Thursday, May 27, 2010

review - Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara

Bobbi's boldest mascara ever—perfect for those who want the all-out drama of false lashes. Get instant volume, intense color and dramatic length. Super-thick, get-noticed lashes.
Why it's different:
- Unique formula remains pliable between coats, so lashes stay separated as volume builds.
- State-of-the-art formula creates super-thick and ultra-long lashes.
- Tapered, dual-fiber brush simultaneously lengthens and volumizes—grabs even small, hard-to-reach lashes.
- Dries quickly to a smudge-proof and flake-proof finish.
- Enriched with lash conditioners and vitamins A, C and E.

- Removes easily with eye makeup remover or soap and water.

Soooo.... If you all know me, and I'm sure a lot of you do, you will remember that I am a VERY tough reviewer of mascara. Many, many mascaras have not made the cut - by a long shot. This mascara, however, is very different. When I first tried Bobbi mascaras I got the Perfectly Defined Mascara, because I work for the parent company and could get it for free. I really liked it, and was douped into believing I was in love, because: it doesn't smudge, doesn't crumble, looks basically like false eyelashes (especially when used with a good eyelash curler) and basically stood up pigment wise with the very best of the best that I have ever used. My only complaint with the Perfectly Defined, well there are two. One it is amazingly stiff once you put it on, and basically you must remove it completely to repair for the evening. And two, IT WON'T COME OFF!!! I lost many an eyelash to my obsession with this mascara.
Then a colleague suggested I try the reformulated Extreme Party Mascara, touting it as the best of the best. Let me tell you it has all of the plusses of my old favorite, minus the.... well minuses. You can build it up in the evening for an even more bold look, enough so that a woman came up to me today and asked which kind of false lashes I was wearing. I mean really, after working all day and very little touching up I must admit this was a compliment more to the mascara than the wearer! Plus at the end of the night you can literally cup warm water into my hand and it will come off with very little effort. Have you ever heard of mascara that does that?
I recently bought two to receive a freebie of this, I have heard it will only last about 2-3 months before you know it is done, but for $22 (compared to others you can get around $30 in dept stores) I'm cool with it! I LOVE this mascara, and if you have the pocket change you will too!

Review - Sally Hansen Color Quick Chrome Pens

  • 8 New Chrome Shades.
  • Just Click, Color & Go.
  • New fast dry nail color formula packaged in an easy-to-use, take anywhere spill-proof pen!
  • Just click to dispense color, brush on and go!
  • Handy application makes it easy to use anytime, anywhere.Great for pedicures, too!
  • 8 new chromes.
  • Toluene, DBP, and Formaldehyde free.
I truly love Sally Hansen. To me, this brand is classic. Its been around forever since I was a child. A long time ago, Sally Hansen came out with the Chrome collection and I went out and bought almost every shade. I used them until they were dried up. Then, they got discontinued :(! When they got revamped in a pen form I was super excited!!!!!!! The colors are hot and they look like liquid metal. I have the gold one which is more bronze to me. The formula is great, fast-drying and long-wearing. The only thing that bugs me is that you have to apply more than one coat because sometimes it thins out when you put it on.
Other than that, I am totally in love with this collection (among many of the other Sally Hansen collections)!

Melissa says: I have the red chrome color and thought this stick was pretty cool. Actually, I was pretty much fascinated by the fact that I could paint my polish on without having to dip it back in. I think practice makes perfect because I clicked to hard to dispense the polish and a little too much came out. I'm not a polish expert so it may take a few tries to figure out how to apply it. I think once I get it, I've got it. The color is great, a metallic matte finish and just a cool chrome look. Again, you just have to master applying it and you'll be good to go. I'm a fan though and am going to try it in different colors for sure! Oh, this is also great because it doesn't have the nail polish smell, so if you need to do a quick paint job outside of your home, it won't be obvious!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Review - Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Limited Edition

