Wednesday, October 3, 2007

REVIEW - PHYTO Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Mask

6.7 fl oz $38.00

FOR DEHYDRATED HAIR: Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Mask will revitalize your locks with moisture by deep conditioning. Restructures without weighing down.



This isn't for someone who just needs a simple condition.. This is for people like me how are color treated and style the heck out of their doo's.. This has the consistency of yogurt with a nice light floral scent with a touch of citrus.. It goes on thick and is easy to rub through, just don't try and pull your fingers through your hair, you'll end up pulling the doo, this didn't instantly smooth out my hair and make it feel like silk.. While in the doo, my hair was heavy and stayed close to my scalp.. My hair is just below my shoulders (for the moment).. When I rinsed my hair felt smooth and tangle free. Upon styling the doo, I opted for no products to see if my hair styled better/worse than before.. Well, my hair needs products to help it get shiny and stay manageable..

I did notice that when I started to style the doo was laying flat and didn't look dried out.. Since my ends are razored they tend to look ravaged and get split quickly and can look fuzzy.. After using this mask once my hair looks really good.. I was really surprised that it was laying so flat in my part and at the ends and even by the days end my doo wasn't all over the place, it maintained a smooth look.. It also looks pretty darn shiny, I did finish off with some hairspray in the ends to get the piecy look I like.. Also I noticed that the treatment doesn't disappear after a wash, it still feel really healthy.. This is a small tub but you don't need much and the longer you leave it in the better so you can get your $$ out of this..

Hillary says:

I am a loyal Phyto brand devotee. I love this mask because it leaves my hair like silk. I don't color my hair and I usually don't use styling products, but my hair is naturally dry. This mask soaks right in. I do blow dry, and this mask made my hair do exactly what I wanted it to- lay flat with no fly-aways. You only need a quarter sized amount to do your whole head, so although this is a pricey item ($38), count on it lasting you about six months. Get it and your hair will say "thank you"!

Tiniwini Says:

My hair is naturally curly, color processed and I use a FLAT IRON a few times a month. So my hair is dry to begin with and I continue to abuse it by processing it to the max. I was almost sure before I used this product that it would be a let down like the many other deep conditioning treatments I have used previously. I was surprised to find that this stuff did the trick. I was using a sample size packet and it lasted for 3 applications. This means you really don't have to use a lot of it. The days that I used this product were humid, steamy days. For those of you that don't have curly hair - this is the worst for frizz and fluff. On these days my hair stayed in control and I was truly impressed. I may have to go out and spring for a jar!

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