Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Review - Arbonne NutriMin C Renewing Gelee Creme, Hydrating Wash

An emollient, cream-based and pH-correct gel cleanser that thoroughly cleans, without stripping or drying. Renews skin surface while key RE9® elements target and deliver protection. $39.00
Now this is a nice cleanser.. It's a weird combination of a cream and gel. It's light and froths up into a nice creamy lather that rinses clean. I find that all my makeup is gone with the exception of the mascara.. My skin is soft and subtle, not dry at all. I am getting away with about a dime sized amount.. The best part is the delicious citrus scent, it's crisp and clean smelling no perfume lingering odor.. I am using it in the AM only and it's a great way to meet the day.. The price is a little hefty but if you skimp it'll last a long time..

Maria says: Agree with my friend Cityslicker above - a nice cleanser for sure. It does not dry out the skin, rinses clean and does remove even stubborn makeup. I think the Nutrimin is the star of the Arbonne line as I have had luck with most of the products in it. I too love the scent - very clean and citrusy. I have no complaints at all with this cleanser, though it is a wee pricey so if I had to choose I'd probably go with one of the other skincare items from this line.

Sheba says Arbonne NutriMin C Renewing Gelee Creme, Hydrating Wash is a great cleanser. I actually found that it also removed most of my mascara. The fragrance assists with that clean feeling. Citrus is such a refreshing and clean scent and just happens to be one of my favorites. Yes, it is a bit pricey--but check out -- it is actually less than half price on that site. I find this Arbonne NutriMin C Renewing Gelee Creme, Hydrating Wash really works well and it left my skin feeling so clean, refreshed, and hydrated. . . all it promises. As usual I am very frugal with the product but - I am using it am and pm as it works so well and my skin is just enjoying it.

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