Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Review- Sally Hansen Cuticle and Nail Refiner

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Cuticle & Nail Refiner

Exfoliates cuticles & smooths nails in 60 seconds! Brightens nails with micro-diamond particles. Salon tested. Dermatologist tested.

You Have:

  • Dry, rough cuticles.
  • Cracked, brittle, dull nails.

You Want:

  • Healthy, beautiful cuticles and nails.
  • Visible results from the very first application!

How It Works:

Micronized diamond powder, Shea Butter and natural pumice form an ultra-refined polishing cream that gently exfoliates dry, flaky skin to reveal fresh, more vibrant, healthy-looking cuticles. Botanical extracts and ceramides deeply hydrate to restore skin's soft, supple texture. Cuticles appear more translucent and luminous. Nails are smoother and brighter.

You'll Get:

  • Refined and renewed cuticles.
  • Smooth and healthy nails.

Hillary Says:

This stuff is great for cuticles! It is a gritty cream that you massage into your cuticles and nail bed. It totally removes "overgrown" cuticles. It works as well as cutting them without the risk of cutting yourself (which I tend to do). Simply put a little dab (about half a pea size) on each nail and thoroughly massage. I haven't seen much of a difference in my nails, but mine don't need much work. I'd expect that it would be very good for dry nails as it is very moisturizing. Although the ingredient list includes pumice, it's relatively gentle. I'll be using this cream instead of cutting my cuticles from now on!

$5.99 @ Walgreen's

Cityslicker says:

I too love this item.. I have been using it for about a month and just recently moved so my hands have been looking TERRIBLE.. They are raw and dry.. Not the look I am going for at all. I have cleaned and worked my hands into looking like I am a cave woman.. I have been trying to keep up with moisturizer and taking care of my nails but there is just no time.. The only savior there has been is Sally Hansen.. This is the one product I have been able to use regularly so my nails may be splitting from being dry but I have no hang nails and my cuticles are in good shape.. I use this about 3 times a week pretty much every other night.. It's so easy to use.. I apply to each nail rub in and rinse.. The process takes no time at all and my cuticles are soft with no hard dry edges.. I will re: buy in a heartbeat.. This is well worth double what they charge.. I just wish I had a instant overnight hand creme that would bring back my soft hands.. Run out and by this if you are suffering from any dryness or just no time for manicures!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

REVIEW ~ Juice Organics

Put your skin on a healthy diet of Juice Organics' age-defying, certified organic ingredients and you'll love the way your skin looks and feels. Powerful age-defying antioxidants, including peptides, alpha lipoic acid and co-enzyme Q10, are expertly blended with organic, vitamin-rich grape and orange juices and essential nutrients to revitalize, help smooth fine lines and help firm for radiant, ageless skin.• Smoothes fine lines• Revitalizes and firms


Feed your skin morning and evening as an all-over serum. Warm 4 - 6 drops in palms and apply an even layer to entire face and neck. Follow with moisturizer. $19.99


This is pretty much an odorless pretty clear serum that absorbs quickly and doesn't leave any tightness or discomfort behind. I am using this in the AM & PM and so far so good.. My skin is responding well and I am starting to notice a new level of brightness and a nice clarity.. I love to use serums with my moisturizer, I feel like the extra boost of nutrients is exactly what my skin needs.. I think my skin looks and feels hydrated.. I will continue to use and for the price will rebuy.. I think serums offer a little extra something that moisturizers can't sustain. The juice beauty is a no nonsense product that is really helping with smoothing out the fine lines and giving me a nice fresh looking complexion..
Hillary says:
I started using this serum because I was reading "The Beauty Bible" & according to the book, the a lot of the ingredients in Juice Organics Vitamin Antioxidant Serum protect your skin from free radical damage. Less free radical damage, less wrinkles & lines (& I'm not getting any younger!) It slides right onto skin and absorbs completely once you let it dry. I have noticed my skin looking brighter since I've used the serum. The fruit acids are mildly exfoliating without drying. I also like that they use organic ingredients. Overall I would recommend this serum to anyone looking for a brighter, smoother complexion, i.e. everyone!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Review- Patricia Wexsler Skin Quenching Calming Mist

