Thursday, May 27, 2010

review - Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara

Bobbi's boldest mascara ever—perfect for those who want the all-out drama of false lashes. Get instant volume, intense color and dramatic length. Super-thick, get-noticed lashes.
Why it's different:
- Unique formula remains pliable between coats, so lashes stay separated as volume builds.
- State-of-the-art formula creates super-thick and ultra-long lashes.
- Tapered, dual-fiber brush simultaneously lengthens and volumizes—grabs even small, hard-to-reach lashes.
- Dries quickly to a smudge-proof and flake-proof finish.
- Enriched with lash conditioners and vitamins A, C and E.

- Removes easily with eye makeup remover or soap and water.

Soooo.... If you all know me, and I'm sure a lot of you do, you will remember that I am a VERY tough reviewer of mascara. Many, many mascaras have not made the cut - by a long shot. This mascara, however, is very different. When I first tried Bobbi mascaras I got the Perfectly Defined Mascara, because I work for the parent company and could get it for free. I really liked it, and was douped into believing I was in love, because: it doesn't smudge, doesn't crumble, looks basically like false eyelashes (especially when used with a good eyelash curler) and basically stood up pigment wise with the very best of the best that I have ever used. My only complaint with the Perfectly Defined, well there are two. One it is amazingly stiff once you put it on, and basically you must remove it completely to repair for the evening. And two, IT WON'T COME OFF!!! I lost many an eyelash to my obsession with this mascara.
Then a colleague suggested I try the reformulated Extreme Party Mascara, touting it as the best of the best. Let me tell you it has all of the plusses of my old favorite, minus the.... well minuses. You can build it up in the evening for an even more bold look, enough so that a woman came up to me today and asked which kind of false lashes I was wearing. I mean really, after working all day and very little touching up I must admit this was a compliment more to the mascara than the wearer! Plus at the end of the night you can literally cup warm water into my hand and it will come off with very little effort. Have you ever heard of mascara that does that?
I recently bought two to receive a freebie of this, I have heard it will only last about 2-3 months before you know it is done, but for $22 (compared to others you can get around $30 in dept stores) I'm cool with it! I LOVE this mascara, and if you have the pocket change you will too!


Keysha said...

Thanks for the review , I currently use DiorShow Iconic and I love it but I did want to try something new. This will undoubtedly be it.

deedlejuse said...

you should def. try this one! Im actually thinking about trying Iconic next.... Is it good?

Keysha said...

Yes I love Dior Iconic people often think I am wearing lashes but believe it or not Stiletto (drug store brand) is amazing as well.
I will be doing a review of the new one that just came out