Saturday, April 4, 2009

Review - e.l.f. Nail Polish Remover Pads

These convenient pads quickly and easily remove nail polish without the mess associated with bottled remover. Citrus scent and gentle formula leave nails fresh and soft.

I tend to be the kind of girl who, once the purity of her manicure has been sullied, will pick and pick and pick at my nail polish until it is all gone. Hey - keeps my hands busy, right? But sometimes a girl needs to give it up and just get out the nail polish remover. Enter e.l.f.'s nail polish remover pads. Guys - I think I'm in love. These things are awesome for, like, a million reasons. First of all: they are pads (obviously). For me, that means no frantic scramble for cotton balls, or making do with a wad of toilet paper when I inevitably find I have none. Second: They actually DO leave nails fresh and soft! I mean, you'll still want to put on lotion afterward, but compared to your everyday bottle of acetone, this stuff is almost moisturizing. Third (and maybe most importantly): THEY COST A DOLLAR. A dollar!! For 18 pads, I'm in. I used one to remove the last vestiges of my disappearing manicure; you might need to use two if you're starting with more on your nails. But still - what can you get for a dollar these days?!? These get my highest recommendation: ten nails up.

Hillary says: Well I've been on vacation for about 6 hours and these suckers have already proven dead handy. I've just arrived in Ireland, but I broke 2 nails on the plane (don't ask me how) and chipped a few others. These nail polish remover pads are as wonderful as Maven says they are with a pleasant scent (how many times do you hear those words in the same sentence as polish remover? They are sturdy enough to do at least 4 nails completely, yet thin enough to do the edges of your nails w/ your other nails. They left my nails well conditioned and ready to manicure. I will definitely be purchasing these again. Luckily my favorite $1 store carries the entire line.

Amanda S. Says: This is just a cute cute cute idea. I love the portability of this little teeny pad, and the lack of mess making involved in taking off my polish when it starts to go downhill. And come on, this is only $1!

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