Two complementary eye shadow shades in one sleek compact.
  • Advanced formula glides on effortlessly with superior smoothness
  • Velvet-tip applicator blends without tugging or pulling
  • Crease-resistant, fade-proof color stays true for all-day wear
  • Also available in singles, trios and quads
I have been a dedicated user of Maybelline for years. They are timeless but they still manage to be trendy. They took a well loved product and revamped it by coming out with limited edition colors.
I have this duo is Excite-Mint which is two shades of light minty green. This duo is perfect for the summer! It goes on smooth, has a little bit of shimmer and stays on all day. It creased a little, but not much.
I wouldn't normally go for a color like this, but this worked on my darker skin tone.

Trish says: I tried the Maybelline eyeshadow in a grayish/purple combo and love it! It's a very subtle shade and I love the grayish/purple smokey effect - it works very effortlessly, but looks sultry and sexy without even trying! The staying power doesn't seem too long though, but I actually like blending and building it on top of my existing eye-makeup. It's great for a sophositicated daytime look, as well as a touch of smokiness for nighttime. Overall, if you want to play up your eye-makeup routine and experiment with colors - Maybelline's eyeshadow duo is a fun place to start!

Deedlejuse Says: So ladies, if your not on the color train yet, get on it!! It is so much fun to experiment with colors and see what you can do. With Maybelline colors you can totally afford to have as many as your heart desires! The pigment is great, and usually stays on for hours. I have the shade "Just Peachy" and the lighter nude is perfect for highlighting the brow bone and in close to the nose. The peachy pink is lovely on the lid. I use a brush instead of the enclosed applicator and I am more than happy with the results. I defintely reccomend this shadow duo!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Deal- Awesome Deal for Beautifile Readers- $19.99 for 9 Full Sized Products

This is a GREAT deal offered to Beautifile readers (because we love you!)- Get 9 Upscale Department Store beauty items for $19.99 Shipped! You fill out an informal survey about your hair and skin type then you get to choose 7 items geared towards your needs, and get 2 pre-chosen items too. I couldn't believe the selection they have- Coola Sunscreen, Canyon Ranch Your Transformation, Jonathan Hair Products, Exuviance by Neostrata, the list goes on and on. We've reviewed Coola & Canyon Ranch Your Transformation and loved them both (click on the links above).
The code you need to input at checkout is: BFIX1
That will take a whopping $30 off the $49.99 price & you'll get free shipping! These offers are seasonal and this code is good for the Spring season.
Member benefits include:
• Personalized recommendations from a panel of experts
• New products quarterly (You have to cancel if you don't want the next season's products)
• By sharing your opinions you can get a $25 gift card to
- who always offer free shipping.

If you have any questions, just comment on this post or go to Trust me, this is an amazing deal. I know that one of the products I ordered is worth over $100- and that's just one product!

ATTN: It has come to my attention that by signing up for this deal, you are signing up to get charged $49.99 every season to pick a new Beautyfix Box on your credit card. Don't get me wrong, the box is definitely worth $49.99 & I personally will be continuing to get it because it is such a great deal, but in order to cancel your membership, Beautyfix recommends 2 things: You can call them @ (866)213-4278 & cancel anytime or you can use a prepaid card to pay for your box. You are not bound by a contract nor anything of the sort. I still think it's worth it to get the box & then cancel if you don't want add'l boxes. They will send you an e-mail 1 week before it's time to order your new box, so you'll have plenty of time to cancel. I hope this helps.

Deedlejuse Says: I hope everyone is having as lovely sunny weather as we are up here ( in MA)! If your not though, I know just what to do to brighten your mood:
1) go to
2) Pay the measly $19.95 they are offering us.
3) Enjoy choosing from tons of big name brands (Canyon Ranch, Derma E ( I think) and Bella) and some not so well known but equally pricey items!! Literally one item more than pays for the cost of the box.

