my skin is chapped and cracking from some acne medicine I used. It's only half as bad as it was last night since I used Aquaphor on it. The consistency is a lot like Vaseline, but it heals so much better. My skin yesterday was peeling and my makeup was stuck to all the dry skin. Today I'm practically back to normal. I highly recommend this salve.
CitySlicker says: I agree with Hillary, I couldn't live without aquaphor either. This is one of my staples that I can't go without. This is probably my most cherished product. I use it on my lips, hands and sometimes under my eyes. It goes on and is one of the few products that stays on.. There is nothing else on the market for the price that moisturizes and heals like Aquaphor.. It's simply the best under $10 beauty find out there. I am like a baby with a pacifier, I can't sleep without lubing up my lips at night. I will wake up and look for it if I happen to fall asleep with out.. A little miracle worker! Love it!

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Amanda S. said...

also: this stuff is great as protection for a new tattoo!