Thursday, April 30, 2009

Review - Pur Minerals Pur Rocks

Add depth, dimension and drama to your look with pressed, micronized minerals in a unique, 3-dimensional design! Multi-tasking Pur Rocks enhance and brighten eyes, lips and cheeks with a dose of luminous colour. Vibrant, organic jewel tones of garnet and pink zircon capture the splendor of a desert sunset, illuminating the face with shimmering, rosy undertones. Pur Minerals does NOT test its products on animals.

I looked at this product and thought.... oh no... it's much to dark, and MUCH too ruddy for my skin. I have an olive complexion that is a little on the pale side, reds can do me a serious injustice with even the slightest inclination. But I should have known, because I love *every single other* pur mineral product, this one is really fantastic too. You can get amazing color, trust me, completely natural also. If you have sensitive skin on top of needing color and not wanting to wantonly lie in the sun or apply weird skin dying sprays, this product will be great for you. It's so easy to put on with any standard blush brush (but I do recommend investing in a nice one anyway, for the long haul.).

Deedlejuse Says:
I have to completely agree with Amanda S on this one. I love this stuff. It is more like a bronzer than a blush for me, I have blond hair and very pale skin and these Pur Rocks are just the thing for a beautiful glow without being too much . It goes on quite sheer as long as you are careful. I actually prefer to use my larger powder brush to increase the area I cover and use it as an all over sort of look. It stays forever and it doesn't seem like I have used any, even though I use it all the time. This is really nice color, and it sounds like it works well with many complexions!

CitySlickers Says:

I really can't agree more with Amanda & Deedlejuse. The instant I saw the color I wanted to run for the hills. I was thinking that it was going to look like streaks on my cheeks. Since I am pale some bronzers and blushes just don't work.. I gave this a try on a weekend and have been using since. It goes on smooth and lightly without being heavy handed. Pur Rocks really gives me a warm healthy glow that doesn't have too much iridescence. It's really great and fun to use.. I wish that it was more portable but you can't get it all. I found that it works really well with a big blush dusting brush a swipe over the cheeks then a swirl all over and done.. I also have to say, I love the look in the container..

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Review - e.l.f. Earth & Water Mascara Duo

Revolutionary Liquid-Flex™ Technology – Long-Lasting, Smudge and Smear Proof $1.00
I have to be completely upfront. I don't use waterproof mascara.. I had a bad experience a long time ago so I am only sharing my opinion of the regular mascara. The formula is nice. It's not harsh on my eyes and fine for contact wearers. The color is a true deep black. I don't have naturally long eyelashes. I found that this minimally lengthens my lashes and wears nicely throughout the day but I do see some flaking, nothing serious but a few flecks here and there. The brush is standard. It requires a little wiping off before application. This is a SUPER find at only $1!

Movie Maven says:
Looks like CitySlicker and I are a perfect pair for this review, because I never use anything but waterproof mascara (though I did use the regular once, just to try it). I tend to fuss with my eyes a lot throughout the day, and if I don't use a waterproof mascara, I end up looking like I've taken a 24-hour flight around the world and never slept. In any event, the waterproof version of this duo is a fine budget mascara. It's not going to perform any miracles, but if you're fairly happy with the length of your lashes, and only have a dollar to spend on mascara, this is a good option. It's a little clumpy, but again - IT'S A DOLLAR. Just be sure to wipe it off first and apply gently.

Deedlejuse Says:
Well, I guess I just have to say that roll the two together and that is my take on this mascara! I actually don't have too much issue with either waterproof or regular mascara, but I tend to wear regular most often. With that being said I will tell you I noticed that the waterproof felt more substantial than the regular when I wore it, I didn't have any issue with flaking throughout the day (which is unheard of) and I literally can't believe that this is $1!! I have spent much more and been much more disappointed than I was with this mascara. Again, with all that being said I found it particularly standard issue and prefer my favorites to this, even though it is a duo. BUT I'm super snobby. I would definitely recommend it to others less picky than I, but I probably wouldn't re-purchase.

Sheba says I love both of them. I will use any mascara that works well for me -- regardless of price. . . and these both work great. No matter what brand or type of mascara -- I always use my lash brush -- I am addicted to it. Thus, I just about never have flaking, etc. I prevent it right away. I found these mascaras to build upon my lashes and give them a fuller and longer look. That is what I want from a mascara and I got the look I wanted. Hey, I have paid a LOT more and have not been satisfied at all. If I want longer lashes when using these mascaras - I simply add another coat. They both lasted well for me and both came off relatively easy. I did not look like a racoon after removing them. Once again, I think e.l.f. has put some very expensive eye products to shame! e.l.f. is welcome with open arms -- especially in this economy. I may be frugal but I would not recommend or continue to buy something just because it is less expensive -- it has to work! Every e.l.f. product I have tried has worked as well or better than some of my more snobby brands!!

Review - Arbonne NutriMin C Renewing Gelee Creme, Hydrating Wash

An emollient, cream-based and pH-correct gel cleanser that thoroughly cleans, without stripping or drying. Renews skin surface while key RE9® elements target and deliver protection. $39.00
Now this is a nice cleanser.. It's a weird combination of a cream and gel. It's light and froths up into a nice creamy lather that rinses clean. I find that all my makeup is gone with the exception of the mascara.. My skin is soft and subtle, not dry at all. I am getting away with about a dime sized amount.. The best part is the delicious citrus scent, it's crisp and clean smelling no perfume lingering odor.. I am using it in the AM only and it's a great way to meet the day.. The price is a little hefty but if you skimp it'll last a long time..

Maria says: Agree with my friend Cityslicker above - a nice cleanser for sure. It does not dry out the skin, rinses clean and does remove even stubborn makeup. I think the Nutrimin is the star of the Arbonne line as I have had luck with most of the products in it. I too love the scent - very clean and citrusy. I have no complaints at all with this cleanser, though it is a wee pricey so if I had to choose I'd probably go with one of the other skincare items from this line.

Sheba says Arbonne NutriMin C Renewing Gelee Creme, Hydrating Wash is a great cleanser. I actually found that it also removed most of my mascara. The fragrance assists with that clean feeling. Citrus is such a refreshing and clean scent and just happens to be one of my favorites. Yes, it is a bit pricey--but check out -- it is actually less than half price on that site. I find this Arbonne NutriMin C Renewing Gelee Creme, Hydrating Wash really works well and it left my skin feeling so clean, refreshed, and hydrated. . . all it promises. As usual I am very frugal with the product but - I am using it am and pm as it works so well and my skin is just enjoying it.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Review - Nubar Nail Lacquer

Nubar Nail Lacquer -- available for around $6.99 and up @ various locations

Okay, I have Nubar Nail Lacquer in Muscato. It is a very rich, dark purple or plum. It is not a color I would normally wear but I did want to test it out. So I applied it and it went on very evenly and smoothly. Actually, one coat did not appear as dark as it is in the bottle and is very pretty on. Of course, you may prefer the darker tone and you would simply add another coat or two. Once I realized how nice it looked I wanted to see how it wore -- and it stayed for several days with no chips. I am typing and using a calculator most of the day and it held up very well. Now that I have used it and saw just how pretty it is on -- I will be using this Muscato more often. It has found a place in my beauty arsenal as it is very pretty and wears very well for a pretty decent price.