I did it the other day, and while I will have to get back to you on promptness of shipping and such thus far I am totally on board. You know how much fun you have opening new tabs and reading about all these brands and products you never would have heard of normally, right? I can't be the only one! I had a total blast choosing my seven items, and I will be doing it again next time! I think if you read this site you will equally enjoy the thrill of the find!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Review- Save Your Skin Exfoliating Bar Soap

Organically-grown Aloe Vera will keep skin moisturized and our vegetable based oils along with retained glycerin make this triple-milled soap a great lathering rich bar. We add a bit of organic yerba maté to provide a nutrient-rich vitamin and mineral drink for your skin. Together, these ingredients will leave your body feeling smooth, moisturized and toned.

Save Your Skin soaps are super environmentally friendly. The company uses natural and organic ingredients, biodegradable packaging, and each product sold saves an acre of rainforest for one year! I really really wanted to like this product because the company is so green and seems to put a lot of effort into creating 100% sustainable products. However I've never been a fan of bar soap and this one just disappointed. The "rainforest" scent was pretty awful, and left my skin with a weird, drying residue that is characteristic of most bar soaps. It also really didn't do much exfoliating, although some people who like a really mild scrub might like that. Overall if you're really into using earth-friendly products you'll have a real motivation to buy this soap, especially since the price point is comparable to other non-organic soaps on the market. But I think I'll just stick to my regular body wash.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Review- Shu Uemura Egerie Nail Enamel

Vivid colors inspired by a spectrum of stage light to go with rock n roll style. $18 a bottle

Looking down at my hands, I can't help but smile. I love doing the brooding inky black thing in our current 80 degree weather because it feels shocking and quasi-vampire-ish. Then there's the silver shimmer, so expertly folded into the nail color that it reads both futuristic and Studio 54 at the same time. That's no easy feat, people. In fact, it might only be possible if you are the incomparable Shu Uemura. I practically wept when I heard that the US division is not long for this Earth. Why the melodrama? Well because this company has added much to the makeup conversation over the years and their nail polish offerings are no exception. Case in point: I have had three of their old school colors for, seriously, ten years, and they are still as special, vibrant and usable as the day I purchased them. Also, in terms of the 'egerie' collection, (which has been reviewed quite favorably on this blog) the idea represents modern and fresh at its best. I mean, seriously, who uses 'spectrum of stage light' in their ad copy? (Did I mention that the two nail colors offered are pink and black which recalls many a girls' fantasy of being a prima ballerina?!) If you can get your hands on one of these bottles (the black one is called PA 010), do not hesitate.

Deedlejuse Says: I have this polish in the Bubble Gum Pink PG35. Shu Umera is famous for the notoriously difficult names, and amazingly wonderful pigments! This Nail Enamel is no exception at all! It is a mineral polish, apparently, which I don't know exactly what that means..... but it sounds good right?
Right! This polish is so opaque, two coats and it is seriously that bubble gum pink that everyone wants. I showed my hands to my co-workers the day after I'd painted them. First question? Who did your nails?!? I am not really a nail polish kind of person, though I have been getting more into it, so I'm not the best at doing my own nails. This Shu nail enamel made it easy to apply. Of course it did take FOREVER to dry. All in all it is stunning visually, easy to appy (even for dummies!) and wears very very well. I got almost a week out of it, which is to me absolutely amazing. I would say if you want a fabulous nail polish try either, I have tried both and I wouldn't give away either!

