Thursday, October 4, 2007

REVIEW -Derma Pro's - Prime Tox

PRIME TOX™ with Thalassine $59.95

Skin Condition:
signs of aging, mature
The only wrinkle relaxing formula of its kind. It doubles as a foundation primer. The cream formula uses a proprietary blend of ingredients that works almost instantly when applied to the skin. By naturally relaxing the muscles it helps decrease lines and creases that can cause cosmetics to clump or appear uneven. It produces a smooth texture, reducing unwanted discoloration and shine. The result is greater coverage, longer lasting coverage and a flawless application. Use with Derma Bo™ or Gel Tox™ for even greater results from Derma Pro


I am totally on board with any company that stemmed from the need for good quality skincare while going through cancer treatments. I have seen first hand how thin the skin becomes, almost tissue like.. It's very sensitive and is easily torn or ripped from a bandaid.. So I know that if anyone who is being treated then the line has been through the wringer.. I am happy to report that this is a great primer.. I am a fan of Smashboxes and Laura Mercier's primers.. This is equally good and works wonders on my face.. I use a small amount in the morning after I put on my sunscreen.. I swear it helps with the shine I get from the sunscreen also.. I find that a little goes a long way. It's a clear gel that spreads easily over my skin and has little to no scent. It's hard to describe how it feels as it absorbs it goes from a gel to a powdery finish without the feeling of being powdery at all. My foundation holds on and stays in place.. It's weightless and I notice that I am not seeing anything riding in my lines from smiling.. This is on the expensive side but I can conserve what I have to make it last a long time.. Highly recommended! Also checkout the rest of their items too..

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