Deedlejuse Says:

I feel terrible, I had a very different experience from Sheba with this Nail Lacquer. I will prompt this review with the fact that I am notoriously hard on my nails, well my hands in general. I also work with perfume oils, which might cause some of the almost instantaneous erosion. I got this Lacquer in the prettiest shade "Barbera" it is in the vineyard collection. It is just stunning, really, and I'm not one for reds of any kind, but this is like a very cool red. Perfect for my super-pale complexion. If that color is not for you there are about a thousand others you can choose from, I have no doubt that even the pickiest of us will be able to find a color from Nubar! It definitely applied nicely, and even dried really quickly. I used two coats and a top coat. It lasted less than one day before it was literally peeling off my fingers. Again perhaps I am a super-nail lacquer-eating master or something, but I was not impressed with the longevity of this lacquer. In it's defence I did apply to my toenails, and that has lasted mare than a week so far, so there is hope for those of you who don't eat nail polish for breakfast!

Amanda S. Says: I'm taking the middle road here, although I have used polishes that have lasted a little longer, the Nubar brand still has great value in other ways for me. Here are my added thoughts to those above: (1) I love the intensity of the colors, they are so rich and have such depth, I honestly haven't found these strong of colors elsewhere, (2) the polish went on heavy, it didn't streak and go thin in places, or require many many layers to cover (3) it stood up to 2 days of intense and obnoxious abuse by me cleaning and stumbling around my art studio trying to straighten up. All in all, I will be honest, I am going to buy Nubar polishes sometimes because it's worth it for the colors and the quick application and drying process. But if you need a polish that is going to last an entire week, this may not be your best bet.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Review - Revlon Lash Flares

Be playful. Be sexy. Be bold. Revlon Fantasy Lengths Lash Flares add depth to your eyes with high intensity. Customize your eyes to look naturally beautiful during the day, or absolutely glamorous at night. Comfortable, weightless, waterproof… perfect lashes every time!

I have never used the individual lashes. I always thought they were to difficult to apply.. OMG, they are a lot easier than I anticipated. A girl's best friend is a pair of tweezers so I highly recommend having a pair handy for application as well as a clean eye area. I dip the lash very so slightly in the adhesive apply and wait. The adhesive dries quickly but you do need to make sure you hold tight. I have been applying a medium size and a longsize to each eye.. I apply the medium a little to the right of the center of my pupil then the long size next to it. I then apply a coat of mascara and I can't believe the results.. My lashes have a really nice boost and look like they are mine.. You will be amazed at the subtle effects.. I also get some serious additional length from the mascara! I love these and will continue to wear.. These are little gems that give me that flirty girl look without the pole.. :)

Review - e.l.f. Natural Radiance Blusher

This exquisite, delicate, pigment payoff makes cheeks radiant combined with a healthy-looking glow. Infused with texturizing agents, skin feels smooth and pores are minimized.

Movie Maven says:
I think e.l.f. might be my new favorite recession-friendly cosmetics line. ONE DOLLAR FOR BLUSH?!?! WHAT?!?!?! This is nuts, guys. Particularly because this blush? Is totally awesome! I'm really into it. I pretty much love everything about it. It comes in an adorable, slide-open case that (once you realize it is a slide-open case), is way more awesome than your average flip-up top. It comes in a bunch of colors, so you should be able to find something that complements your skin tone. It provides just enough color and coverage without looking garish. Oh, and did I mention it costs ONE DOLLAR? I can't get over this, guys. This is like finding out that there is cake in the break room. And I think you know how awesome that is.

Sheba says that Movie Maven has reason to rave about e.l.f. -- this company cannot be beat for the price! I am always on the lookout for a bargain -- and this company is at the top of my list. If they can make such a fantastic product for $1 -- let's support them. If you did not know this was e.l.f. blush -- you would certainly guess a higher priced product!! I learned of them some time ago and have slowly built up my stock of their products. I have yet to be disappointed. You will probably end up buying more than one blush once you try the first one. It goes on wonderfully and it looks very natural. If you prefer a little more color - you can put another dash of it on. I say jump on the bandwagon with Movie Maven. This blush is terrific!! Yes, $1 -- in 2009!!

Maria says: Can you say "bargain?" How is this possible? How can a blush this pretty be a buck? How can such an innovative-why-can't-other-companies-have-a-blush-open-this-way compact be filled with such a high-end feeling and wearing blush? Yup, we're talking e.l.f. - THE cosmetic deal of the century. High end-charge-an-arm-and-a-leg companies TAKE NOTE. What we have here is proof that more expensive does not mean better product. Several more expensive lines came to mine when I first swirled this natural yet lovely blush across my cheekbone. To think that this blush only costs $1 is mind boggling. What is the worst that can happen if you try this blush and decide it's not for you? (although I don't see how). You're out ONE DOLLAR. In these turbulent times when every dollar counts, how great is it of e.l.f. to continue to product quality products at such amazingly affordable prices. Well, done.

CitySlicker Says: I am jumping on the savings train too.. I search high and low for the perfect color and formula and right in the ELF section is a blush I have passed over in the past without a second glance.. OMG, the color is great. I have it in glow and its a peachy pinky tone with the perfect amount of luster. My brush picks up quite a bit so tap, tap before application and it's a lovely light look. It gives my face that glow without looking overdone. It's healthy and fresh looking. I highly recommend picking a couple up for the summer, if you are like me you'll make this a part of the daily regimen.. I also am happy to report that my skin can be pretty sensitive and I have had no ill reactions to the blush either..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Review - Avon ANEW REJUVENATE Night Revitalizing Cream

"Overnight the anti-aging process begins. PM Lightweight gel-cream works while you sleep, so you awaken to skin that looks fresher and more vibrant." 1.7 fl. oz. Usually $32.00 Currently on sale together with the Anew Rejuvenate Day Revitalizing Cream for $39.00 for both.

I have had excellent luck with Avon's Anew line and this was no exception. It does seem to work while you sleep -- and your skin does appear improved when you wake. Of course, it cannot improve every single night or we would all be perfect. I think once you get to the limit -- it will help to keep it at its top level and that is all I can ask. I honestly feel you really should use this - together with its partner, Avon ANEW REJUVENATE Day Revitalizing Cream, to realize the full benefits of both. Thus, the current sale for both products is incredible and worth the investment. I will review the Day cream next and it is another great Anew product. If you are looking for light and silky creams that do work . . . these just fit the description. Your skin will feel so silky, yet toned and firm with less noticeable lines.

Review - Avon ANEW REJUVENATE Day Revitalizing Cream

"Like Rejuvenate Night Revitalizing Cream, this lightweight day cream with a patented sun-protection system is uniquely engineered with a breakthrough fusion of pioneering technologies designed to replicate the steps of a professional anti-aging facial" 1.7 oz. Ususally $32.00 Currently on sale combined with Avon ANEW REJUVENATE Night Revitalizing Cream-- both for $39.00

I just finished reviewing the Avon ANEW REJUVENATE Night Revitalizing Cream and found that to be a wonderful night cream -- and I think it works wonders when it is combined with this Avon ANEW REJUVENATE Day Revitalizing Cream. They definitely complement each other and finish the job in tandem. This is a wonderfully light cream which applies very easily and there is no greasey or heavy feel to it. The fragrance is very light and does not interfere with any fragrance choices I might make for the day. It definitely does help tone your facial area. I noticed an improvement in the texture and feel to my skin. I also believe that it minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines which is a real nice bonus. I love the one, two punch this combination of Day and Night creams gives to aging. . . it seems to work!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Review - Dex New York Lipstick

Rich, creamy color and protective treatment in one. Perfect choice after dermatological procedures, such as lip collagen injections. Micro-bubbles continually release conditioners to keep lips soft and color fresh for hours.

