Thursday, April 2, 2009

Review- Giselle All Purpose Face Powder

Giselle All Purpose Face Powder (not yet on $20

As I said above, these powders are not yet for sale on Giselle's site, but we got the privilege of trying them out in advance. I got 2 colors: Flawless and Girls Best Friend Light. I'm absolutely in love with Flawless. It looks a little too tan for me in the container, but on it gives me the perfect amount of healthy glow without a bronzer & without looking like I have a fake tan on my face. This is simply a great powder for pale girls like myself and maybe a little darker. I love to use this when I'm in a hurry because I can skip the bronzer & the blush. I also dust it under my eyes as a concealer and it stays put wonderfully. It lasts all day without creasing or rubbing off. The photo above is pretty accurate as to the color, it's a light ivory w/ tan undertones. The tan undertones actually further work to conceal my red undertones and hide imperfections. Flawless is the name and it truly lives up to it. Add to that the lack of talc and the natural SPF 15 and I'm truly in love.
I also got this powder in Girl's Best Friend Light. This powder had me a little confused at first, but unless you are a Goth chic, you would use this powder to lighten another powder. It is pure white with a tiny hint of shimmer and on my bare skin makes me pale as a sheet. But I can see how this powder would come in handy to lighten any of the other powders (or eyeshadows) Giselle makes. It's more of a tool than a stand-alone powder. If you've been looking for something to lighten your favorite minerals (say, you are in between shades) this powder is perfect for the job.
CitySlicker Says: I like Hillary got this powder in light. I am fair and always end up using the lightest shade of any powder so for me this is an on point match for my skin. I didn’t experience looking any paler than I am. I use this as a light finish after applying my foundation and find it to be a very light banana color not pure white. The powder I received seems like something different than Hillary’s as the powder I have has a lot of shimmer to it. When I wear this I get some serious shimmer and a nice glow without looking bronzy. I actually like this because I find that it has a nice reflecting quality that gives me a healthy sheen. I have been using this off and on for over a month and find myself leaning towards this for the extra shimmer. It’s so light and airy, it’s like wearing nothing at all, my skin can breathe and I never get any flaking or riding in my lines by the day’s end. I really like this!

Sheba says I begged Hillary to pass the Girls Best Friend Light onto me. I just got it and I absolutely love it. It is perfect as a concealer and I mixed a little with a mineral makeup that was a shade or so too dark for me and now it is perfect!! I am thrilled with the results when I use it as a concealer -- it does the job and I do not look like a reverse raccoon (with white around my eyes). The regular make up just covers it perfectly and my dark circle are camouflaged so well that I think they were never there. I do not know if Giselle intended it for the uses I am putting Girls Best Friend Light to -- but they just might want to add concealer and mixer to the uses. I am a very happy camper!! This keeps it unanimous -- I have not met a Giselle product I haven't loved!!

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