Monday, October 15, 2007

REVIEW- Natural Earth Essentials Soaps

How they got started...........

Natural Earth Essentials started out by my passion for growing herbs and using those herbs in natural handcrafted products. Products that are safe for humans and safe for the planet as well. Whenever possible I use herbs that I have wildcrafted from my own beautiful gardens, otherwise I buy from very trusted sources.
I started out making my handcrafted soaps and handing them out to family & friends to test. Miraculously they kept coming back for more. I love creating new soaps and can't wait to slice into that soap brick to see what my soaps will look & smell like. Over time I have created a wonderful recipe that has proven to be a luxurious, moisturizing, gentle bar of soap full of beneficial natural glycerin, and this I bring to you.
We are located in the small southern Wisconsin Village of Albion, nestled amongst the gentle rolling hills that surround Lake Koshkonong and the Rock River. This is a very beautiful area that is worth a visit. For further information go to
My journey has not been an easy one by far with many stops and starts along the way, but I have learned that each time there is a hurdle to jump over or a mountain to climb it has always been a learning experience that has made me a much wiser and stronger person. I have taken correspondence courses in Herbal Preperation, Reflexology and Acupressure, through Herbal Healer Academy, Inc.
I am a WI state licensed Massage Therepist (WI License #4051-046) and nationally certified with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork "NCBTMB"
With this I bring you my line of all natural handcrafted vegan soaps that will lather you in the luxury of naturalness!!


Sportsman's Soap Bar
Back by popular demand! Made with our special recipe and scented with Anise E.O. Real Fishermen know that this scent helps to attract fish. It is also said that Anise E.O. is a natural deodorizer, helping to neutrilize human scent. So go ahead hunters - this one is for you too! $3.95 each from


I know this is for a sportsman but I am not a man nor am I super sporty but when I got a whiff of this soap I decided to keep it for myself.. I love the smell of Anise or Licorice.. It's intoxicating.. It's not overwhelming or perfumy, it's really a nice aroma in the shower sort of like a vapor action like menthol but not so harsh.. This bar lathers up into a nice medium lather and also is exfoliating.. I think it's a nice scrub not harsh but really does the job, I especially like it on my knees, elbows and backside.. I find that it does a great job at cleaning my skin and leaving me feeling soft.. I am using a moisturizer so I haven't noticed that my skin has dried out at all. So I can totally see why a guy would want to use this but ladies don't be scared to try it either, this bar doesn't leave me smelling manly so there is no after effect, it rinses cleanly and leaves no scent.. I would buy this again and for the mere price of $3.95 well worth it but DON'T leave it in the shower or it'll melt in a wet spot!

Hillary says:

Aphrodisiac Synergy Blend
A very sensual soap, scented with pure essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Sweet Orange, Lavender, sandalwood and jasmine. A true classic.

I couldn't put my finger on what smelled so good in this bar, but when I looked at the description I saw that it's a blend of some of my favorite scents. I am not a big fan of Patchouli, but you would never guess it was in this soap. It smells flowery and warm at the same time. It works up to a good lather and it has exfoliating "nubby" things in it (which I think are the herbs and flowers). And the smell lingers too. I few hours after my shower I noticed that I was still smelling it. I only wish they made other products in this fragrance! Hubby likes it too; it can be used for men or women, it's that kind of scent. I will definitely be purchasing this again (I may give the other scents a whirl too). Like Cityslicker said, keep it dry when you're not using it or it will disappear (like all natural soaps).

TiniWini Says:

Moon Over The Nile

I have used the Moon Over the Nile scented soap in the Shower and in the Tub. The fragrance of Egyptian Geranium is really nice and I would say it is not so feminine that a man couldn't use it as well. One thing that I loved about this soap was that it did not leave my skin feeling dry. I never use soap because my skin is so dry that even mousturizing bars leave me feeling scaly. I didn't even have to use a mousturizer. The fact that it melts just goes to show the consumer that it is truly a Natural product. It is a real treat to take a shower or Bath with the Moon Over the Nile Soap! The Egyptian Geranium seems to have a calming property.

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