Movie Maven says: I'm not a big lipstick-wearer; usually that honor is reserved for special occasions and/or stage performances. But when I do wear it, I like a bold color, something that says "What up, guys! I'm wearing lipstick today! Woooooo!" This Dex Lipstick in Fulton Street Currant is perfect - a deep, rich burgundy, definitely not as purple as the color sample you see on the website. Ladies with cool undertones will like this shade, regardless of whether you're rockin' a Snow White look (like me, with dark hair and pale skin), or are black and beautiful. (Blondes and redheads need not apply.) The lipstick is smooth and creamy, and doesn't flake, but the trade-off here is staying power: I put it on for a night out, so I only had to worry about it for a few hours, but if you're planning to wear it during the day, be prepared to reapply. And I know it's silly, but the packaging is really slick-looking: a gunmetal tube that makes it look expensive. Okay, it is a bit expensive, at $22. I probably wouldn't buy it myself, but frequent lipstick-wearers will appreciate the quality and moisturizing properties.

Sheba says: I have the Dex Lipstick in Tan and it is definitely one of the smoothest lipsticks I have used. It glides on and keeps your lips moisturized the whole time it is on. I have mentioned it over and over -- I am very hard on lipstick. It never lasts on me -- or should I say -- very seldom. So it came as no suprise that this Dex Lipstick did not have a lot of staying power on me. . . but this is not the lipstick's fault. I am unusually tough on lipsticks. So, it is not a problem -- I simply carry it with me to refresh it every so often. I have mixed this shade with a lighter shade, etc. I am a mixer. No matter what I did -- I used this one first as this feels so good and moist on -- then added the mix. It looked wonderful with everything. It is a keeper!!!

Review - Dex NY Loose Mineral Foundation

Infused with advanced anti-aging technology – palmitoyl hexapeptide-14. This full coverage foundation camouflages imperfections, such as scars, and post-op bruising. A unique micronized blend treats and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while helping to conceal skin imperfections. Non-irritating, chemical-free sunscreen protects against ultraviolet damage. Made for all skin types. Net wt. 0.21 oz $30.00

This Dex NY Loose Mineral Foundation does work wonderfully in helping to camouflage irritated areas, lines, etc. I got the lightest shade LF 01 and I admit I actually thought I would be using it as a concealer as it just appeared too light. To my surprise - it blends into my skin tone perfectly. It contains SF 15 protection which really should be a part of every foundation. It is very easily applied, and looks terrific. It gives you a 'brushed over' look rather than a 'made up' look. It is very natural looking (although it is actually hiding some natural flaws). The price is in line with most mineral foundations. It also seems to calm some of my minor irritations -- which is a nice hidden extra. I definitely will be a return buyer!!! I have found with all loose mineral foundations it is extremely important to first apply a moisturizer- otherwise, they can dry your skin. I am guessing that just about all of use use a moisturizer anyway, but just wanted to mention it to prevent any problems.

Amanda S. Says: Normally I scoff at mineral foundations. First of all, there are *some* brands (no names mentioned, to protect the truly useless) that still use talc in their foundation when... hello... the whole point of these new mineral style foundations is to not use talc! For those that do not use talc, which I find to be much easier on my skin, I am a loyal Pur Mineral user. Every other brand (until now) has proven to be nowhere near as perfect for my skin and style. Dex however, made a product that definitely matches what I have been come to expect. It goes on lightly and doesn't look like a layer of silt over my skin, but it covers where I need it (and I did test it over two blemishes that needed major help to conceal them..). The price is right too, as Sheba said, right in line with all the others. If you're not having luck with the mineral foundation you've tried, give this a chance. OH! And it's cruelty free. Yay!

Review - got2b Guardian Angel Heat Protect N' Curl Iron Spray and Gloss Finish

got2b Guardian Angel Heat Protect N' Curl Iron Spray and Gloss Finish amplifies curls with incredible hold. Be invincible with the got2b Guardian Angel formulated with proven 425 degree heat protection, plus a patented heat-activated polymer which forms a protective. $6.99 + Up

This got2b Guardian Angel Heat Protect N' Curl Iron Spray and Gloss Finish is another example of the got2b line of products which really work well. I have tried this with a curling iron and with hot rollers and it is well adapted to the heat as the name predicts. It protects your hair from the extreme heat and does prevent any damage. It helps set the curls and waves for the day without further drying the hair. I have found the curling iron and rollers can sometimes just dry the hair -- yet my hair did not dry out at all. I thought I noticed more shine to my hair but wasn't really sure until people commented on the shine -- so the Gloss Finish worked well on my hair. It seems to add a little body to the hair which is a nice little bonus for me. There was no flaking or greasey feeling at all with this got2b Guardian Angel Heat Protect N' Curl Iron Spray and Gloss Finish. It does not weigh my hair down as so many products do. Once again, their prices are more than reasonable for the benefits they provide. The fragrance is muted and not overpowering as many hair products can be. You will not be disappointed with a purchase of got2b Guardian Angel Heat Protect N' Curl Iron Spray and Gloss Finish and you will not be broke!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Review - Avon REJUVENATE 24 Hour Eye Moisturizer SPF 25

Day Eye Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 25 UVA/UVB scientifically designed to reduce undereye circles and protect against UVA/UVB damage to sensitive lid & undereye areas.Night Eye Cream specially formulated to visibly reduce undereye puffiness and smooth the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. $30.00
Here is another 2 for the price of one. You get the night and day eye cream in one pot. I love that! I have to be honest and tell you that I slather my night products on so I have used more to the night cream than day. They are both really nice products. They are emolient and hydrate my eye areas (I even use on my lips & it's working out really well too). I have noticed that my eye area is plump and full looking as well as hydrated throughout the day. The price is affordable and the results are nice to far. I am 2 weeks in and I feel like my skin is a little tighter and smooth.. One wish is that they would double up on the size of the container.. I NEED more.. I know I am a product whore and can't help but go heavy..

Review - E.L.F. Cuticle Pen

Relieves dry nails and flakey cuticles. The unique pen delivery system moisturizes cuticles effectively and the quick dry formula allows for a no mess application. $1.00
Who doesn't love a one stop shop? I love all products that make for easy applicaton, everything you need in one and are portable. This pen is AWESOME! It's so easy to use.. I can do it anywhere and at anytime. I have used my share of cuticle helpers and this isn't oily or drippy. It's great. I don't have the best nails, they are weak, peel and are brittle.. I am constantly breaking them to.. This has actually given me a quick easy shot at bringing them back to life. I have been using daily. I have found in the first 2 weeks of use that my nails seems like they are growing and look healthier. I also don't have any hang nails so that is worth it's weight in gold. I go in phases of taking good care of my nails then completely avoiding them. This cuticle pen is a no excuse for not taking better care of them.. It's a buck so I can carry it around with my and if I loose it then I can pick another since it's so affordable. The tip of the applicator is nice and stiff and with 2 weeks of daily use hasn't given out or gotten sloppy.. Ladies & Gents ~ invest in this one, it's a keeper!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Review - Dex New York Mineral Tinted Hydrator

Clinically engineered to multi-task as a foundation, sunscreen (SPF 20) and anti-oxidant lotion. This ultra-sheer cream features an extra boost – our Multi-Mineral Complex of Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc, Lysine and other vital elements. Potent antioxidants, Gingko Biloba, Ginseng, and Vitamins A and E, Protect against free radical damage while moisturizing skin. Glides on effortlessly to create a water-resistant veil of natural looking coverage.

