Saturday, May 1, 2010

Review - Illume Pillar Candles

The art of the hand pour. Every classic pillar is handmade to ensure vibrant colors and extraordinary fragrance quality

This candle is wonderful, whenever I walk into my house the entire place smells like a sweet pineapple with a little herby kick. I love it, it is like being in the tropics where they cook spicy foods. I was a bit concerned at first because the pillar doesn't have any glass around it ( I really have just gotten into candles, so this is one of my first pillars). I don't want wax spilling over the edge or anything...... But, to my delight, nothing like that happened at all! it burns beautifully, creating a hole down the middle with enough wax left outside that there is no need to worry! The scent is beautiful, but also definitely apparent in the room. It isn't too much, but completely noticeable which in my opinion is a perfect balance. The only thing I might question is the 100 hour burn time. I have burned it a total of probably 3 hours and it has burned down at least two inches. I'll have to report back in a few months, but I'm not anticipating 100 hours worth of yummieness. For $23 I think this candle is way worth the money, aaannnddd the green color is beautiful on my table. I love it, and so will you!

Malikah says: I got this candle in Lemongrass, a wonderful fragrant citrus scent. The smell is so light and airy, you can burn this candle for hours and the scent won't be overpowering, and even when its not burning, the fragrance is still present in a very subtle, refreshing way. The pillar is tall, and stable, and burns beautifully, without getting messy wax drips everywhere. Plus the design is simple enough that it won't compete with the rest of your decor. I totally love this candle, and look forward to dozens of hours of happy burning!

Hillary says: I have this candle in both Pinapple Cilantro & Lemongrass, but don't make me choose which one I like better. I can't! They both smell wonderful and throw so much fragrance that it's all according to what mood I'm in which one I burn. The Pinapple Cilantro smelled right through the cardboard box the candles came in (and yes, that is a good thing). I seriously considered keeping the paper the candles came in and lining my drawers with it, but I thought that might be a bit obsessive. I have tried a lot of candles, both for Beautifile and for my personal love of room scent and I can honestly say these are some of my favorite candles ever! Strong statement? Yes, for a strong candle (again, in a good way). For $23 you'll get a candle that can scent a large room and will last a good long time. Trust me on this one, you can't go wrong with these. One caveat, make sure the candle you buy is "fresh". I had originally bought a tradeshow sample candle from Illume that was obviously older and when I burned it, it didn't smell like anything. So I wrote to the nice people at Illume and told them I would like some fresh candles to review. Wow! What a difference!

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