Patricia Wexsler Skin Quenching Calming Mist

* penetrating moisturizing mist
* soothes & calms skin
* refreshes & nourishes irritable skin
*MMPi - Dermaxyl moisture stimulating peptide complex
*CalmosensineTM skin soothing peptide

I use this mist all year round. In winter it adds much needed moisture lost due to my heater. In summer it is all the moisturization I need (under sunblock of course). The spray delivers a fine mist which you don't even have to rub in. It feels cool and refreshing. I wouldn't substitute this for a cream moisturizer in winter, but it does give my skin that added moisture surge. I haven't flown with it, but it will be coming with me on all future flights. Interesting fact: the air on a plane is drier than the air in the Sahara desert! This product would be good to have if you are a traveller. Also, it doesn't ruin your make-up, it soaks right in and leaves your make-up undisturbed.

$18 @ Patricia Wexsler

Monday, October 15, 2007

REVIEW- Natural Earth Essentials Soaps

How they got started...........

Natural Earth Essentials started out by my passion for growing herbs and using those herbs in natural handcrafted products. Products that are safe for humans and safe for the planet as well. Whenever possible I use herbs that I have wildcrafted from my own beautiful gardens, otherwise I buy from very trusted sources.
I started out making my handcrafted soaps and handing them out to family & friends to test. Miraculously they kept coming back for more. I love creating new soaps and can't wait to slice into that soap brick to see what my soaps will look & smell like. Over time I have created a wonderful recipe that has proven to be a luxurious, moisturizing, gentle bar of soap full of beneficial natural glycerin, and this I bring to you.
We are located in the small southern Wisconsin Village of Albion, nestled amongst the gentle rolling hills that surround Lake Koshkonong and the Rock River. This is a very beautiful area that is worth a visit. For further information go to
My journey has not been an easy one by far with many stops and starts along the way, but I have learned that each time there is a hurdle to jump over or a mountain to climb it has always been a learning experience that has made me a much wiser and stronger person. I have taken correspondence courses in Herbal Preperation, Reflexology and Acupressure, through Herbal Healer Academy, Inc.
I am a WI state licensed Massage Therepist (WI License #4051-046) and nationally certified with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork "NCBTMB"
With this I bring you my line of all natural handcrafted vegan soaps that will lather you in the luxury of naturalness!!


Sportsman's Soap Bar
Back by popular demand! Made with our special recipe and scented with Anise E.O. Real Fishermen know that this scent helps to attract fish. It is also said that Anise E.O. is a natural deodorizer, helping to neutrilize human scent. So go ahead hunters - this one is for you too! $3.95 each from Neesoaps.com


I know this is for a sportsman but I am not a man nor am I super sporty but when I got a whiff of this soap I decided to keep it for myself.. I love the smell of Anise or Licorice.. It's intoxicating.. It's not overwhelming or perfumy, it's really a nice aroma in the shower sort of like a vapor action like menthol but not so harsh.. This bar lathers up into a nice medium lather and also is exfoliating.. I think it's a nice scrub not harsh but really does the job, I especially like it on my knees, elbows and backside.. I find that it does a great job at cleaning my skin and leaving me feeling soft.. I am using a moisturizer so I haven't noticed that my skin has dried out at all. So I can totally see why a guy would want to use this but ladies don't be scared to try it either, this bar doesn't leave me smelling manly so there is no after effect, it rinses cleanly and leaves no scent.. I would buy this again and for the mere price of $3.95 well worth it but DON'T leave it in the shower or it'll melt in a wet spot!

Hillary says:

Aphrodisiac Synergy Blend
A very sensual soap, scented with pure essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Sweet Orange, Lavender, sandalwood and jasmine. A true classic.

I couldn't put my finger on what smelled so good in this bar, but when I looked at the description I saw that it's a blend of some of my favorite scents. I am not a big fan of Patchouli, but you would never guess it was in this soap. It smells flowery and warm at the same time. It works up to a good lather and it has exfoliating "nubby" things in it (which I think are the herbs and flowers). And the smell lingers too. I few hours after my shower I noticed that I was still smelling it. I only wish they made other products in this fragrance! Hubby likes it too; it can be used for men or women, it's that kind of scent. I will definitely be purchasing this again (I may give the other scents a whirl too). Like Cityslicker said, keep it dry when you're not using it or it will disappear (like all natural soaps).