Hmmm... What can I say about this Hydrator? Oh, I know: GO TO THEIR WEBSITE AND ORDER SOME NOW!!! I know that sounds extreme, but seriously it's on sale, it's completely awesome for people (like me) who don't need a whole lot of coverage but could use a little bit of help, and it's sunblock! No, I don't think you can get a whole lot better than that. I have TH-01 which is the palest, I am quite pale and it seems to me that it makes me sort of look sun-kissed. It is quite moisturizing, and I can wear it without another cream underneath. My favorite part is that it comes off easily at the end of the day with very little residue. We'll just say that I am VERY pleased with this Tinted Hydrator.

Hillary says: On an average day when I'm not going anywhere in particular, I use a tinted moisturizer as opposed to a full coverage foundation. This one from Dex is an excellent one. It goes on smoothly and offers light to light/medium coverage. I have it in the color Sagaponac which is just right for my very light skin tone. It has a bunch of good-for-your-skin ingredients such as Retinyl Palmitate (a retinoid) and Vitamin E (listed as Tocopheryl Acetate). Of course I love the fact that it contains SPF 20 which comes from sources which block both UVA and UVB well. Since I choose not to tan even in summer, this is going to be one of my "go to" products in the coming months. Just one pump of this Hydrator covers my whole face and despite the fact that it is a moisturizer, it doesn't make me look shiny at all.
I wonder if the Ginkgo Biloba in it will improve my skin's memory? Maybe it will remember how to act 20 again!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Review - e.l.f. Eye Shadow Brush

Specially sheered brush tip absorbs the perfect amount of eye shadow and provides long lasting color saturation. $1.00
I know that others weren't too keen on the blush brush.. I think they E.L.F. is redeemed with their eye shadow brush.. I really like it.. I have my share of brushes from ridiculously expensive to moderately priced. I have been using only this for over a week and so far so good. It gently picks up the shadow and spreads evenly and smoothly.. I find this works really well in the crease.. I think it feels like it's well made and will last.. All in all if you are a brush snob then this is perfect to pack in your weekender and won't be sad if it's lost.. I will re buy this one if I lose it or it falls apart. I also haven't noticed lose hair either..

Deedlejuse Says: I have to completely agree with Cityslicker, and I was the original hater on the blush brush. All in all I also couldn't be happier with this brush. It is awesome! I think it is well made for the price, the bristles are not too stiff or too wimpy, and it really does pick up eyeshadow well. I have used it with both hard packed shadow and the loose stuff and I am happy on both fronts. This brush reaffirms my true love for this company, the perfect place for people without a lot of dough! You will not be disappointed with this brush, I promise.

Amanda S. Says: I agree also! I pulled this brush out of my bag just in time to test it with a new quad of ultra dark monochromatic eye shadows I picked up to attempt that smoldering smokey eyed mystery girl look I'm always seeking. I was really petrified of walking out of the bathroom looking more raccoon/panda than mystery woman, but not only was I an all around success in my quest, but the brush worked so well. It's light and gentle and blended even the hardest super dark colors with light well. And so cheap!

Hillary says: I'm a little obsessed with brushes, especially eyeshadow brushes. I'm like the Imelda Marcos of eyeshadow brushes. If I didn't think I'd need to have a psych evaluation because of it, I'd have a brush for every color of eyeshadow I've got. And now I've found a way to make my excessive dream a reality- $1 quality brushes from e.l.f.! I actually find myself reaching for this brush instead of my Armani brush. It's got a great bristle density, it's not too firm, not to soft and it picks up color beautifully. It's bristles are on the short side but they are long enough to be fluid and the head is generously sized but small enough to use to apply multiple colors on one lid. Unfortunately for my wallet, the more e.l.f. I try, the more e.l.f. I want. My list is getting ridiculous!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Review - Nailene French Tip Kit w/ Pen

In just 2 simple steps, achieve that perfect salon French Manicure with our easy-to-use pen. Also great for pedicures and perfect for retouching! Mistake proof, precision application with fabulous results.

Movie Maven says: I gave this French tip kit a try while enjoying a movie on HBO at my aunt's swanky Upper East Side pad, pretending to be fancy for the evening. It seemed fitting, doing my nails in the most preppy, semi-outdated way possible, in the most preppy, unhip neighborhood in NYC. I'm pleased to report that I sort of enjoyed the kit, though I doubt I'll be using it with the white-on-white look the kit comes with again (in Brooklyn we like our nails colorful, so I'm planning a blue-on-blue or possibly red-on-pink thing next time). The kit comes with white base color, acrylic top coat, 42 nail guides, and, best of all, a white tip pen. This pen is super awesome! The color goes on easily and makes it difficult (though not impossible, as I discovered) to make mistakes. The main recommendation I would make if you're planning on using this kit is to press the guides down well, because I wasn't as diligent as I should have been in that arena and ended up with a couple wonky-looking nails that I then had to fix. The top coat is great, though - I used it with some other polish as well and it held up admirably. And the whole kit only runs about $8-10 bucks and will easily get you through 4 manicures with the guides, or more if you don't use the guides! Nice!

CitySlicker Says: As mentioned by Movie Maven, please the guides down.. I too ended up having uneven application, the white got under my nails and made for ! lets say much less than a straight ended tip. When I did get it right the white look bright crisp and clean looking. I added the overlay which is a nice sheer micro mica polish. It is really nice in the sun. It too me a long time to get this on perfectly.. The biggest disappointment is the next day at work the chipping began. This started out strong for me but didn't make it to the finish line. Maybe I am to rough with my hands at work.. I am an in administration so I don't think so but it was a heck of a lot of work.. I will continue to use the finish polish but not sure I will invest the time in the white tips.

Amanda S. Says: When I saw this kit I let out a little giggle. Mostly because I'm such a spazz, the idea of me evenly distributing anything in a straight line is almost ridiculous. But frankly, if there is any french manicure kit that you could feasibly deem 'easy' this would be it. Believe it in my life, I have never used a french tip kit, or had one done professionally, assuming that my messy lifestyle would destroy its pristine look in about 14 minutes. But this lasted a solid 4 days with me, which is a mystery because part of those days was spent cleaning and painting, doing all sorts of un-Amanda things and so on. I'm not sure how many times I'll have the patience to do it, but I will most certainly be using the rest of this kit. Let's face it though, if you normally go for this look, in THIS economy, a do it yourself at home kit is the best possible solution to paying wayyyyyy more for a professional job.

Hillary says: As a person who gives herself regular manicures, I found this kit to be a breeze. I do my nails so often that my husband actually asked me if I do my nails every day. I do do them often and I was off and running with this kit. I'm not even sure if I'll use the guides next time. The guides are good, but you have to get them on "just so" to make your application look professional. I got the hang of the guides using the 4 bottle Nailene French Manicure Kit, so this time it was easy. And the pen that this kit comes with makes the whole thing so much easier than doing your French manicure with a bottle of polish free-hand (been there, done that). It's true that the white from the pen may go under your nails a bit, but honestly, who's looking? I often get nail polish under my nails and I've never had anyone notice. As far as the chipping that Cityslicker experienced, I had no problems with chipping. Plus once it did start chipping in the normal 3-4 days (that's about my no-chip limit), I found it abundantly easy to fill in the chips with the pen. If I had to recommend only one French Manicure set, I would recommend this one. Novices can quickly learn how to use it and old hands like myself will be able to do it in only slightly longer time than it takes to do a regular manicure.

