Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Review - e.l.f. Earth & Water Mascara Duo

Revolutionary Liquid-Flex™ Technology – Long-Lasting, Smudge and Smear Proof $1.00
I have to be completely upfront. I don't use waterproof mascara.. I had a bad experience a long time ago so I am only sharing my opinion of the regular mascara. The formula is nice. It's not harsh on my eyes and fine for contact wearers. The color is a true deep black. I don't have naturally long eyelashes. I found that this minimally lengthens my lashes and wears nicely throughout the day but I do see some flaking, nothing serious but a few flecks here and there. The brush is standard. It requires a little wiping off before application. This is a SUPER find at only $1!

Movie Maven says:
Looks like CitySlicker and I are a perfect pair for this review, because I never use anything but waterproof mascara (though I did use the regular once, just to try it). I tend to fuss with my eyes a lot throughout the day, and if I don't use a waterproof mascara, I end up looking like I've taken a 24-hour flight around the world and never slept. In any event, the waterproof version of this duo is a fine budget mascara. It's not going to perform any miracles, but if you're fairly happy with the length of your lashes, and only have a dollar to spend on mascara, this is a good option. It's a little clumpy, but again - IT'S A DOLLAR. Just be sure to wipe it off first and apply gently.

Deedlejuse Says:
Well, I guess I just have to say that roll the two together and that is my take on this mascara! I actually don't have too much issue with either waterproof or regular mascara, but I tend to wear regular most often. With that being said I will tell you I noticed that the waterproof felt more substantial than the regular when I wore it, I didn't have any issue with flaking throughout the day (which is unheard of) and I literally can't believe that this is $1!! I have spent much more and been much more disappointed than I was with this mascara. Again, with all that being said I found it particularly standard issue and prefer my favorites to this, even though it is a duo. BUT I'm super snobby. I would definitely recommend it to others less picky than I, but I probably wouldn't re-purchase.

Sheba says I love both of them. I will use any mascara that works well for me -- regardless of price. . . and these both work great. No matter what brand or type of mascara -- I always use my lash brush -- I am addicted to it. Thus, I just about never have flaking, etc. I prevent it right away. I found these mascaras to build upon my lashes and give them a fuller and longer look. That is what I want from a mascara and I got the look I wanted. Hey, I have paid a LOT more and have not been satisfied at all. If I want longer lashes when using these mascaras - I simply add another coat. They both lasted well for me and both came off relatively easy. I did not look like a racoon after removing them. Once again, I think e.l.f. has put some very expensive eye products to shame! e.l.f. is welcome with open arms -- especially in this economy. I may be frugal but I would not recommend or continue to buy something just because it is less expensive -- it has to work! Every e.l.f. product I have tried has worked as well or better than some of my more snobby brands!!

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