Monday, December 1, 2008

Review- Evian Facial Spray

"Tone, refresh and moisturize your skin with Evian® Brumisateur® Facial Spray. Spray it on and feel the cooling sensation as the millions of tiny micro-droplets are absorbed and instantly go to work to moisturize and refresh.
Directions: Use the Evian® Skin Care Atomizer several times a day (for the face, start at the neck and move slowly upwards). Leave a few minutes to act and gently dab away."

Deedlejuse says: Evian Facial Spray is something I have seen around for a while, and honestly been a little confused about. I know what your thinking "Why, does a bottled water company sell Facial Spray?" let me just say that it doesn't matter why they do it, I'm just happy they do it! This product is just the answer to a dull day. It feels amazing on your skin when you mist it on and adds a hint of moisture every time you use it, which doesn't have to be next to a sink. It could be anywhere! I have a sample size which fits perfectly into my bag so I can use it anytime. I have a feeling that this will be an amazing refreshment on a hot summers day. My only problem is my boyfriend has almost used up the whole thing!


Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree. This stuff is incredible. I wanted something natural to put on my face and liked this much better than Jurlique and even Caudalie (it's cheaper too).

If you are skeptical, head down to your local Sephora. They always have an open bottle to sample and they have different sizes to choose from.

Aly7 said...

I also love these! I am so lucky beause i found a dual pack of full sized bottles ofr $12. Use it twice a day:)