Review- e.l.f. Brightening Eye Color Quad

Luxuriously smooth, corn silk formula provides eyes with a neutral base and an awakened brightness. The formula blends into skin for a long lasting, beautiful effect. The 4 color quad allows for both natural and dramatic looks. Mirror in compact included. $1

Ok, so this eyeshadow quad (we're talking 4 colors here)is $1, glides on beautifully AND I got 2 separate compliments on the colors? What strange planet have I landed on? The combo I got is called "Butternut" and while it wouldn't match everyone, it is a perfect fit for me. It is a yellow, a salmon/orange (not orange-orange), a light chocolate brown and a dark brown. They all have a bit of shimmer to them but with these shades, the shimmer seems almost natural. In no way overdone. I didn't use the sponge applicator included (it's a little small) but had great success applying it with an eyeshadow brush. I put it on about 8 hours ago and where I won't say it hasn't faded at all, it still looks reasonably in place and decent (mind you I didn't use a shadow primer). There are 9 quad combinations to choose from, and I'm sure if you look you'll find something that piques your interest. So what are you waiting for? Click the link above and spend that dollar burning a hole in your pocket!

Deedlejuse Says: I feel like a broken record but.... ahhh..... all that Hillary says and more! My complexion is quite different from Hillary, we are both pale, but I am blond with a rosy (ok, pink) undertone to my skin. I believe I got the same "Butternut" compact and it is to die for on my skin. Super understated and just really lovely. The lighter colors are great for highlighting and the darker browns add a great "pop" to my lids. I am 100% satisfied with my $1 eyeshadow, even Wet 'N Wild can't compare to this amazing line. I love it!

Amanda S. Says: I can't believe this is $1. Seriously. I just went to the drug store and decided to compare the prices, and they ranged from $5 to $12. And we're talking for items that are, at times, of WAY lesser value and usefulness. I love these colors and it's amazing how well this stayed on. It was 90 degrees here yesterday, and me, Amanda the compulsive eye-rubber, wore three shades of this amazing quad and it lasted.. from 6 am when I applied it until 8 pm when I returned home and washed it off. !!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Review - Got2b Styltini Strong One 24 Hour Power Grip Spray Gel

got2b Styltini Strong One 24 hour Power Grip Spray Gel turns fine, limp locks into a full lush mane. With got2b Styltini Strong One 24 Hour Power Grip Spray Gel from your first DJ request 'til your last booth shake, your hair will stay pumped up and gorgeous! $4.50

I have had some very good luck with the Got2b line so I thought Got2b Styltini Strong One 24 Hour Power Grip Spray Gel just might be a good product. It turns out to be a very good product, especially for the price. It does give your hair the feel of more body and the appearance of more volume while it keeps the style in for you. It does not cause flaking or that greasey hair feel and look you can get with many products. It does not weigh your hair down and flatten it. You can find this line almost anywhere which will save you shipping and handling. I can tell you this is one product that is going to stay in my hair care arsenal. It is easy to use and works wonders and you cannot beat the price.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Coupon Alert - Cosmetics & Skincare deals till 6/2

30% off @ NIA 24 till 6/2 use code luckybreaks10

35% off @ DuWop till 6/2 use code luckybreaks4

30% off @ Pop Beauty till 6/2 use code luckybreaks8

Review - Got2b Guardian Angel Heat Protect 'n Flatten

Be invincible with the got2b Guardian Angel formulated with proven 425 degree heat protection, plus a patented heat-activated polymer which forms a protective layer around the cuticle while delivering shine agents for a glossy finish. There's no more need to go any hotter.
This flat iron straightening balm moisturizes and insulates your hair from flat iron frying to provide long-lasting, sleek, frizz-free locks with luminous shine effects. $6.99

I have only been using this for a week or so and I am ready to share.. I am in love with this little bottle of gold! I am amazed at the performance and transformation my doo has experienced. Confession: I am a flat ironer. I use one every morning. I HAVE to use products to help flatten and protect my hair, and this one actually makes a difference on my color-treated, shoulder-length locks! I find that my doo gets lots of little fly aways and can break. The key for my usage to so make sure to hold away from my hair and let the fine mist float onto the doo, because If you spray too close it's a grease pit. I have perfected the application and upon the first swipe of the iron my hair is smooth, straight, shiny and tame. It's amazing! It's got a light floral scent that is nice and evaporates once I run the iron through. The best part is any damage I have lays flat (and I mean FLAT) throughout the day, without buildup! If the rain comes then I know I'll get my frizz on, but that's inevitable. Honestly, I would pay double for this. Great product and will buy again.

Amanda S. Says: I used the "Heat Protect N' Blow out Lotion", which is probably exactly the same as the above. I do not blow my hair out every day, actually even less than once a week. But I recently got my bangs trimmed (I was growing them out, realized I looked like a freak, and had them cut again) and brought this along to try during the long torturous blow out they insist on after my cuts. First of all, I really like the smell. It smells clean. It for some reason reminded me of the beach or something. Second of all, I definitely noticed less puff to my blow out. There wasn't that tell-tale look of fried hair or fuzziness. I'm not sure if there's a smoothing agent or it really was protecting but honestly, WHO CARES! It helped. If you iron or blow out your hair a lot, you absolutely must use something to protect it. The price is right with this stuff, and it works. Check it out.

Review - e.l.f. Blushing, Bronzing and Blending Brush

This unique three-in-one brush allows for precision application of blush, bronzer, and all other multipurpose dusts and loose powders. $1

I must begin with the fact that I would put up with a lot less for $1, if I had to. So all in all it is a very good deal, and if you can't afford a nicer blush brush, or are using this for travel then go to it! It is great in that regard, but it really doesn't stand up to even a minimal upgrade in my opinion. At least the one I got the bristles were all uneven and very coarse/uncomfortable ( but I do have rather sensitive skin). It is versatile because it is a very usable size, slightly larger than my normal blush brush but slightly smaller than my powder brush. I would say it is perfect for travel, when there isn't a huge amount of space, and you won't cry too much if you loose it.
I just had trouble with the very coarse bristles blending bronzer onto my skin, it left it sort of splotchy and uneven. Of course that could have been technique, but I don't usually have such an issue so I doubt it. On the e.l.f. site the reviews gave this Blushing, Bronzing and Blending Brush four out of five stars, I would probably give it a three.

Movie Maven says: You may have read my other posts singing the praises of e.l.f., the best discount line ever. But, just like that time I suddenly realized that the guy I was crushing on was super gay, the veil has now been lifted. e.l.f. is not all unicorns and rainbows, ladies. Their downfall: brushes. The short version is: don't buy their brushes. Brushes are, as my mom likes to say about sensible shoes, "an investment." Get the right ones and treat them nicely and they will last you a long, long time. e.l.f. brushes are more like the turquoise patent leather spike heels you buy on sale at Strawberry because they look SO PERFECT with that one outfit, and then you wear them once and the heel falls off. Because that is actually what happened with my e.l.f. brush. The handle just fell off, appropos of nothing, as soon as I removed it from its packaging. I tried to give it the old college try by gluing it back together, but like those $13 turquoise heels, the brush could not be salvaged. Go nuts with their cosmetics...but if you want to apply them, try something else.

