Monday, April 20, 2009

Review - Dex NY Loose Mineral Foundation

Infused with advanced anti-aging technology – palmitoyl hexapeptide-14. This full coverage foundation camouflages imperfections, such as scars, and post-op bruising. A unique micronized blend treats and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while helping to conceal skin imperfections. Non-irritating, chemical-free sunscreen protects against ultraviolet damage. Made for all skin types. Net wt. 0.21 oz $30.00

This Dex NY Loose Mineral Foundation does work wonderfully in helping to camouflage irritated areas, lines, etc. I got the lightest shade LF 01 and I admit I actually thought I would be using it as a concealer as it just appeared too light. To my surprise - it blends into my skin tone perfectly. It contains SF 15 protection which really should be a part of every foundation. It is very easily applied, and looks terrific. It gives you a 'brushed over' look rather than a 'made up' look. It is very natural looking (although it is actually hiding some natural flaws). The price is in line with most mineral foundations. It also seems to calm some of my minor irritations -- which is a nice hidden extra. I definitely will be a return buyer!!! I have found with all loose mineral foundations it is extremely important to first apply a moisturizer- otherwise, they can dry your skin. I am guessing that just about all of use use a moisturizer anyway, but just wanted to mention it to prevent any problems.

Amanda S. Says: Normally I scoff at mineral foundations. First of all, there are *some* brands (no names mentioned, to protect the truly useless) that still use talc in their foundation when... hello... the whole point of these new mineral style foundations is to not use talc! For those that do not use talc, which I find to be much easier on my skin, I am a loyal Pur Mineral user. Every other brand (until now) has proven to be nowhere near as perfect for my skin and style. Dex however, made a product that definitely matches what I have been come to expect. It goes on lightly and doesn't look like a layer of silt over my skin, but it covers where I need it (and I did test it over two blemishes that needed major help to conceal them..). The price is right too, as Sheba said, right in line with all the others. If you're not having luck with the mineral foundation you've tried, give this a chance. OH! And it's cruelty free. Yay!

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