Trish says: I tried this in a really soft and lovely cotton-candy pink...a color you really can't go wrong with! I love the color and shine - it really seems to reflect light elegantly! My only complaint, sadly, is that the polish created streaks when I applied it on my nails and dried with little bubbles. Yikes! Maybe it was just this particular bottle though, because I like the nail polish so much I'm willing to give Shu another try. Such a lovely and bright color - I hope this is just an anomaly! It goes on so easily and dries rather nicely - I don't want to give up on the polish yet.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dr. Copeland Cleanser Giveaway on Facebook Friday 5/21

Quickly go and "Like" Dr. Michele Copeland's Facebook Page to be entered to win a Daily Cleanser by the doctor. We've reviewed many Dr. Michele Copeland products here on Beautifile, all favorably. There are only 106 "Likes" @ the moment, so what do you have to lose? This is only the 1st of 5 giveaways she'll be doing in coming weeks.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Review - Derma E Tropical Solutions Anti- Aging Eye Creme

Enriched with Tamanu, Pomegranate, Green Tea and Acai, this antioxidant-rich formula will gently nourish and hydrate the delicate skin surrounding the eye area.

Ok, so I am totally down with the Night Creme that goes with this Eye Creme, not so much about the eye creme. I really don't like it. It hurts my eyes like soo much. I know I sound bratty, but I have tried sooooo many eye cremes and they never really rocked my boat. I hope some one else got this, so they can prove me wrong with this product! I think I am just super sensitive when it comes to anything close to my eyes.
It didn't work for me, but nothing does. So it isn't neccessarily this eye cream, it might jsut be my eyes. But this hurt, and I just couldn't get into it. Sorry Derma E!

Review - Derma E Tropical Solutins Anti- Aging Night Creme

This night creme is sort of like a chameleon.... I really didn't like the way it felt on my face at all when I first put it on. I felt all tight and weird, but after using it for a few weeks I got much more used to the feeling on my face.... After the first couple of weeks I really got used to it, and the affects were miraculous. The skin on my face is dramatically improved, I have fewer of the pre-wrinkles (yes I call them pre-wrinkles thank you very much!) that I had before. I am so much more hydrated than before. I absolutely love this stuff, and will certainly be repurchasing! My only issue: It smells like Tropical flavored Kool- Aide. Not a huge turn on for me, but I got used to it, because of how awesome the creme is!

Review - B. Witching Bath Company Kitchen & Garden Soap

"Perfect for dispelling pungent aromas from the garden or kitchen! Formulated with a touch of natural germ killing Tea Tree Oil and designed for one-step hand cleansing - our liquid soaps are a real treat! They leave your skin gently perfumed with our luscious natural fragrances."

I don't think I understand the name of this hand soap company. I mean, I get that it's a play on the word "bewitching," but is it supposed to be, like, someone's name? Bernard Witching? I'm not going to worry about it too much, because I liked the soap enough that the name doesn't really matter.

I got this Kitchen & Garden Soap in the Garden Sage scent, and hoo boy! Is it ever sage-y. My roommate, when we moved into a new apartment, really wanted to do a cleansing ritual where we burned sage to clear the house of bad energy (she's from California, she can't help being a little bit of a hippie), but we never got around to it. (The energy in our house seems ok to me, though.) If we had done that ritual, though, I think the sage smell would have been approximately as strong as the smell on this soap. Not to say that it's a bad thing. The idea with these Kitchen & Garden Soaps, as you see in the quote from their website, is that the scent of the soap will help mask pungent odors from your Kitchen & Garden work (respectively, onions and manure, I assume). And mask it certainly does! I enjoyed it greatly. I wish their website was a little more user-friendly, but if I had to choose between nice soap and a nice website, I guess I choose nice soap. Try it!

Deedlejuse Says: Ok, seriously, I adore this soap. I even am willing to over look the website, which is difficult to navigate-we'll say. The flavor of my soap is Heirloom Tomato. I must tell you there is nothing closer to my heart than tomatoes, and the heirloom is my favorite of all of the varieties. The soap is strong, but also cleans very well and does eliminate any odors from miscellaneous yuckies you might come into contact with. The scent really does smell just like a tomato plant in the sunshine, and always makes me smile! All of the products from this company look affordable and natural. I think it just needs a chance for people to get on the bandwagon, and I am so there! Any company that understands the wonders of the tomato plant are a-ok in my book!

