Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Review - e.l.f. Mineral Powder Eyeshadow

Bring a touch of natural beauty to your eyes with these soft, translucent shades that add subtle highlights for daytime or increased drama for night. With key vitamins A & B, these eyeshadows hydrate and minimize the appearance of fine lines.

Movie Maven says: Seems like every cosmetics company is trying their hand at the mineral line, and discount line e.l.f. (eyes lips face) is no exception. Carried at stores like Strawberry (aka The Poor Girl's H&M) and Jack's 99-Cent stores, e.l.f. actually has some surprisingly great products for a semi-ridiculous price. I tried this mineral eyeshadow in four colors: Earthy (deep green), Mysterious (violet), Temptress (looks pink but is more of a taupey mauve), and Golden (go ahead and guess what that last one looks like). I was particularly pleased with the Earthy and Golden, which were shimmery pigments, more so than the other two, which were more matte. I'd recommend using a shadow base with the matte colors, but the shimmery ones were vibrant with no base. If you're not used to mineral powders, be sure to tap your brush well, or you'll end up with a fabulous raccoon look! At $3 a pop, these shadows are a great - and super cheap - addition to any eyeshadow collection.
CitySlicker Says: First of all I can't believe these are only $3 per pot. That alone is amazing. The product and quality are really nice. I got 3 pots. They are just like all the other mineral companies' shadows; I am now wondering why I have spent over triple the cost on just one shadow from other lines. They glide on so lightly, they feel like air. The darker the shadow, the more pigment, the lighter the more feathery shimmery it is. These are true diamond in the rough finds! I find that by day's end there is only light creasing. At the end of the day these melt away with eye makeup remover and only when I wear them heavy do I see the remains of a bit of shimmer. Also you can wear on the lippies with a gloss over too - it looks cool and gives my gloss a new dimension. I can't wait to see what is next for E.L.F. They are really doing a wonderful job at offering truly affordable cosmetics to all - in cool colors that are hip and now!

Sheba says: e.l.f. is showing the way with their amazing products for such a darn reasonable price. Don't be a snob -- try these -- they are as good or better than much higher priced shadows. I have tried many lower priced cosmetics and been okay with them -- thought I got what I paid for. These will surprise you -- you are getting much more than you expect in quality alone. I believe that these can truly compete with some of the best ones out there. Check out the many shades available -- you will find one or actually many that you will select. I have three and all three are wonderful. However, I think I have found the perfect shade for working with my hazel eyes -- it is Earthy, a dark green as Movie Maven mentioned, but with just enough sparkle to pick up the flecks in the eyes.
You don't really care what works for me - you want to pick out what works for you and you will find it and you won't mind paying the small price for it!!

Deedlejuse says: These shadows as you have seen above are very good quality, I'm not saying for the price, because I believe that they are very good quality regardless of the price. Like I'd be more than willing to pay double or triple what they are charging. In fact using these really makes me evaluate the ridiculous amounts I have spent in the past on shadows that didn't even compare! I (believe) I got two pots, Golden and Partier, unfortunately neither of these colors worked that well with my complexion, blond, pale with pink undertones. Partier is sort of a dove gray, and not shimmery, while Golden is super shimmery almost brassy gold. I believe both colors will be to die for in the summer when my complexion is less pasty, but right now they really didn't work on me, which is sad because they are so nice! They stay put, and with very little effort you can really get a nice thick layer. I will definitely purchase some of the other colors so that I can get the true experience!

Amanda S. Says: I'm late for the party huh?? Well, what can I say that hasn't been said, other than to repeat... THREE BUCKS?? $3? Ladies, gentleman... This mineral eyeshadow is exactly the same, if not maybe even a little better (I had a way easy time blending this) than those that cost five times more! And I love all the colors (my favorite being 'partier' because it's super dark and sexy). This eyeshadow lasts all day and into the evening without creasing, flaking or wearing off. You seriously can't go wrong with these.

Hillary says: These Mineral Powder Shadows are inexpensive, but don't ever call them cheap! Their quality can compete with minerals costing 10 times what they cost. What I'm especially loving about these minerals is that they aren't all about the glitter like some other brands. I don't need glittery eyes to go grocery shopping, but I do like to wear makeup there just the same (I'm a bit of a junkie, I rarely leave the house without makeup). Temptress is the perfect wearable mauve. I wear it all by itself over my whole lid and it looks like me, but better. Sassy is a shiny bronze, Elegant is a glossy looking cream with pink undertones. I've also got Mysterious which is an understated flat grey/violet that goes well with Temptress. I love all four shadows and they last like champs. They are made of %100 natural minerals and frankly I don't know how e.l.f. pulls it off! All of the other companies have us believing that you have to spend a fortune to get good, pure mineral make-up then e.l.f. comes along and blows that theory right out of the water. I will definitely be buying more of these wonderful (and wonderfully affordable) eyeshadows.

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