Saturday, May 8, 2010

Review- Maybelline Express Finish Nail Polish 50 Second Nail Color

"Advanced Wear® anti-chip color gives tips a fresh, vivid look and lasts for days. Exclusive Control-flow™ brush dispenses the exact amount of color for a smooth, even application that resists chipping and peeling."

Oh, how I do love nail polish. But you guys have heard about my
feelings on fast-dry stuff before. I'm not a huge fan. So I had fairly low expectations for this Maybelline Express Finish Nail Polish in Goody Plum Drop.* So when I was able to wear it for more than two days without so much as a chip, I was quite pleased.

First, the color: it is a delightful lavender. I don't know why "plum" is even in the name, other than that they are both shades of purple. It's slightly shimmery, and took two coats to look nice. But those two coats dried super-quick! This color is like spring in a bottle, as far as I'm concerned.

Second, the wear: I coated it with my favorite, Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat, and it went a good four days or so with nary a chip. I was impressed; for a quick-dry, that pleased me. Overall, a fine store brand quick-dry polish!

*Me: "Goody Plum Drop"? That doesn't even mean anything. This color has nothing to do with plums, and it's not even a pun.
Roommate S: Um..."goody gum drop." Isn't it a play on that?
Me: Oh. Yes. Right.

Trish says: I love how quickly this nail polish dries, literally in less than a minute! Plus, not only does it dry easily, but the polish also lasted for almost a week for me. Pretty awesome if you're short on time, but also want a manicure that looks great and lasts! I tried it in a very Spring like pink from Maybelline's Sweet Thing collection and love the color! They have a bright assortment of blues, pinks, greens and lilac that are cheerful and fun. I would definitely repurchase this and stock up on a few of my favorite shades, as this nail polish is practical and functioning and looks great at the same time and is affordable!

Sultana says: Love it, love it & love it! Quick dry nail polishes are my thing. The only time I use regular nail polish is when I go to the salon which is rare. This literally dried as soon as I put it on. The color I have is Blushing Bride which is a very pastel pink. It looked kind of child-like on me. Not very flattering at all. However, I love this nail polish and I will buy more of them since there is a nice assortment to choose from. Another plus is that it didn't give me a hard time to come off.

Malikah says: Honestly when I saw the bottle proclaiming "50 Second Nail Color" my first thought was - yeah, sure, whatever. But really did dry almost instantly! I mean I didn't count to 50, but before I knew it my nails were perfectly dried to a shiny manicure. I tried it in a bold fuchsia shade that was gorgeous, and stayed chip free all week. You can get really get the look of a salon manicure for a fraction of the price and less than half the time with this product.

Hillary says: This polish was a pleasant surprise for me. Like my cohorts, I had all but lost faith in quick drying nail enamel. It just didn't seem like anyone had gotten it right. I now stand corrected. This polish from Maybelline stayed on for 2 days with only 1 chip before I realized I hadn't even applied a topcoat. How's that for staying power? Add to that the fact that the minty green color I got is a great dupe for Chanel's Jade polish and what more could a girl ask for? Before using this polish I had become so anti- fast drying that I was doing all of my manicures old school and waiting forever for each layer to dry, but Maybelline has restored my faith that you can have your cake and eat it too when it comes to polishes. I'm not saying that I'm going to go "all fast dry all the time", but it's really great to have the option in a pinch. Thanks Maybelline!

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Anonymous said...

I love this stuff, too, but can't find it in any local stores. Where did you get it? KK