Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Review- Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment

  • Shiny Hair
  • Light Non Greasy formula
  • 100% certified organic
  • Leaves hair Soft & Silky
My hair can be a fussy mess sometimes! So whenever trying a new haircare product, I don't expect too much - not so much for the product, but that my hair will agree with some treatments and totally reject others. So, after trying this Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment for a few weeks, it's safe to say that my hair totally loves this stuff! I used it as directed, when the hair was wet and lathered on a small amount through my strands, letting it settle in. As a result, my fine, straight hair is now so much silkier and shinier too with the least amount of work possible! I am very in love with this bottle of Agadir Oil and am so happy that it works! There's no greasiness or heaviness at all or other side effects. If I could, I would buy this stuff in bulk and simply hoard it. It really is that awesome!

Malikah says: Argan oil is all the rage these days, with celebs and acclaimed hair stylists proclaiming it a miracle treatment. I'm an African-American woman with naturally coarse, kinky hair that is in constant need of moisturization, so I had high hopes for this product. Overall it worked pretty well when used as directed, but was not as miraculous as I hoped. I did have better results when I used it as a hot oil treatment, heating up a bit of the oil then sitting under a warm dryer for about ten minutes. When combined with the heat, I did notice my hair was much shinier and more manageable during styling. Even though its a hair treatment, it also made for an excellent bath oil. Just a few drops in a hot tub leaves your skin soft and silky all night. The results you get will really vary with your hair texture, but you'll def be happy using it as a bath/body oil!

Sultana says: This stuff is very light weight. So light weight that you can put a ton of it on and literally not have greasy hair. I used this right after I washed my hair and it works wonders as a detangler. The one thing I do not like is that it doesn't make my hair shiny enough. I use a lot of shine products because I have highlighted hair. If my hair doesn't blind people when the sun hits it, then I won't be satisfied. With that said, its just OK for me.

Deedlejuse Says: Do you know what my favorite part of this blog is??? That we are all so different. I feel like regardless of your hair type you can find a review that works for you!
My hair is thick and blond and not even a little bit curly. It does love moisture in a big way though. This Agadir Argon Oil is the best stuff I have ever used. Just a quarter sized dollop in the middle of your hand and your hair is shiny, luxurious and absolutely beautiful! It smells good, feels wonderful when you put it onto your hair or skin. This is by far the most perfect hair oil I have ever tried. I love it and so will you!

Melissa says: I was so excited to try this since everyone loves argan oil. I am constantly hearing about this miracle oil and how it can be used multiple ways. I really loved it because I tried it everywhere and it worked! Occasionally, I put it on my scalp when I got dry spots. I try to put it on my cuticles a few times a week to keep them healthy and add a dab to try spots around my body. The good thing is that a little can go a long way and the oil will last for a long time. I think it's a product that any woman could add to their beauty arsenal! Plus, I have really dry skin and this oil keeps me moisturized and feeling good!

Hillary says: I have 2 forms of Agadir Argan Oil- a bottle & a pump spray. Now most of the ladies who have already spoken about Agadir got a bunch of small sample packets. I got the bottle and I want to share with you why the owner of this company thinks his is the best Argan Oil on the market:
1. The bottle. It is made of brown plastic which doesn't allow light to interfere with the oil. Another great thing about the bottle is that it has a dispenser in the mouth of the bottle that only allows a little bit of product out at a time. I've tried other oils that don't have this feature & you always end up with too much in your hand. The owner said that when you put the extra from your hand back into the bottle, you are contaminating the whole thing.
2. Agadir uses certified organic Argan Oil to make their products. No other hair care company which makes Argan Oil products can claim this.
But enough about what makes this a superior product- How does it work? On my straight, dry, color-treated hair- wonderfully! I use it every time I wash my hair and my hair looks all the better for it. I'm not entirely sold on the claim that it cuts drying time, but I do feel that it protects my hair from the blow dryer and straightening iron. With the spray on formulation, you can even spray it on your dry hair as you straighten for added protection. It's just that light. If you abuse your hair like I do, I highly recommend you check out Agadir Argan Oil. Oh yeah, did I mention it costs WAY less than Morroccan Oil but does the same thing?


Mindi said...

Does this flatten your hair? I have curly hair and I sometimes in the humidity, or on days when I run out the door, my hair looks funny. I want something that would make my hair shiny and smooth - not frizz.

Malikah said...

Mindi, I would say it really depends on how tight your curls are. My hair texture is naturally coarse, and no amount of product is going to totally change that, but this did help it become a bit more manageable and shiny.

Crissy K said...

Cool, I just bought this today because a sales girl recommended it to me at the local beauty supply. It definitely feels light and made my hair less frizzy especially with this heat and humidity in ny today.

Organic Moroccan Argan Oil said...

hey i have a curly hair so will it make my hair smooth and shiny ?

Seth said...

I love agadir oil so much i tried the agadir daily moisturizing shampoo, and i must say it is great! I have thick curly hair and it makes it so soft and smooth.

Laura said...

i bought the shampoo, conditioner and a 4 oz. bottle of oil and I love it. I have alot of thick, curly hair. I shampooed my hair and left the it on for about 7 to 10 minutes and then conditioned put little oil dried it,and flat ironed it looked as if i had just gone to the salon. I love this product. It worked miracles on my hair it looked healthy and shiny. I have really curly hair. But can i use it on my skin i am afraid it may clog my pores? Give it a try i bought it on Amazon for a 3 deal of 58.00 investment worth the money.

LauraWolfhart said...

Hmm I might try this one, I've been reading great things about the argan oil treatment from Pro Naturals (on Beyas, haven't checked other sites) but it costs quite a bit. This one is cheaper but not sure if better...hmm...

Hillary said...

I would wholeheartedly recommend this line of products. I love everything from the shampoo & conditioner (get them on Amazon for the best price) to the spray-on oil protectant. Of all of the shampoos & conditioners I've tried, this is one of my favorites. Plus they're sulfate-free yet still lather. Do not hesitate to buy from this brand. HTH.

Rocio said...

Can you use Moroccan Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment after I have dried my hair with the hair dryer or do I have to apply when damp?
Please advise
Thank you


I personally recommend the argan oil treatment from pro naturals, it has restored my hair completely after a year of severe bleaching