Thursday, April 23, 2009

Review - e.l.f. Natural Radiance Blusher

This exquisite, delicate, pigment payoff makes cheeks radiant combined with a healthy-looking glow. Infused with texturizing agents, skin feels smooth and pores are minimized.

Movie Maven says:
I think e.l.f. might be my new favorite recession-friendly cosmetics line. ONE DOLLAR FOR BLUSH?!?! WHAT?!?!?! This is nuts, guys. Particularly because this blush? Is totally awesome! I'm really into it. I pretty much love everything about it. It comes in an adorable, slide-open case that (once you realize it is a slide-open case), is way more awesome than your average flip-up top. It comes in a bunch of colors, so you should be able to find something that complements your skin tone. It provides just enough color and coverage without looking garish. Oh, and did I mention it costs ONE DOLLAR? I can't get over this, guys. This is like finding out that there is cake in the break room. And I think you know how awesome that is.

Sheba says that Movie Maven has reason to rave about e.l.f. -- this company cannot be beat for the price! I am always on the lookout for a bargain -- and this company is at the top of my list. If they can make such a fantastic product for $1 -- let's support them. If you did not know this was e.l.f. blush -- you would certainly guess a higher priced product!! I learned of them some time ago and have slowly built up my stock of their products. I have yet to be disappointed. You will probably end up buying more than one blush once you try the first one. It goes on wonderfully and it looks very natural. If you prefer a little more color - you can put another dash of it on. I say jump on the bandwagon with Movie Maven. This blush is terrific!! Yes, $1 -- in 2009!!

Maria says: Can you say "bargain?" How is this possible? How can a blush this pretty be a buck? How can such an innovative-why-can't-other-companies-have-a-blush-open-this-way compact be filled with such a high-end feeling and wearing blush? Yup, we're talking e.l.f. - THE cosmetic deal of the century. High end-charge-an-arm-and-a-leg companies TAKE NOTE. What we have here is proof that more expensive does not mean better product. Several more expensive lines came to mine when I first swirled this natural yet lovely blush across my cheekbone. To think that this blush only costs $1 is mind boggling. What is the worst that can happen if you try this blush and decide it's not for you? (although I don't see how). You're out ONE DOLLAR. In these turbulent times when every dollar counts, how great is it of e.l.f. to continue to product quality products at such amazingly affordable prices. Well, done.

CitySlicker Says: I am jumping on the savings train too.. I search high and low for the perfect color and formula and right in the ELF section is a blush I have passed over in the past without a second glance.. OMG, the color is great. I have it in glow and its a peachy pinky tone with the perfect amount of luster. My brush picks up quite a bit so tap, tap before application and it's a lovely light look. It gives my face that glow without looking overdone. It's healthy and fresh looking. I highly recommend picking a couple up for the summer, if you are like me you'll make this a part of the daily regimen.. I also am happy to report that my skin can be pretty sensitive and I have had no ill reactions to the blush either..

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