Hillary says: I just read Maven's review and I'm shocked. I am so happy with my e.l.f. brushes! Ok, to be fair, this blush and bronzer brush is not my favorite of the brushes- that honor goes to their flat eyeliner brush. The eyeliner brush is the absolute perfect firmness for applying gel and cream eyeliners. This blush brush is just a little too small (brush head wise) and a little too wiry for my taste. But see my review later of the eyeshadow brush, because I like that one too. I still have a purpose for this one, because it's fine for all over color, but I'd steer clear of using it for blush.

Sheba says I have been overwhelmed by all the other products for their prices. The blush brush is a more than decent brush and I use it as a take-along for any emergency fix ups. Well, you know what -- I was being a snob. I didn't really think it compared to my other blush brushes. I admit it -- I was wrong. I just started using it on a daily basis and was very pleasantly surprised. I am going to invest in several more of them. I am not saying that this brush is the best -- but it is actually up there with some of my better ones. Let me add that I paid a lot more for the worst of them!! Actually this brush is a lot better than some of the much more expensive brushes I have. So I defintely am a happy camper with my e.l.f. Blushing, Bronzing and Blending Brush.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Review - e.l.f. Mineral Powder Eyeshadow

Bring a touch of natural beauty to your eyes with these soft, translucent shades that add subtle highlights for daytime or increased drama for night. With key vitamins A & B, these eyeshadows hydrate and minimize the appearance of fine lines.

Movie Maven says: Seems like every cosmetics company is trying their hand at the mineral line, and discount line e.l.f. (eyes lips face) is no exception. Carried at stores like Strawberry (aka The Poor Girl's H&M) and Jack's 99-Cent stores, e.l.f. actually has some surprisingly great products for a semi-ridiculous price. I tried this mineral eyeshadow in four colors: Earthy (deep green), Mysterious (violet), Temptress (looks pink but is more of a taupey mauve), and Golden (go ahead and guess what that last one looks like). I was particularly pleased with the Earthy and Golden, which were shimmery pigments, more so than the other two, which were more matte. I'd recommend using a shadow base with the matte colors, but the shimmery ones were vibrant with no base. If you're not used to mineral powders, be sure to tap your brush well, or you'll end up with a fabulous raccoon look! At $3 a pop, these shadows are a great - and super cheap - addition to any eyeshadow collection.
CitySlicker Says: First of all I can't believe these are only $3 per pot. That alone is amazing. The product and quality are really nice. I got 3 pots. They are just like all the other mineral companies' shadows; I am now wondering why I have spent over triple the cost on just one shadow from other lines. They glide on so lightly, they feel like air. The darker the shadow, the more pigment, the lighter the more feathery shimmery it is. These are true diamond in the rough finds! I find that by day's end there is only light creasing. At the end of the day these melt away with eye makeup remover and only when I wear them heavy do I see the remains of a bit of shimmer. Also you can wear on the lippies with a gloss over too - it looks cool and gives my gloss a new dimension. I can't wait to see what is next for E.L.F. They are really doing a wonderful job at offering truly affordable cosmetics to all - in cool colors that are hip and now!

Sheba says: e.l.f. is showing the way with their amazing products for such a darn reasonable price. Don't be a snob -- try these -- they are as good or better than much higher priced shadows. I have tried many lower priced cosmetics and been okay with them -- thought I got what I paid for. These will surprise you -- you are getting much more than you expect in quality alone. I believe that these can truly compete with some of the best ones out there. Check out the many shades available -- you will find one or actually many that you will select. I have three and all three are wonderful. However, I think I have found the perfect shade for working with my hazel eyes -- it is Earthy, a dark green as Movie Maven mentioned, but with just enough sparkle to pick up the flecks in the eyes.
You don't really care what works for me - you want to pick out what works for you and you will find it and you won't mind paying the small price for it!!

Deedlejuse says: These shadows as you have seen above are very good quality, I'm not saying for the price, because I believe that they are very good quality regardless of the price. Like I'd be more than willing to pay double or triple what they are charging. In fact using these really makes me evaluate the ridiculous amounts I have spent in the past on shadows that didn't even compare! I (believe) I got two pots, Golden and Partier, unfortunately neither of these colors worked that well with my complexion, blond, pale with pink undertones. Partier is sort of a dove gray, and not shimmery, while Golden is super shimmery almost brassy gold. I believe both colors will be to die for in the summer when my complexion is less pasty, but right now they really didn't work on me, which is sad because they are so nice! They stay put, and with very little effort you can really get a nice thick layer. I will definitely purchase some of the other colors so that I can get the true experience!

Amanda S. Says: I'm late for the party huh?? Well, what can I say that hasn't been said, other than to repeat... THREE BUCKS?? $3? Ladies, gentleman... This mineral eyeshadow is exactly the same, if not maybe even a little better (I had a way easy time blending this) than those that cost five times more! And I love all the colors (my favorite being 'partier' because it's super dark and sexy). This eyeshadow lasts all day and into the evening without creasing, flaking or wearing off. You seriously can't go wrong with these.

Hillary says: These Mineral Powder Shadows are inexpensive, but don't ever call them cheap! Their quality can compete with minerals costing 10 times what they cost. What I'm especially loving about these minerals is that they aren't all about the glitter like some other brands. I don't need glittery eyes to go grocery shopping, but I do like to wear makeup there just the same (I'm a bit of a junkie, I rarely leave the house without makeup). Temptress is the perfect wearable mauve. I wear it all by itself over my whole lid and it looks like me, but better. Sassy is a shiny bronze, Elegant is a glossy looking cream with pink undertones. I've also got Mysterious which is an understated flat grey/violet that goes well with Temptress. I love all four shadows and they last like champs. They are made of %100 natural minerals and frankly I don't know how e.l.f. pulls it off! All of the other companies have us believing that you have to spend a fortune to get good, pure mineral make-up then e.l.f. comes along and blows that theory right out of the water. I will definitely be buying more of these wonderful (and wonderfully affordable) eyeshadows.

Review - e.l.f Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15

This Super Glossy SPF 15 formula fights environmental damage while leaving your lips with a healthy glossy glow. The delicious flavor and sweet scent will leave you licking your lips in delight! The perfect on the go tube that is mess proof for anywhere and anytime!
*The color Angel does not include SPF 15

I have to rave. I am completely serious, this is the best lip gloss ever!!!!! I have the shade Angel, which actually does not include SPF, but is perfectly pretty, shimmery, and glossy. I have worn it by itself for the glossy effect, and also over other lipsticks. My favorite look so far is over the Lip Ink shade Venusian Flesh. You will have to reapply every so often, but still this gloss is wonderful. It is moisturizing but not super thick and sticky like some glosses can be. The flavor is surprisingly grape, I only say surprisingly because I didn't think I was a grape girl until I got this gloss. The best part? It will cost you less than your morning coffee!!! A whole buck. I didn't think this was possible, but apparently elf Cosmetics are where I should have been shopping for the last five years. Also one should know that you will receive free shipping with any order over $75, but you could probably beautify a small army with that amount from elf! I totally love this company!

CitySlicker Says: I have this in Candlelight. It's a pretty peachy gold tone.. On my lips it's more of a nude peach. I love the consistency of the lip shine.. It's a cross between a cream lipstick and a gloss.. It's not tacky or sticky in the least. It wears a little fast on my lips. I I do have to reapply a couple of times throughout the day but honestly, not a problem with you are paying a smooth 4 quarters! I also haven't noticed that my lips are drying out and that can happen for me with some lippes.. There is a great color selection also well worth a gander. The one draw back for me is the heavy scent. It's vanilla grape which isn't the most delightful scent out there. I can grin and bare it since the product is that good. I will be purchasing more of these.. This is the perfect portable line so if you lose something it's not like it's the end of the world..

