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Review- Giselle 8 Stack Collection Eyeshadow

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OK, get this: you can get 8 eye shadows in a cool looking stack, in cute teeny little pan style containers, they're shimmery and awesome and.... guess what else? apparently you can use them in a million different ways. After reading up on their site, you can mix these with clear nail polish and make colored nail polish, use it as eyeliner, lip color... Seriously. And there are so many colors it's mind blowing. I have tried three different 'stacks', renaissance, double date, and flint. They're all perfectly awesome, renaissance being my own personal color favorite. They go on crease-lessly and without flake or disappearance problems. They're soft and shimmery and you can put them on for intense heavy color, or brush it on lightly for a softer tone.

Movie Maven says: Seriously. You guys. These stacks. ARE AMAZING. I'm obsessed. I took one over to my friend's house specifically so she could see it and be amazed. I have three color combos - Las Vegas, Flirt, and Wild Flower - that all have ridiculously awesome, mega-pigmented colors. There is a green in the Las Vegas set that is unlike any other green eyeshadow I've seen, and ALWAYS gets noticed by people checking out the set. I've used the shadows with eyeshadow primer for more intense color and alone for less, and in both cases was very pleased with the results. But it gets better! Since these are actually just loose pigments, you can mix them with clear nail polish to make any color into a shimmery polish. The one thing I'll mention with the polish is you MUST use a topcoat, which I didn't do the first time, and was rewarded with a chipped set of nails soon after. But overall, I cannot say enough good things about these shadows! Yes! They're a little pricey but if you consider the fact that you get EIGHT colors that can be used in a bunch of different ways, it's well worth it!

CitySlicker Says: First & Foremost props to Giselle Cosmetics for giving Beautifile the opportunity to review their products. Secondly, thank you for your generosity in giving the entire review panel 3 palettes of shadows each. I am very happy with all of my color choices and amazed at the colors. The palettes offer great combinations to work with and as Movie Maven mentions the possibilities are endless, since these are not just shadows. I don’t mind the loose shadows but I do find that my brush needs some serious taps back into the pot or I would be applying very heavy amounts. I prefer to lightly dip and apply more if I need it. So beware if you are heavy handed. My favorite palette is called Princess. The colors are pale and the shades so close to one another but yet so far. I am using all over my eyes as – highlighter, lid and crease. I do notice by the day’s end they do end up riding in the crease and feathering a bit. I won’t give up on these; I will get myself a primer to aid in the longevity since I adore the palettes so much...

Maria says: Talk about a color BONANZA!!! I have to give a nod to Cityslicker's comment to Giselle for their generosity in all of palettes they sent along for us to sample. Sheesh!!! So many gorgeous colors. I happened to have them out when four of my nieces were at my house and they went crazy for them! They were having a field day trying them out - oohing and aahing over each of them (in particularly a gorgeous teal color - so sorry I'm not sure which stack it came from) My favorite palette is Renaissance - they are all cool-toned colors ranging from blues and purples to tones of browns and grays. They're just drool-inducing to the makeup addict or to anyone who loves color. The only caveat I see is that you just have to be careful as there's only one cover and naturally it's at the top of the stack - to get to a color in the stack, you have to unscrew and then put it aside so you can dip into the color that you want - also, I would suggest using a primer with these colors as they are feather-light and tend to not stay (on my peepers anyway) without a primer. That said, no other complaints. You can wear them dry, wetlined, foiled, as highliters - you name it. Very versatile. I think you'll be hearing a lot about this company...there's a definite artist behind the line - one who knows colors and knows what women will go nuts for!

Deedlejuse Says: I have to agree with everyone on the amazing array of beautiful colors Giselle has created in these stacks. My favorite part is that having these colors makes me think outside of my normal routine and try something different, which generally turns out to look gorgeous since this eyeshadow is so beautiful! I'm going to have to disagree with Maria, this shadow stayed with me much longer than some others that I have tried. It is very, very light though, almost like a sheer pearly dusting of color. I don't like anything too matte, for me everything must be shimmery and pretty translucent, and these colors are the perfect thing for me! I have Princess, Terra Bella, and California Gold, all of which work perfectly with my super pale complexion. The stacking thing is sort of a pain, as others have mentioned, but I can't imagine a better way to package these and offer the incredible array that they do. All in all I would say I am more than happy with this shadow and if I ever use it all up I would definitely repurchase.

Sheba say: Giselle 8 Stack Collection Eyeshadow is positively one of the best products out there for eye enhancement. The people at Giselle are some very generous donors to us as reviewers. This generosity is much appreciated and luckily it gives us enough product to really do thorough reviews. Also, they know their products will not disappoint - they are not afraid of bad reviews. I think it would be impossible to not LOVE their products. I have Wild Flower, Contradiction, and Twilight to use and review. Just remember that each of these is an 8 color extravaganza!!! There is no way you cannot find a combination that you will love. Further, with a price of $45.00 for all 8 you are getting such a beauty bargain!! The array of colors and shades is amazing and they all seem to just bring out the best in the eyes. I brought mine into my office and let others sample them and to say their eyes just popped is not suffice. One of the girls usually does not wear them and she will from now on. Her eyes just shone with beautiful color and highlights. They were amazing with the ooomph she added using these. She tried a few different ones and each actually seemed better than the last. I, personally, had incredible results as I have tried each and every one. I found that you can wear them very lightly or add an extra coat to get more vivid color and combining colors is always an option. It is hard to believe but I did not find any that did not enhance my eyes in all three color stacks. After you have bought your first stack -- you will return for more. They stay on well and do not end up in the creases. You get your money's worth: first, the price is very reasonable and second, you use so little they will last and last. Finally, look at Cityslicker's note about buy 1, get 1 free. That makes these so affordable that you cannot pass them up. I thank Giselle for the many complements my eyes have received with your products!

Hillary says: There isn't much to say that hasn't already been said as the ladies seem to love the pigments as much as I do. I call them pigments and not shadows as I've used them for everything. I absolutely adore them as nail polish and have started weeding out colors from my nail polish collection just so I can use the brushes with the pigments mixed with a base coat. I believe that is the key- mixing the color with base coat, not topcoat. The sets I got are Starry Night which is all shades of white, grey and black. Perfect to create a smokey eye. The next palette I got is Las Vegas which has gorgeous bright colors (I used the green as nail polish for Christmas). I also got Brown Eyed Girl which is not just for girls with brown eyes, the terra cottas and browns really bring out the green in my hazel eyes. I couldn't be happier with the colors or the quality of these pigments. And even using them as nail polish, they are going to last a while. I suggest using a piece of tinfoil, scooping on some pigment, then pouring on and mixing in some base coat to make nail polish. Guaranteed if you invest in one (or more) of these palettes you will have fun with them.

FYI- I just found out it is possible to purchase additional lids for the shadows for $.20 apiece. A nice thing to have if you travel with your make-up as I do.

Sheba says I have to add to my earlier review. I have been using these shadows, wet, dry, and every which way. They are so practical as well as beautiful. I just got the additional lids and I must say -- I did not think that Giselle could have improved these shadows -- but the lids actually make them more practical and efficient. You might want to take just one or two with you for the day or evening and now you can. Giselle knows what the customer needs and wants!!

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