Thursday, April 23, 2009

Review - Revlon Lash Flares

Be playful. Be sexy. Be bold. Revlon Fantasy Lengths Lash Flares add depth to your eyes with high intensity. Customize your eyes to look naturally beautiful during the day, or absolutely glamorous at night. Comfortable, weightless, waterproof… perfect lashes every time!

I have never used the individual lashes. I always thought they were to difficult to apply.. OMG, they are a lot easier than I anticipated. A girl's best friend is a pair of tweezers so I highly recommend having a pair handy for application as well as a clean eye area. I dip the lash very so slightly in the adhesive apply and wait. The adhesive dries quickly but you do need to make sure you hold tight. I have been applying a medium size and a longsize to each eye.. I apply the medium a little to the right of the center of my pupil then the long size next to it. I then apply a coat of mascara and I can't believe the results.. My lashes have a really nice boost and look like they are mine.. You will be amazed at the subtle effects.. I also get some serious additional length from the mascara! I love these and will continue to wear.. These are little gems that give me that flirty girl look without the pole.. :)

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