Sultana says: "Roasted Coffee" is the one that I have. I expected it to smell really strong and overwhelming but it was quite the opposite. It doesn't even smell like coffee! It smells very light with a hint of vanilla, which I love. This won me over for two reasons. First, I hate the way traditional soaps make your hands feel after you wash dishes and this makes them feel very moisturized. Secondly, it has tea tree oil and smells great. This is a company I am starting to like! I say Yes!

Melissa says: I have the Rosemary Herb soap and I love it. It's infused with tea tree oil and has a strong aroma which is so invigorating! I'm smelling it all the time because it really opens up the senses and gives your hands a refreshing feeling. I read all of the other reviews, and I must try the other varieties. I highly recommend this one and can't wait to explore the rest of the line.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Review- Rimmel Color Rush Quad Eye Shadow

Pure colour impact. Blends easily. Crease-proof.

I tried this palette in Smoky Noir and loved it. It comes with 3 gray eyeshadows ranging from pale silver to charcoal, and one black eyeshadow. All the ingredients for creating a perfect smoky eye in a small stylish compact. You can use each shade individually if you're in a rush, or blend them together in any combination you like. Each shade wears well, without smudging all over your face and giving you raccoon eyes, and it comes in eight different color combos for your makeup matching enjoyment. And they are just about $6 a pop so you can afford to collect them all!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Review- Maybelline Express Finish Nail Polish 50 Second Nail Color

"Advanced Wear® anti-chip color gives tips a fresh, vivid look and lasts for days. Exclusive Control-flow™ brush dispenses the exact amount of color for a smooth, even application that resists chipping and peeling."

Oh, how I do love nail polish. But you guys have heard about my
feelings on fast-dry stuff before. I'm not a huge fan. So I had fairly low expectations for this Maybelline Express Finish Nail Polish in Goody Plum Drop.* So when I was able to wear it for more than two days without so much as a chip, I was quite pleased.

First, the color: it is a delightful lavender. I don't know why "plum" is even in the name, other than that they are both shades of purple. It's slightly shimmery, and took two coats to look nice. But those two coats dried super-quick! This color is like spring in a bottle, as far as I'm concerned.

Second, the wear: I coated it with my favorite, Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat, and it went a good four days or so with nary a chip. I was impressed; for a quick-dry, that pleased me. Overall, a fine store brand quick-dry polish!

*Me: "Goody Plum Drop"? That doesn't even mean anything. This color has nothing to do with plums, and it's not even a pun.
Roommate S: Um..."goody gum drop." Isn't it a play on that?
Me: Oh. Yes. Right.

Trish says: I love how quickly this nail polish dries, literally in less than a minute! Plus, not only does it dry easily, but the polish also lasted for almost a week for me. Pretty awesome if you're short on time, but also want a manicure that looks great and lasts! I tried it in a very Spring like pink from Maybelline's Sweet Thing collection and love the color! They have a bright assortment of blues, pinks, greens and lilac that are cheerful and fun. I would definitely repurchase this and stock up on a few of my favorite shades, as this nail polish is practical and functioning and looks great at the same time and is affordable!

Sultana says: Love it, love it & love it! Quick dry nail polishes are my thing. The only time I use regular nail polish is when I go to the salon which is rare. This literally dried as soon as I put it on. The color I have is Blushing Bride which is a very pastel pink. It looked kind of child-like on me. Not very flattering at all. However, I love this nail polish and I will buy more of them since there is a nice assortment to choose from. Another plus is that it didn't give me a hard time to come off.

Malikah says: Honestly when I saw the bottle proclaiming "50 Second Nail Color" my first thought was - yeah, sure, whatever. But really did dry almost instantly! I mean I didn't count to 50, but before I knew it my nails were perfectly dried to a shiny manicure. I tried it in a bold fuchsia shade that was gorgeous, and stayed chip free all week. You can get really get the look of a salon manicure for a fraction of the price and less than half the time with this product.

