Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Review - Aromaleigh Cosmetics

In 2004, I began my foray into mineral makeup. Having seen enough late night infomercials on them, I had to see what all the fuss was about. So began a long, long, journey of sampling, loving, hating, trading, reviewing, etc. about a gajillion lines of mineral makeup. I think new mineral makeup companies were popping up every day and I probably sampled most of them -- but one company has stood the test of time and has always proven to be my favorite and probably one of the best if not THE best company for all things mineral, girlie, pretty, classic, fun, etc - and that is Aromaleigh. To browse around the website is to end up wanting everything that Kristen (founder and creator) puts out there. This review comes on the heels of my trying her latest line of "eye plush" eyeshadows. They are whispers of beautiful eye colors that are understated and gorgeous on the eyes - not chunky glittery or in your face - just lovely colors. Silk Stockings is my new love. The blushes are so pretty - from the gorgeous Verve - a perfect peachy-pink-red, to my latest find - Dolly (from the "You're A Doll" collection - oh man this color is gorgeous). There are shimmers and glimmers and highlighters (oh my!), flaw diffusers, eyeliners, concealers, aromatics, you name it - Aromaleigh has it ALL - from uber hip collections like "Rocks" to classic collections, Aromaleigh has something for everyone in every age bracket. Oh, and their lip balms and glosses are to DIE for. The mineral makeup itself is very popular - Glissade for dryer skins, Voile for more normal to oily skins - and there's a color match for everyone in there, trust me. Top all of this incredible line off with a forum full of helpful consierges who although have heard every question before, are always helpful and kind to the newbies, to the incredible "face of the day" looks that feature amazing combos of all Aromaleigh colors. I have forgone any mineral company I've tried before and now will only use Aromaleigh. It's THAT good. You can sample to your heart's content at very minimal cost if you don't want to take the full-size plunge. But be warned - you'll want the full size! Great company...give it a swirl......

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