Thursday, December 18, 2008

Review- Mineral Essence Creme Lip Colour

"The silky smooth Creme lip colour contains aroma-therapeutic properties to uplift your mood and rejuvenate your spirit as you wear it throughout the day. Enriched with nutrients, vitamins and minerals, ME Lip Colour nurtures lips and offers long-lasting color in a smudge-proof, cake-proof formula for beautiful, luscious results every time." $16

Though this lipstick went on like silk, the Caramel shade I received was so not for me; I couldn’t keep it on to see how it performed. I thought of one friend who has platinum hair, blue eyes, and ivory skin. She put it on, commented on the silky texture, and it was gorgeous on her. We went to dinner. Even after she ate and drank, it was still on as though she’d just applied it. Find your right shade. This one’s a keeper.

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