Hillary says: This polish was a pleasant surprise for me. Like my cohorts, I had all but lost faith in quick drying nail enamel. It just didn't seem like anyone had gotten it right. I now stand corrected. This polish from Maybelline stayed on for 2 days with only 1 chip before I realized I hadn't even applied a topcoat. How's that for staying power? Add to that the fact that the minty green color I got is a great dupe for Chanel's Jade polish and what more could a girl ask for? Before using this polish I had become so anti- fast drying that I was doing all of my manicures old school and waiting forever for each layer to dry, but Maybelline has restored my faith that you can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to polishes. I'm not saying that I'm going to go "all fast dry all the time", but it's really great to have the option in a pinch. Thanks Maybelline!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Review- Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment

  • Shiny Hair
  • Light Non Greasy formula
  • 100% certified organic
  • Leaves hair Soft & Silky
My hair can be a fussy mess sometimes! So whenever trying a new haircare product, I don't expect too much - not so much for the product, but that my hair will agree with some treatments and totally reject others. So, after trying this Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment for a few weeks, it's safe to say that my hair totally loves this stuff! I used it as directed, when the hair was wet and lathered on a small amount through my strands, letting it settle in. As a result, my fine, straight hair is now so much silkier and shinier too with the least amount of work possible! I am very in love with this bottle of Agadir Oil and am so happy that it works! There's no greasiness or heaviness at all or other side effects. If I could, I would buy this stuff in bulk and simply hoard it. It really is that awesome!

Malikah says: Argan oil is all the rage these days, with celebs and acclaimed hair stylists proclaiming it a miracle treatment. I'm an African-American woman with naturally coarse, kinky hair that is in constant need of moisturization, so I had high hopes for this product. Overall it worked pretty well when used as directed, but was not as miraculous as I hoped. I did have better results when I used it as a hot oil treatment, heating up a bit of the oil then sitting under a warm dryer for about ten minutes. When combined with the heat, I did notice my hair was much shinier and more manageable during styling. Even though its a hair treatment, it also made for an excellent bath oil. Just a few drops in a hot tub leaves your skin soft and silky all night. The results you get will really vary with your hair texture, but you'll def be happy using it as a bath/body oil!

Sultana says: This stuff is very light weight. So light weight that you can put a ton of it on and literally not have greasy hair. I used this right after I washed my hair and it works wonders as a detangler. The one thing I do not like is that it doesn't make my hair shiny enough. I use a lot of shine products because I have highlighted hair. If my hair doesn't blind people when the sun hits it, then I won't be satisfied. With that said, its just OK for me.

Deedlejuse Says: Do you know what my favorite part of this blog is??? That we are all so different. I feel like regardless of your hair type you can find a review that works for you!
My hair is thick and blond and not even a little bit curly. It does love moisture in a big way though. This Agadir Argon Oil is the best stuff I have ever used. Just a quarter sized dollop in the middle of your hand and your hair is shiny, luxurious and absolutely beautiful! It smells good, feels wonderful when you put it onto your hair or skin. This is by far the most perfect hair oil I have ever tried. I love it and so will you!

Melissa says: I was so excited to try this since everyone loves argan oil. I am constantly hearing about this miracle oil and how it can be used multiple ways. I really loved it because I tried it everywhere and it worked! Occasionally, I put it on my scalp when I got dry spots. I try to put it on my cuticles a few times a week to keep them healthy and add a dab to try spots around my body. The good thing is that a little can go a long way and the oil will last for a long time. I think it's a product that any woman could add to their beauty arsenal! Plus, I have really dry skin and this oil keeps me moisturized and feeling good!