TiniWini Says:

Moon Over The Nile

I have used the Moon Over the Nile scented soap in the Shower and in the Tub. The fragrance of Egyptian Geranium is really nice and I would say it is not so feminine that a man couldn't use it as well. One thing that I loved about this soap was that it did not leave my skin feeling dry. I never use soap because my skin is so dry that even mousturizing bars leave me feeling scaly. I didn't even have to use a mousturizer. The fact that it melts just goes to show the consumer that it is truly a Natural product. It is a real treat to take a shower or Bath with the Moon Over the Nile Soap! The Egyptian Geranium seems to have a calming property.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Review- Always and Forever by Jessica McClintock

Always & Forever by Jessica McClintock is a floral scent that combines notes of lily of the valley, freesia and gardenia with fresh oceanic notes and water flowers. The scent finishes on notes of blonde woods and musk.

I'm wearing this fragrance today and I'm really enjoying it. It's still going strong (but not overpowering) 7 hours after I applied it. This is a refined scent bursting with the smell of flowers. A while after I put it on the thought struck me that I smelled like a bouquet. I have to admit that I did not detect the musk, so it must be very faint, but I find that almost every perfume I like has musk hidden within it. This reminds me of the clothes Jessica McClintock makes: classy and feminine. $45 for 1.7 oz. @ Ulta

Peter Som for Lancome

'Color Fever' Lipstick - Peter Som $24.00

Lancôme has partnered with luxurious and modern fashion designer, Peter Som, to bring the must-have lipstick shade of the season to Lancôme counters! Color Fever Lipstick PS Kiss was inspired by the bold, brick red shade worn by all of the models in Peter Som's Fall 2007 runway show. Gucci Westman Neville, Lancôme's International Artistic Director, created the shade and its special makeup-artist application technique exclusively for the runway presentation.


REVIEW -Derma Pro's - Prime Tox

PRIME TOX™ with Thalassine $59.95

Skin Condition:
signs of aging, mature
The only wrinkle relaxing formula of its kind. It doubles as a foundation primer. The cream formula uses a proprietary blend of ingredients that works almost instantly when applied to the skin. By naturally relaxing the muscles it helps decrease lines and creases that can cause cosmetics to clump or appear uneven. It produces a smooth texture, reducing unwanted discoloration and shine. The result is greater coverage, longer lasting coverage and a flawless application. Use with Derma Bo™ or Gel Tox™ for even greater results from Derma Pro


I am totally on board with any company that stemmed from the need for good quality skincare while going through cancer treatments. I have seen first hand how thin the skin becomes, almost tissue like.. It's very sensitive and is easily torn or ripped from a bandaid.. So I know that if anyone who is being treated then the line has been through the wringer.. I am happy to report that this is a great primer.. I am a fan of Smashboxes and Laura Mercier's primers.. This is equally good and works wonders on my face.. I use a small amount in the morning after I put on my sunscreen.. I swear it helps with the shine I get from the sunscreen also.. I find that a little goes a long way. It's a clear gel that spreads easily over my skin and has little to no scent. It's hard to describe how it feels as it absorbs it goes from a gel to a powdery finish without the feeling of being powdery at all. My foundation holds on and stays in place.. It's weightless and I notice that I am not seeing anything riding in my lines from smiling.. This is on the expensive side but I can conserve what I have to make it last a long time.. Highly recommended! Also checkout the rest of their items too..

BCA Rose Aromatic Care $75.00

Limited Edition Pink Bottle

This aromatic, soothing essence of well-being softens, smoothes and guards against free radical damage in a special limited edition pink bottle. Apply Darphin Rose Aromatic Care in the evening and follow with your appropriate Darphin Cream.

Darphin will donate 15% of all Rose Aromatic Care proceeds throughout the month of October to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. from Darphin

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

REVIEW - Ardell Runway Lashes

in Claudia $2.45 from Madame Madeline

Runway lashes (Make-Up Artist Collection) are made of 100% human hair.

