Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Christina Aguilera Perfume

Known best for her sassy, seductive style, amazing voice, powerful lyrics and sultry pin-up glamour, Christina Aguilera now shares some of her many talents with the release of her signature fragrance. Christina Aguilera is sexy, self-confident, and supremely feminine.

Sometimes, it's all you need to wear.

The fragrance is inspired by Christina's personal memories and reflects her playful sexiness. "To me jasmine has always been synonymous with old movie star glamour. It is such a beautiful scent and has great heritage in traditional perfumery, which I love. The blackcurrant tea note for me captures the vibrancy and happiness of my honeymoon. Its fruity, mouth watering scent reminds me of sitting on our Bali veranda in the heat, looking out over the most gorgeous sunset while sipping a cool, refreshing cocktail", she explains.

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