Hillary says: I have 2 forms of Agadir Argan Oil- a bottle & a pump spray. Now most of the ladies who have already spoken about Agadir got a bunch of small sample packets. I got the bottle and I want to share with you why the owner of this company thinks his is the best Argan Oil on the market:
1. The bottle. It is made of brown plastic which doesn't allow light to interfere with the oil. Another great thing about the bottle is that it has a dispenser in the mouth of the bottle that only allows a little bit of product out at a time. I've tried other oils that don't have this feature & you always end up with too much in your hand. The owner said that when you put the extra from your hand back into the bottle, you are contaminating the whole thing.
2. Agadir uses certified organic Argan Oil to make their products. No other hair care company which makes Argan Oil products can claim this.
But enough about what makes this a superior product- How does it work? On my straight, dry, color-treated hair- wonderfully! I use it every time I wash my hair and my hair looks all the better for it. I'm not entirely sold on the claim that it cuts drying time, but I do feel that it protects my hair from the blow dryer and straightening iron. With the spray on formulation, you can even spray it on your dry hair as you straighten for added protection. It's just that light. If you abuse your hair like I do, I highly recommend you check out Agadir Argan Oil. Oh yeah, did I mention it costs WAY less than Morroccan Oil but does the same thing?

Review- Palettes by Tod Young Candle Collection

"Bring sensual harmony to your home with our exclusive Palettes Scented Candles and Room Sprays, the first and only home fragrances to interpret the aromatic tones that colors communicate. Color choices lay the foundation for the mood of a room, and designer Tod Young has taken this awareness a step further by translating color schemes into home fragrances."

Sufferers (and I use this term loosely; you will see why in a moment) of the neurological disorder called synesthesia experience the world in a different way than most people. Generally, what happens is that the synesthete, when experiencing one form of sensory input (say, visual input, like looking at a picture), will experience it correctly (they see what the picture is), but the sensory input will also involuntarily trigger another sensory pathway in the brain (for example, they might hear a sound). Another common effect of synesthesia is to associate numbers with specific colors (for example, 8 is blue, inherently blue). I find it amazing!

So why am I forcing my fascination with neurology on you when you thought you were reading a beauty blog, just hoping to have a little break in your day? Because apparently Tod Young has tapped into the synesthesia market with his line of Palettes candles. I was confused at first when the candle said it was an aroma for grey tones, but after reading the website, I see what he's going for (though I'm still not entirely sold on the idea). Apparently colors have fragrances? And Tod Young has attempted to capture them? In candles? I guess? So you can get a candle for a pastel room, or a jewel-tone room, or, as I got, a gray-tone room. This is particularly hilarious, because this is my bedroom wall:

I don't really do "grey."

So I tried out the candle in my living room, which, while not grey, is certainly greyer than my bedroom, in hopes of getting a better result. I don't know what it's supposed to do except smell nice, which it does - a light floral-y scent. Am I supposed to feel like the room smells grey? Am I supposed to feel more grey myself? What is the goal here? I don't really get it, and ain't no way this girl is paying $39 for a candle to make my room smell like a color.

Sultana says: I don't get it. All of the above does nothing for me when trying to relate this to a candle. God bless Tod Young for trying to keep things new & innovative, but to me a candle is a candle is a candle! Its meant to give you some light and smell nice. I wouldn't use it for anything else.

Deedlejuse Says: Well, apparently I got the best candle out of the bunch! I got a "Jewel Tone" candle, which I ADORE. My living room is painted white, but my rug and couches are all a jewel tone red. (My car, wallet, hand bag, toaster and sheets are as well....) So I am, beyond a shadow of a doubt a Jewel Tone type of person. Hillary, knowing this, deemed it appropriate to give me the candle that matches my personality. I love it. The scent is this rich, deep, vanilla amber and musk with a little berry and flower on top, sooooo my scent pallet. So, I think that Tod Young might be thinking that people will love a candle that matches their personality. If your bedroom is grey because it was grey before and you never thought to change it think bigger picture. Do you love pink more than anything ever?? Think about getting the pink candle, it will be way more your thing! But if you actually picked out four or five shades of grey to deck out your pad I definitly think that the grey flavor would suit you better! ( I kid you not, a lady came into Jo Malone and was asking for candles, and said that she wanted something in white because her whole house was ten shades of white...) I think you need to really think about the kind of person you are, then choose the candle that suits your personality best.
My only complaint would be that I had the travel tins, and within two hours of having lit it the candle was completely liquid. I don't know how long the candle would be viable, and $38 is a lot of money. I say, try it once, it might be fabulous, but if it isn't your thing don't buy again! (only you should definitly think long and hard about what your real color pallette might be!