Review: OMG, can you even believe that for the mere price of $2.45 you can transform your look? Well, believe it.. If you have a steady hand and patience you can totally rock falsies.. It's amazing to see how natural and lovely they look.. I have never achieved such dramatic looking eyes with mascara.. When I got out, I indulge and scoop up a pair.. I apply them once I am done with applying my foundation and powder.. I do dust the lids a tad also.. I use my tweezers to get them as close to the lash line and if you screw up it's easy to pull them off, remove the glue and reapply.. I do find that I have to snip them, they are always to long for me.. I like to make them 3/4 the length of my eyes so they look more real and aren't thick in the corners of the insides of my eyes.. So this pair is the pair I rocked this weekend.. I loved them and so did everyone I knew, they immediately commented on them, they are long but once applied I go over with a coat of mascara to pull the real and fake together so their is no separation.. They stayed on all night and easily pulled off when I was done.. tip on application, don't pull your lid to apply, if so the lashes will adhere to a stretched out lid and it's uncomfortable.. So just be patient and you'll be fab in no time.. I highly recommend the Ardell line but this style is my favorite!!

REVIEW - PHYTO Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Mask

6.7 fl oz $38.00

FOR DEHYDRATED HAIR: Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Mask will revitalize your locks with moisture by deep conditioning. Restructures without weighing down.

from Beauty.com


This isn't for someone who just needs a simple condition.. This is for people like me how are color treated and style the heck out of their doo's.. This has the consistency of yogurt with a nice light floral scent with a touch of citrus.. It goes on thick and is easy to rub through, just don't try and pull your fingers through your hair, you'll end up pulling the doo, this didn't instantly smooth out my hair and make it feel like silk.. While in the doo, my hair was heavy and stayed close to my scalp.. My hair is just below my shoulders (for the moment).. When I rinsed my hair felt smooth and tangle free. Upon styling the doo, I opted for no products to see if my hair styled better/worse than before.. Well, my hair needs products to help it get shiny and stay manageable..

I did notice that when I started to style the doo was laying flat and didn't look dried out.. Since my ends are razored they tend to look ravaged and get split quickly and can look fuzzy.. After using this mask once my hair looks really good.. I was really surprised that it was laying so flat in my part and at the ends and even by the days end my doo wasn't all over the place, it maintained a smooth look.. It also looks pretty darn shiny, I did finish off with some hairspray in the ends to get the piecy look I like.. Also I noticed that the treatment doesn't disappear after a wash, it still feel really healthy.. This is a small tub but you don't need much and the longer you leave it in the better so you can get your $$ out of this..

Hillary says:

I am a loyal Phyto brand devotee. I love this mask because it leaves my hair like silk. I don't color my hair and I usually don't use styling products, but my hair is naturally dry. This mask soaks right in. I do blow dry, and this mask made my hair do exactly what I wanted it to- lay flat with no fly-aways. You only need a quarter sized amount to do your whole head, so although this is a pricey item ($38), count on it lasting you about six months. Get it and your hair will say "thank you"!

Tiniwini Says:

My hair is naturally curly, color processed and I use a FLAT IRON a few times a month. So my hair is dry to begin with and I continue to abuse it by processing it to the max. I was almost sure before I used this product that it would be a let down like the many other deep conditioning treatments I have used previously. I was surprised to find that this stuff did the trick. I was using a sample size packet and it lasted for 3 applications. This means you really don't have to use a lot of it. The days that I used this product were humid, steamy days. For those of you that don't have curly hair - this is the worst for frizz and fluff. On these days my hair stayed in control and I was truly impressed. I may have to go out and spring for a jar!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Christina Aguilera Perfume

Known best for her sassy, seductive style, amazing voice, powerful lyrics and sultry pin-up glamour, Christina Aguilera now shares some of her many talents with the release of her signature fragrance. Christina Aguilera is sexy, self-confident, and supremely feminine.

Sometimes, it's all you need to wear.

The fragrance is inspired by Christina's personal memories and reflects her playful sexiness. "To me jasmine has always been synonymous with old movie star glamour. It is such a beautiful scent and has great heritage in traditional perfumery, which I love. The blackcurrant tea note for me captures the vibrancy and happiness of my honeymoon. Its fruity, mouth watering scent reminds me of sitting on our Bali veranda in the heat, looking out over the most gorgeous sunset while sipping a cool, refreshing cocktail", she explains.