Amanda S. Says: Ahhh, my purse. The bottomless faux leather pit that steals cell phones, quarters, and make up. I apply lip gloss and chapsticks like it's going out of style, and I am much too busy/lazy to rezip them into my make up bag every time I whip them out to reapply. Thus, I LOSE them mercilessly, and they're not cheap. Well, until now. E.L.F. did a great job with this little number, especially the array of colors I checked out. I used "pink kiss" and all other glosses have slid sadly to the bottom crevices of the purse waiting for the day that this one runs out.

Review - Liz Earle Energising Body Wash

Kick-start your day with this revitalising yet gently cleansing, skin-softening all over wash. Pure plant extracts and natural foaming agents clean skin, while sweet orange and 8 pure essential oils plus damask rose flower water refresh and delicately fragrance it.

Movie Maven says:
I'm not being pretentious, guys - it really does say "Energising" on this bottle of Liz Earle Energising Body Wash. It's from England! And you know what - those Brits know from florals. This light, but invigorating body wash smells like your grandma's rose oil, but updated with lots of citrusy notes so it doesn't actually smell like an old lady. Best of both worlds! I don't know that it's necessarily "energising," but it certainly made my nose happy (and my roommates', too...I keep finding the bottle with less product in it than I left there). It's a great scent, and a fine body wash - I just wish it wasn't so pricey!

Sheba says 'ditto' to Movie Maven's review. Liz Earle Energising Body Wash is definitely a refreshing body wash and I love anything citrus. The citrus was actually a surprise -- I was thinking it was going to be just floral. It was a very nice pleasant surprise! This is just the right consistency, suds up nicely without overdoing, and leaves skin feeling nice, clean, refreshing, and moisturized. I still need some moisturizer but it definitely does not dry out your skin as some body washes do. It is a bit expensive but Liz Earle is a known brand, however, it is worth it to treat yourself once in a while!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Review - Belle de Provence Floral Shower Gel

Rich and refreshing, this shower gel will transport you to the over-flowing gardens of Provence.

Movie Maven says:

As an olfactorily-sensitive young lady (read: a gal who reacts to smells), I have pretty particular tastes when it comes to strong-smelling shower gel. I like a light scent, a pleasant scent, a crisp scent. Even vanilla, for me, feels heavy and overwhelming. So when I got this Belle de Provence Shower Gel in Water Lily, I was in heaven. The scent is so light and so calming, and best of all, it works great as bubble bath as well! I felt like I was sitting in a French garden. It's not as pricey as it looks on the site, since it's in Canadian dollars, but it's still more than your typical drugstore brand. But oh! that scent. So lovely.

I received this shower gel in Primrose, and I have to second all the nice things Movie Maven says above! It is simply beautiful. A light floral (distinctively primrose) with just a little bit of musky undertones. That musk is nice because it takes the super-floral edge away. The shower gel works really well as a bubble bath, in fact I think that I will probably save it for baths only because the bottle is sort of awkward (I prefer pumps) and the gel is actually quite thin so it might be really easy to overuse in the shower.
I'm not complaining, just saying! I definitely wouldn't complain about this lovely shower gel, this is certainly a luxury I wouldn't mind spending some money on.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Review - e.l.f. Nail Polish Remover Pads

These convenient pads quickly and easily remove nail polish without the mess associated with bottled remover. Citrus scent and gentle formula leave nails fresh and soft.

I tend to be the kind of girl who, once the purity of her manicure has been sullied, will pick and pick and pick at my nail polish until it is all gone. Hey - keeps my hands busy, right? But sometimes a girl needs to give it up and just get out the nail polish remover. Enter e.l.f.'s nail polish remover pads. Guys - I think I'm in love. These things are awesome for, like, a million reasons. First of all: they are pads (obviously). For me, that means no frantic scramble for cotton balls, or making do with a wad of toilet paper when I inevitably find I have none. Second: They actually DO leave nails fresh and soft! I mean, you'll still want to put on lotion afterward, but compared to your everyday bottle of acetone, this stuff is almost moisturizing. Third (and maybe most importantly): THEY COST A DOLLAR. A dollar!! For 18 pads, I'm in. I used one to remove the last vestiges of my disappearing manicure; you might need to use two if you're starting with more on your nails. But still - what can you get for a dollar these days?!? These get my highest recommendation: ten nails up.

Hillary says: Well I've been on vacation for about 6 hours and these suckers have already proven dead handy. I've just arrived in Ireland, but I broke 2 nails on the plane (don't ask me how) and chipped a few others. These nail polish remover pads are as wonderful as Maven says they are with a pleasant scent (how many times do you hear those words in the same sentence as polish remover? They are sturdy enough to do at least 4 nails completely, yet thin enough to do the edges of your nails w/ your other nails. They left my nails well conditioned and ready to manicure. I will definitely be purchasing these again. Luckily my favorite $1 store carries the entire line.

Amanda S. Says: This is just a cute cute cute idea. I love the portability of this little teeny pad, and the lack of mess making involved in taking off my polish when it starts to go downhill. And come on, this is only $1!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Money Saving Hair Tips from Rodney Cutler of Cutler Salons

Now one does not usually associate an upscale NYC salon with saving money, it's true, but I recently had the pleasure of vising Cutler Salon on 57th St. in New York City again and I was able to ask Rodney Cutler for some tips on hair that just might save you some money (and who doesn't love that?). Here is Rodney's advice on looking chic without breaking the bank.

“I am constantly asked if our salon business is suffering b/c of the economy. Fortunately we are not, but I have definitely noticed that clients are stretching out their appointments. One client even asked me if she should change her hair color from blonde to brown, as it would be less of a financial burden. Definitely a good solution, but I’m not sure the millions of blondes out there are willing to give up their light locks to save a few bucks. The good news is there are a few ways to save your wallet and still keep your desired look!”

One thing Rodney suggests is "Hidden Highlights". "This process leaves the top layer of hair un-highlighted and highlights are scattered underneath, giving you the luxury of allowing your highlighted pieces to grow without a noticeable re-growth."

"Limit your full head of highlights to once a year: A partial/half highlight will give you the coverage required while keeping the price down." Good to know!

This should be a no-brainer, but we are all guilty of breaking this rule at one point or another- "Use color protectant shampoos and conditioners at home! While they won’t cover grays, they will keep your color fresh in between salon visits."

As far as cutting back on cuts, Rodney recommends: "Don’t choose a cut that only works at a specific length as it will force you back to the salon more frequently than you may feel comfortable with."

"Layered haircuts tend to give you more longevity in your look and work well as they’re growing out." Trust me on this one, I have layers and it makes all the difference. "If one length hair is a must, keep the length below the shoulders, as that extra inch of growth won’t be as noticeable."

This knowledge is essential- "Most high-end salons offer either a minimal fee or a complimentary bang trim in between cuts. This is sure to give your style a few extra weeks!" My own personal recommendation is to check if/ how much a salon charges for a bang cut because I generally end up going back after 3-4 weeks and getting a bang trim. Sometimes I'll get 2 bang trims between cuts and if your salon is charging you $15 a pop for a bang trim (plus tip) you technically have to figure that into the price of your haircut. You may think you are saving money at a certain salon and then spending an extra $40 in between cuts on bang trims. For that kind of money you may be able to afford a nicer salon w/ free bang trims. Cutler Salons offer free bang trims.