Hillary says: I got 2 candles, one was the Neutral Palette and the other was Primary Colors Palette. The best way to describe the neutral candle is, well, neutral. It didn't smell like anything, even when I held it up to my face. I realize that neutral color people like subtlety, but I honestly couldn't smell it. However, I really liked the primary Colors candle. It was vibrant and lively, just like the way I think of Primary Colors. So overall, having read all of the reviews, Palettes by Tod Young is like any other candle line- some hits, some misses.

Melissa says: I overlooked the entire premise of the product and was just so happy to use it because I needed a candle. At first, I was overwhelmed by the scent. I had the pastel candle and it was a bit too strong for me. Just too aromatic and smelled like perfume. I figured out that I could not burn it for awhile or it will overpower my room. Now, I just light it for about 10 minutes and I'm good. Actually, I really enjoy it now and am going to light it for a late evening cup of tea!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Review - Illume Pillar Candles

The art of the hand pour. Every classic pillar is handmade to ensure vibrant colors and extraordinary fragrance quality

This candle is wonderful, whenever I walk into my house the entire place smells like a sweet pineapple with a little herby kick. I love it, it is like being in the tropics where they cook spicy foods. I was a bit concerned at first because the pillar doesn't have any glass around it ( I really have just gotten into candles, so this is one of my first pillars). I don't want wax spilling over the edge or anything...... But, to my delight, nothing like that happened at all! it burns beautifully, creating a hole down the middle with enough wax left outside that there is no need to worry! The scent is beautiful, but also definitely apparent in the room. It isn't too much, but completely noticeable which in my opinion is a perfect balance. The only thing I might question is the 100 hour burn time. I have burned it a total of probably 3 hours and it has burned down at least two inches. I'll have to report back in a few months, but I'm not anticipating 100 hours worth of yummieness. For $23 I think this candle is way worth the money, aaannnddd the green color is beautiful on my table. I love it, and so will you!

Malikah says: I got this candle in Lemongrass, a wonderful fragrant citrus scent. The smell is so light and airy, you can burn this candle for hours and the scent won't be overpowering, and even when its not burning, the fragrance is still present in a very subtle, refreshing way. The pillar is tall, and stable, and burns beautifully, without getting messy wax drips everywhere. Plus the design is simple enough that it won't compete with the rest of your decor. I totally love this candle, and look forward to dozens of hours of happy burning!

Hillary says: I have this candle in both Pinapple Cilantro & Lemongrass, but don't make me choose which one I like better. I can't! They both smell wonderful and throw so much fragrance that it's all according to what mood I'm in which one I burn. The Pinapple Cilantro smelled right through the cardboard box the candles came in (and yes, that is a good thing). I seriously considered keeping the paper the candles came in and lining my drawers with it, but I thought that might be a bit obsessive. I have tried a lot of candles, both for Beautifile and for my personal love of room scent and I can honestly say these are some of my favorite candles ever! Strong statement? Yes, for a strong candle (again, in a good way). For $23 you'll get a candle that can scent a large room and will last a good long time. Trust me on this one, you can't go wrong with these. One caveat, make sure the candle you buy is "fresh". I had originally bought a tradeshow sample candle from Illume that was obviously older and when I burned it, it didn't smell like anything. So I wrote to the nice people at Illume and told them I would like some fresh candles to review. Wow! What a difference!