Wednesday, October 3, 2007

REVIEW - Ardell Runway Lashes

in Claudia $2.45 from Madame Madeline

Runway lashes (Make-Up Artist Collection) are made of 100% human hair.

Review: OMG, can you even believe that for the mere price of $2.45 you can transform your look? Well, believe it.. If you have a steady hand and patience you can totally rock falsies.. It's amazing to see how natural and lovely they look.. I have never achieved such dramatic looking eyes with mascara.. When I got out, I indulge and scoop up a pair.. I apply them once I am done with applying my foundation and powder.. I do dust the lids a tad also.. I use my tweezers to get them as close to the lash line and if you screw up it's easy to pull them off, remove the glue and reapply.. I do find that I have to snip them, they are always to long for me.. I like to make them 3/4 the length of my eyes so they look more real and aren't thick in the corners of the insides of my eyes.. So this pair is the pair I rocked this weekend.. I loved them and so did everyone I knew, they immediately commented on them, they are long but once applied I go over with a coat of mascara to pull the real and fake together so their is no separation.. They stayed on all night and easily pulled off when I was done.. tip on application, don't pull your lid to apply, if so the lashes will adhere to a stretched out lid and it's uncomfortable.. So just be patient and you'll be fab in no time.. I highly recommend the Ardell line but this style is my favorite!!

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