Saturday, December 13, 2008

Review - L'Oreal Studio Line Smoothness Smoothing Cream Glossing Cream, Smoothing

"Silky Shine Effect Calms Frizz Identity Crisis: You just want something quick and smooth to tame your rebellious hair without all the weight and greasiness of a traditional smoothing product. Behavior Change: Get with it! Start using a product that instantly gives you the control you crave. Studio Smoothness Smoothing Cream makes control easy, instantly calming even coarse and rebellious hair, while locking in glossy shine. Glycerin and a smoothing silicone combine for perfectly silky smoothness without weighing down your hair." $4.99

L'Oreal and their Studio Line have some products that really do agree with my hair and at very reasonable costs. This L'Oreal Studio Line Smoothness Smoothing Cream Glossing Cream is just another example of a great product at an everyday price. Use only a tiny amount when applying to your damp hair. I usually let my hair dry on its own unless I am in a real rush. I go about styling, etc. after it is dry. When I apply this product my hair is under control with no frizzies and a very nice shine to it. Of course, it is smooth as the frizzies are gone. . . and I have been caught in some real humidity with this in my hair -- and it behaved!! You can't go wrong for the money. This will last quite a while as you really don't need that much to get the job done!!

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