Rodney says: “Not that we want you to stay away from the salon, but I can definitely sympathize with prioritizing budgets. With these tips, you can look and feel beautiful without feeling the guilt!”

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Review- Giselle 8 Stack Collection Eyeshadow

For quick personal service, contact Stephen in Sales at: He can help you with all your mineral make-up needs.

OK, get this: you can get 8 eye shadows in a cool looking stack, in cute teeny little pan style containers, they're shimmery and awesome and.... guess what else? apparently you can use them in a million different ways. After reading up on their site, you can mix these with clear nail polish and make colored nail polish, use it as eyeliner, lip color... Seriously. And there are so many colors it's mind blowing. I have tried three different 'stacks', renaissance, double date, and flint. They're all perfectly awesome, renaissance being my own personal color favorite. They go on crease-lessly and without flake or disappearance problems. They're soft and shimmery and you can put them on for intense heavy color, or brush it on lightly for a softer tone.

Movie Maven says: Seriously. You guys. These stacks. ARE AMAZING. I'm obsessed. I took one over to my friend's house specifically so she could see it and be amazed. I have three color combos - Las Vegas, Flirt, and Wild Flower - that all have ridiculously awesome, mega-pigmented colors. There is a green in the Las Vegas set that is unlike any other green eyeshadow I've seen, and ALWAYS gets noticed by people checking out the set. I've used the shadows with eyeshadow primer for more intense color and alone for less, and in both cases was very pleased with the results. But it gets better! Since these are actually just loose pigments, you can mix them with clear nail polish to make any color into a shimmery polish. The one thing I'll mention with the polish is you MUST use a topcoat, which I didn't do the first time, and was rewarded with a chipped set of nails soon after. But overall, I cannot say enough good things about these shadows! Yes! They're a little pricey but if you consider the fact that you get EIGHT colors that can be used in a bunch of different ways, it's well worth it!

CitySlicker Says: First & Foremost props to Giselle Cosmetics for giving Beautifile the opportunity to review their products. Secondly, thank you for your generosity in giving the entire review panel 3 palettes of shadows each. I am very happy with all of my color choices and amazed at the colors. The palettes offer great combinations to work with and as Movie Maven mentions the possibilities are endless, since these are not just shadows. I don’t mind the loose shadows but I do find that my brush needs some serious taps back into the pot or I would be applying very heavy amounts. I prefer to lightly dip and apply more if I need it. So beware if you are heavy handed. My favorite palette is called Princess. The colors are pale and the shades so close to one another but yet so far. I am using all over my eyes as – highlighter, lid and crease. I do notice by the day’s end they do end up riding in the crease and feathering a bit. I won’t give up on these; I will get myself a primer to aid in the longevity since I adore the palettes so much...

Maria says: Talk about a color BONANZA!!! I have to give a nod to Cityslicker's comment to Giselle for their generosity in all of palettes they sent along for us to sample. Sheesh!!! So many gorgeous colors. I happened to have them out when four of my nieces were at my house and they went crazy for them! They were having a field day trying them out - oohing and aahing over each of them (in particularly a gorgeous teal color - so sorry I'm not sure which stack it came from) My favorite palette is Renaissance - they are all cool-toned colors ranging from blues and purples to tones of browns and grays. They're just drool-inducing to the makeup addict or to anyone who loves color. The only caveat I see is that you just have to be careful as there's only one cover and naturally it's at the top of the stack - to get to a color in the stack, you have to unscrew and then put it aside so you can dip into the color that you want - also, I would suggest using a primer with these colors as they are feather-light and tend to not stay (on my peepers anyway) without a primer. That said, no other complaints. You can wear them dry, wetlined, foiled, as highliters - you name it. Very versatile. I think you'll be hearing a lot about this company...there's a definite artist behind the line - one who knows colors and knows what women will go nuts for!

Deedlejuse Says: I have to agree with everyone on the amazing array of beautiful colors Giselle has created in these stacks. My favorite part is that having these colors makes me think outside of my normal routine and try something different, which generally turns out to look gorgeous since this eyeshadow is so beautiful! I'm going to have to disagree with Maria, this shadow stayed with me much longer than some others that I have tried. It is very, very light though, almost like a sheer pearly dusting of color. I don't like anything too matte, for me everything must be shimmery and pretty translucent, and these colors are the perfect thing for me! I have Princess, Terra Bella, and California Gold, all of which work perfectly with my super pale complexion. The stacking thing is sort of a pain, as others have mentioned, but I can't imagine a better way to package these and offer the incredible array that they do. All in all I would say I am more than happy with this shadow and if I ever use it all up I would definitely repurchase.

Sheba say: Giselle 8 Stack Collection Eyeshadow is positively one of the best products out there for eye enhancement. The people at Giselle are some very generous donors to us as reviewers. This generosity is much appreciated and luckily it gives us enough product to really do thorough reviews. Also, they know their products will not disappoint - they are not afraid of bad reviews. I think it would be impossible to not LOVE their products. I have Wild Flower, Contradiction, and Twilight to use and review. Just remember that each of these is an 8 color extravaganza!!! There is no way you cannot find a combination that you will love. Further, with a price of $45.00 for all 8 you are getting such a beauty bargain!! The array of colors and shades is amazing and they all seem to just bring out the best in the eyes. I brought mine into my office and let others sample them and to say their eyes just popped is not suffice. One of the girls usually does not wear them and she will from now on. Her eyes just shone with beautiful color and highlights. They were amazing with the ooomph she added using these. She tried a few different ones and each actually seemed better than the last. I, personally, had incredible results as I have tried each and every one. I found that you can wear them very lightly or add an extra coat to get more vivid color and combining colors is always an option. It is hard to believe but I did not find any that did not enhance my eyes in all three color stacks. After you have bought your first stack -- you will return for more. They stay on well and do not end up in the creases. You get your money's worth: first, the price is very reasonable and second, you use so little they will last and last. Finally, look at Cityslicker's note about buy 1, get 1 free. That makes these so affordable that you cannot pass them up. I thank Giselle for the many complements my eyes have received with your products!

Hillary says: There isn't much to say that hasn't already been said as the ladies seem to love the pigments as much as I do. I call them pigments and not shadows as I've used them for everything. I absolutely adore them as nail polish and have started weeding out colors from my nail polish collection just so I can use the brushes with the pigments mixed with a base coat. I believe that is the key- mixing the color with base coat, not topcoat. The sets I got are Starry Night which is all shades of white, grey and black. Perfect to create a smokey eye. The next palette I got is Las Vegas which has gorgeous bright colors (I used the green as nail polish for Christmas). I also got Brown Eyed Girl which is not just for girls with brown eyes, the terra cottas and browns really bring out the green in my hazel eyes. I couldn't be happier with the colors or the quality of these pigments. And even using them as nail polish, they are going to last a while. I suggest using a piece of tinfoil, scooping on some pigment, then pouring on and mixing in some base coat to make nail polish. Guaranteed if you invest in one (or more) of these palettes you will have fun with them.

FYI- I just found out it is possible to purchase additional lids for the shadows for $.20 apiece. A nice thing to have if you travel with your make-up as I do.

Sheba says I have to add to my earlier review. I have been using these shadows, wet, dry, and every which way. They are so practical as well as beautiful. I just got the additional lids and I must say -- I did not think that Giselle could have improved these shadows -- but the lids actually make them more practical and efficient. You might want to take just one or two with you for the day or evening and now you can. Giselle knows what the customer needs and wants!!