Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Review- Palettes by Tod Young Candle Collection

"Bring sensual harmony to your home with our exclusive Palettes Scented Candles and Room Sprays, the first and only home fragrances to interpret the aromatic tones that colors communicate. Color choices lay the foundation for the mood of a room, and designer Tod Young has taken this awareness a step further by translating color schemes into home fragrances."

Sufferers (and I use this term loosely; you will see why in a moment) of the neurological disorder called synesthesia experience the world in a different way than most people. Generally, what happens is that the synesthete, when experiencing one form of sensory input (say, visual input, like looking at a picture), will experience it correctly (they see what the picture is), but the sensory input will also involuntarily trigger another sensory pathway in the brain (for example, they might hear a sound). Another common effect of synesthesia is to associate numbers with specific colors (for example, 8 is blue, inherently blue). I find it amazing!

So why am I forcing my fascination with neurology on you when you thought you were reading a beauty blog, just hoping to have a little break in your day? Because apparently Tod Young has tapped into the synesthesia market with his line of Palettes candles. I was confused at first when the candle said it was an aroma for grey tones, but after reading the website, I see what he's going for (though I'm still not entirely sold on the idea). Apparently colors have fragrances? And Tod Young has attempted to capture them? In candles? I guess? So you can get a candle for a pastel room, or a jewel-tone room, or, as I got, a gray-tone room. This is particularly hilarious, because this is my bedroom wall:

I don't really do "grey."

So I tried out the candle in my living room, which, while not grey, is certainly greyer than my bedroom, in hopes of getting a better result. I don't know what it's supposed to do except smell nice, which it does - a light floral-y scent. Am I supposed to feel like the room smells grey? Am I supposed to feel more grey myself? What is the goal here? I don't really get it, and ain't no way this girl is paying $39 for a candle to make my room smell like a color.

Sultana says: I don't get it. All of the above does nothing for me when trying to relate this to a candle. God bless Tod Young for trying to keep things new & innovative, but to me a candle is a candle is a candle! Its meant to give you some light and smell nice. I wouldn't use it for anything else.

Deedlejuse Says: Well, apparently I got the best candle out of the bunch! I got a "Jewel Tone" candle, which I ADORE. My living room is painted white, but my rug and couches are all a jewel tone red. (My car, wallet, hand bag, toaster and sheets are as well....) So I am, beyond a shadow of a doubt a Jewel Tone type of person. Hillary, knowing this, deemed it appropriate to give me the candle that matches my personality. I love it. The scent is this rich, deep, vanilla amber and musk with a little berry and flower on top, sooooo my scent pallet. So, I think that Tod Young might be thinking that people will love a candle that matches their personality. If your bedroom is grey because it was grey before and you never thought to change it think bigger picture. Do you love pink more than anything ever?? Think about getting the pink candle, it will be way more your thing! But if you actually picked out four or five shades of grey to deck out your pad I definitly think that the grey flavor would suit you better! ( I kid you not, a lady came into Jo Malone and was asking for candles, and said that she wanted something in white because her whole house was ten shades of white...) I think you need to really think about the kind of person you are, then choose the candle that suits your personality best.
My only complaint would be that I had the travel tins, and within two hours of having lit it the candle was completely liquid. I don't know how long the candle would be viable, and $38 is a lot of money. I say, try it once, it might be fabulous, but if it isn't your thing don't buy again! (only you should definitly think long and hard about what your real color pallette might be!

Hillary says: I got 2 candles, one was the Neutral Palette and the other was Primary Colors Palette. The best way to describe the neutral candle is, well, neutral. It didn't smell like anything, even when I held it up to my face. I realize that neutral color people like subtlety, but I honestly couldn't smell it. However, I really liked the primary Colors candle. It was vibrant and lively, just like the way I think of Primary Colors. So overall, having read all of the reviews, Palettes by Tod Young is like any other candle line- some hits, some misses.

Melissa says: I overlooked the entire premise of the product and was just so happy to use it because I needed a candle. At first, I was overwhelmed by the scent. I had the pastel candle and it was a bit too strong for me. Just too aromatic and smelled like perfume. I figured out that I could not burn it for awhile or it will overpower my room. Now, I just light it for about 10 minutes and I'm good. Actually, I really enjoy it now and am going to light it for a late evening cup of tea!

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