Friday, May 21, 2010

Review- Shu Uemura Egerie Nail Enamel

Vivid colors inspired by a spectrum of stage light to go with rock n roll style. $18 a bottle

Looking down at my hands, I can't help but smile. I love doing the brooding inky black thing in our current 80 degree weather because it feels shocking and quasi-vampire-ish. Then there's the silver shimmer, so expertly folded into the nail color that it reads both futuristic and Studio 54 at the same time. That's no easy feat, people. In fact, it might only be possible if you are the incomparable Shu Uemura. I practically wept when I heard that the US division is not long for this Earth. Why the melodrama? Well because this company has added much to the makeup conversation over the years and their nail polish offerings are no exception. Case in point: I have had three of their old school colors for, seriously, ten years, and they are still as special, vibrant and usable as the day I purchased them. Also, in terms of the 'egerie' collection, (which has been reviewed quite favorably on this blog) the idea represents modern and fresh at its best. I mean, seriously, who uses 'spectrum of stage light' in their ad copy? (Did I mention that the two nail colors offered are pink and black which recalls many a girls' fantasy of being a prima ballerina?!) If you can get your hands on one of these bottles (the black one is called PA 010), do not hesitate.

Deedlejuse Says: I have this polish in the Bubble Gum Pink PG35. Shu Umera is famous for the notoriously difficult names, and amazingly wonderful pigments! This Nail Enamel is no exception at all! It is a mineral polish, apparently, which I don't know exactly what that means..... but it sounds good right?
Right! This polish is so opaque, two coats and it is seriously that bubble gum pink that everyone wants. I showed my hands to my co-workers the day after I'd painted them. First question? Who did your nails?!? I am not really a nail polish kind of person, though I have been getting more into it, so I'm not the best at doing my own nails. This Shu nail enamel made it easy to apply. Of course it did take FOREVER to dry. All in all it is stunning visually, easy to appy (even for dummies!) and wears very very well. I got almost a week out of it, which is to me absolutely amazing. I would say if you want a fabulous nail polish try either, I have tried both and I wouldn't give away either!

Trish says: I tried this in a really soft and lovely cotton-candy pink...a color you really can't go wrong with! I love the color and shine - it really seems to reflect light elegantly! My only complaint, sadly, is that the polish created streaks when I applied it on my nails and dried with little bubbles. Yikes! Maybe it was just this particular bottle though, because I like the nail polish so much I'm willing to give Shu another try. Such a lovely and bright color - I hope this is just an anomaly! It goes on so easily and dries rather nicely - I don't want to give up on the polish yet.

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